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  1. simon and garfunkel is music to listen to when you're sad, really
  2. Sunwolf, why is your opinion right and Basilisks wrong? convince me (seems like that is your mission and I'm sure you could go on for a few pages). You still seem to think that there is some absolute truth to these ratings. You said it yourself, it's subjective. Do you think small independent labels release anything that in their view is less then great?
  3. samuelh

    Asura - Life²

    there's just something about your 4/4 tracks! can't get enough of them!! :posford: just have to move to the music when you here them (the ambient tracks are not bad either ) favourite, Life²
  4. As far as progressive goes i think Atmos - Headcleaner is the only album I've tripped to and I just put it on at random, which I'm glad I did because wow.. mindblowing. Other than that, if you like night time music too, Psykovsky - Debut is one of the best when tripping :posford: Besides Shpongle and other Twisted chill, it can be really be fun to turn on something that's a little bit different from what I usally listen to. Maybe some trip-hop album or something else in the "chill out" genre
  5. Been planning to buying tickets ever since it was anoucned.. why didnt i ever Now I need two tickets, if anyone is selling I pay good thank you
  6. If anyone have two tickets they want to sell pm me! I pay gooood
  7. You're right, was Fuel On it seems thanks Cubic People has definitly made me interested in Gangnia aswell
  8. Just rewatched the ending was a couple of years since I saw it last time, it really is a great movie! You're right was not this track but i recognize some similarities between them. You wouldn't happen to know the name of the track in the movie? I was looking for it for quiet some time searching message boards and such but never managed to find out
  9. Whoa!! absolutly great track after a few minutes into it! also recognize the end, was this the track used in the danish movie pusher? edit: replaying for 3rd time in a row, it's addicting
  10. Frozen dream relax a bit, I think FLACP/ZIP is the way to go. FLAC is the most familiar lossless audio format to me, and most of the people I know (except wav ofcourse). It seems to have the most widespread use. I've only run across APE once or twice and and others I don't really know about. Almost everybody can unpack a rar file now days though, but since it's impossible to compress FLAC etc anymore I guess it would just be unecessary to use anything else than ZIP wich everyone has easy access to.
  11. Don't know why but I actually prefer this style when dancing (more waves from outer than inner space, inner has way too many breaks!), but at home I don't listen to it that much. At home I enjoy aloot of prog (psy, not house) and minimal but when I go out I just love dancing to some powerfull night music, like Ocelot, Electrypnose and such
  12. Thank you, can't listen at work, but will when I get home If you do let us know!
  13. If you know more tracks like this, please recommend them
  14. Astroschnautzer is great! (and so is KinDzaDza but it's more for the dancefloor), I really like his debut. Looking forward to what he'll come with next. I just moved a few weeks ago and I couldn't bring any cds with me so havn't been able to listen to it for a while. 3 weeks now listening to Kuba and Younger Brother, also great but some variation would be nice ops a bit off topic.. edit: haha yeah.. texas faggott.. had some friends over a month ago or so all really drunk, someone saw the cd and they were like "what the fuck?" (they don't listen to psy that much).
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