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OTT- skylon


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where younger brother went in the right direction, ott seems to have lost the path. at first listen: unoriginal boring more of the same sample cd stuff which is as dull as his first cd was interesting.

went from to buy list inmediately to the dustbin...




[edit] this was supergroover posting, not me.


I think he didn't loose the path, but rather kept on heading in the same direction, while I feel that it is time for a change. There are vocals in almost every single track, and they're exactly the kind of sample-cd vocals that turned me off in psychill. Boring, unimaginative and cheesy, and last but not least, done a few hundred times before.


Mind you, I've downloaded and listened to it twice now, but haven't been able to find anything spectacular yet. The tracks even annoyed me, and I'm a big fan of Ott.

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Not that I came multiple times when I played this for the first time, but how can (some of) you guys not like this? :unsure:


I think it's very different to Blumenkraft and that is good :)


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Well its been know for quite some time that youre a twisted whore, so go figure :P
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Hmmm.....this nowhere near Blumekraft...


It's not bad at all, but during the whole Album i miss those "WOW!!!ZOMG!!11" moments. I haven't had a single one. There weren't any really bad momemts though.


i'll give it some more listens, but for now it's Blumenkraft>Skylon

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Crikey folks...aren't we all quick to damn.


Well, on first listen I thought, hmm, this is fine, but didn't set my world on fire. After many listens over the last week, I absolutely love it. No it isn't Blumenkraft, and to be fair, if he had produced another Blumenkraft 5 years later, he would have deserved a slap. It is very different, but top bouncy dub.


Roflcopter - amazingly great, and excellent sample

Rogue Bagel - splendid bouncy nonsense

Message from Bob - similar


others not quite in the same league, but all are growing on me.


Shame we had to wait so long, but I bloody love it.

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