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  1. thanks dreake =) sold a lot of cds, only 23 left! 777 is still there if you want it..
  2. update 68 cds to go make me some offers plz, i want to get rid of them damn cds!
  3. update jaia and zep tepi are available again. offers for more than 3 cds are welcome, i'm a reasonable person for a reasonable price
  4. update some cds available again
  5. to be fair i asked indian beats before Seno. look at original post i answered righ after him and placed my interest in indian beats before him : )

  6. Hi Delars

    How much inc shipping for these please mate?

    Lotus - Recycle

    Jaia - Blue

    Dirty Week

    Biot - Sat

    Zep Tepi


    Indian Beats

    Thanks and talk soon


  7. All cds will be sold at the lowest discogs price. if there's no price available, the cd costs 15€. cds shipped from belgium, transport costs will be added to the price. -Please order through pm -Discount for larger orders Various - 21-3 Selected Highs 1996-1998 Volume 1 (21-3 Records - TO3 CD 003) Various - Faith, Hope And Psychedelia (A.R.D. - ASHACD1) K90 - K90 (Aquarius (2) - AQUA CD 5) Various - Aries Tunes 002 (Aries Tunes, Indigo (2) - AIS-CD-002, 95682) Various - Party Outlaw Trance Vol.1 (Black Flame - BF 44402) Montauk P - Def=Lim (Blue Room Released - BR073CD) Juno Reactor - Pistolero (Blue Room Released - BR083CD) Various - Tranced Out - Vol 777 (Bomm Records, Divine Records - Divine 7) Beyond Third Spring - Oasis Of Memories (Chakradelic Records - CHA 336976-2) Various - Zep Tepi (Chaos Unlimited - CUCD 01) MK-Ultra (3) - Electric Forest (Electric Forest Records - EFCD001) Various - TPP - Ready To Take Off (Good Mood Records - GMR001) Intact Instinct - Supply From Below (Liquid Audio Soundz - NTD 92557-22) Various - Progressive Trance (Millennium Records - MILL 066-CD) Distortion Orchestra - The Shape Of Things To Come (Nephilim Records - NETT10002-2) Brain Deflections - Horizontal-y (Nephilim Records, Nephilim Records - 23026, NEP 10001-2) Mino - Metallic Universe (Phantasm Records - PTM 141) Lumen - Infomania (Psychic Deli - PDCD 010) Cypher (2) - iMusic (Question Mark ?ecords, Twisted Records - none, TWSCD8) Various - Global Ascendance / Clockbuster Groove (Silicon Buddah - SB001) Various - Recreational Drugs (Thirteen Productions - 13CD001) Illusion Of Self - Illusion Of Self (Tribe-adelic Records - TRB004) Doof - It's About Time (Twisted Records - TWSCD11) Sensient - AntiFluoro (Zenon Records - ZENCD008) Opsis - Time Means Nothing (Zillion Mental Anarchie Records - ZMACD012)
  8. http://www.discogs.com/Semsis-Soundvandal-...t/release/34824 planet is my fav semsis track, I have the vinyl but can't mix it =P
  9. amen to that bro i'm sick and tired of all the 'it used to be better in the old days' and 'only shit rls coming out' crybabies there's a time and place for everything. no use trying to say it's better or worse than 'in the golden era' it was different.
  10. I'm off! c'yall on the dancefloor =) if u see a 'save the wales, eat the japanese' t shirt, that's me
  11. keep em coming! i only know a few tunes but i like OXIA releases alot =)
  12. errr.. that wasn't exactly what you were telling me when trold was playing last time, although you thought it was transwave. anyways, both of us werent too sober at that perticular moment so wtf =) r u coming this year or are you off to finland? quazzi: there's a lot of fairly unknown groups on the line up so far. i wouldnt put my hopes up too high, there is definitly some thruth in what jos says. but then again you wont find out unless you check it out!! last time i had the best dance at the sacred fire, its all instrumental there but i swear that music got a lot closer to the 95-98 sound than everything on the main dancefloor!! hope to see u there =)
  13. how are we going to meet up this year? how about one of us takes a big flag to the opening ceremony? easy as pie... by the way be sure not to miss wild marmelade at the opening, they kick some serious arse =) cheers!
  14. thnx! never thought of a train though. also safer for taking some potions i reckon
  15. yassas! I'm hoping to reach the greek ppl going to the boom, but do please keep on reading before you go agia_igoumeni style on me. I've been trying to figure out what the cheapest way is to fly from brussels (or amsterdam) to corfu (kerkira), and also from anywhere in greece to anywhere in portugal. i know ryanair doesn't fly to greece (why?????) but maybe there's some other magica lmystery airline that will transport me and hopefully get me to my destination alive. i mean all these greek hippies at the boom didn't seem overly wealthy so there has to be a way thnx!! lars
  16. got my ticket weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee got no more money now and i'll probably have to theprostitute my body to get there but i'll do it with love cuz its that boooom =)) catch y'all on the dancefloor space cadets!!
  17. i heard him live at the RSF but he was mainly playing tracks from his first cd, maybe he thinks skylon isn't that good himself haha ah i haven't heard skylon yet =(
  18. FUCK YEA holy virgin mother of jesus, that was quite amusing. ill post some pics soon, now i'm gonna crawl back into my cocoon -----_____________>BlEeP
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