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Psytrance Lost & Found


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Most collectors come across incomplete releases every now and again. When we buy in bulk, some times the Ebay/Discogs sellers "forget" to mention than the release is missing a backcover, an OBI-strip or even the CD.


My idea was to make a list of the incomplete releases we have. With a little luck, there's someone out there who has the front cover I'm missing. Or maybe I have the digipak someone else is missing.


So let's try and pair those. Post your list divided into "what you're looking for" and "what you're looking for the get rid of":


I'll go first.


I desperately need the following items:


V/A - Echoes (Flow Records 2005)


Item(s) missing: CD


Tristan - Audiodrome (Twisted Records 2000)


Item(s) missing: Front + back cover


Double Dragon - Transparent (Plusquam Records 2002)


Item(s) missing: Front + back cover


Distortion Orchestra - The Shape Of Things To Come (Nephilim Records 2000)


Item(s) missing: Front + back cover


Jaïa - Blue Energy (Cross Records 1998)


Item(s) missing: Front + back cover


Frogacult - All Seasons (Remixes) (Iboga Records 2004)


Item(s) missing: Cover


Flexitones - Joyrider (Backroom Beats 2004)


Item(s) missing: Front + back cover


V/A - Trance Mix 7 (Melodia Records 1997)


Item(s) missing: Front cover


V/A - 21-3 Selected Highs 1996-1998 Volume 1 (21-3 Records 1998)


Item(s) missing: Front + back cover


V/A - Ethnobotany (Iboga Records 2000)


Item(s) missing: Digipak


V/A - Dragonfly Classix (Dragonfly Records 1998)


Item(s) missing: Front + back cover


V/A - Goa-Head Vol. 6 (Leguan 1996)


Item(s) missing: Digipak + CD 1


V/A - MU (Clear Compilation) (Nippon Crown 1997)


Item(s) missing: Special fluoro jewel case


V/A - NovaMute: Version 1.1 (NovaMute US 1993)


Item(s) missing: Front cover


V/A - Progopoly (Plastik Park Records 2001)


Item(s) missing: Front + back cover


V/A - Destination Goa - The Sixth Chapter (Why Not Records 1998)


Item(s) missing: back cover


V/A - Destination Goa - The Eighth Chapter (Why Not Records 1999)


Item(s) missing: back cover


V/A - Distance To Goa 4 (Substance 1996)


Item(s) missing: back cover


V/A - Pulse 3 - The 3rd Psychedelic Mindwarp (Sub Terranean 1997)


Item(s) missing: CD 2




Dupes. Willing to get rid off:


V/A - Distance To Goa 5 (Substance 1997)


Item(s) missing: back cover


V/A - Order Odonata - Experiments That Identify Change... (Dragonfly Records 1996)


Item(s) missing: Front + back cover


V/A - Destination Goa - Best Of (Why Not Records 1999)


Item(s) missing: CD 2


V/A - Destination Goa - The Seventh Chapter


Item(s) missing: Front + back cover + CD 2


V/A - Unusual Suspects 2 (Twisted Records 2005)


Item(s) missing: Front + back cover


Everyone please join in, and eventually we'll have something paired up... It's a bunch of miracles waiting to happen.



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Hmm... I have:


Both cd's of Destination Goa 2nd Chapter, but no cover art. (Somewhat scratched)

Backcover of Doof - Let's Turn On


and then there's the Mystery Of The Yeti 1 backcover + cd with the TIP shiva head, if anyone can shead some light on what that is..


If anyone needs the Doof Cover I could give it away...

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I need cover of UX album and MFG - new kind of world


I have the Kiwa Dreamtime Enhancer digipak to give (thanks to basilisk lol)

we can buy togather MFG - new kind of world split the cost, I need a new copy and you can take the cover ;)


things I can give:

Trance side of the moon 1 - from cover

TIP 3D (2nd edition) - front cover

Infected Mushroom - The Gathering - CD without cover


things I need:

Rip Van Hippy's first album booklet



great thread btw, I thought about it long time ago... good that you made it happen ;)

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my cd case was stolen a while ago with these cd's in it. So i only have the cases left. And not much use for them anymore ;)


if they can find a new happy home they would be very happy with it!


A day after ZMA rec

Artax- super position glowing flame rec

Artificial intelligence pt 2 Shiva space japan

Astrix- coolio ep HOM-mega prod

Avalanche Avalanche of sound

Beatport 2 Jumjam rec

Chromosome- the genome project Yellow sunshine exp.

Damage- god help us chemical crew

Drone- 23 days headstick rec

Electric a concept in trance medium rec

Electric universe- cosmic experience Spiritzone rec

Etnoscope- drums from the dawn of. Digital structures

Evolution Third eye rec

Free Sunlight records

Freq- strange attractors iboga rec

Goa 2005 (2cd) YSE rec

Klangbilderzeuger- tokyo pm parameta music

Matenda- energyloader Spiral trax rec

Meller- solar drums ap rec

Nexus- psychotherapy kagdila records

Next generation (dynamic) Phonokol rec

Penta- pentafiles spectral concepts

RAM- efficient chips nexus media

Red Tip world rec

Satelitte oxygen rec

SBK- borderline avalanche rec

Sesto sento- the bright side Com.pact rec

Set 4 iboga records

Shiva chandra- lunaspice Spiritzone rec

Son kite- colours remixes Digital structures

Talpa- the art of being non sundance rec

Ticon- aero Digital structures

The turning timecode rec

Tokyo 24/7 phantasm rec

Transparent image Sirius rec

Tweakers Spun rec

Urantia rising sanskara records

Vatos Locos- attack and release Dragonfly rec

Wild spirits strong medicine afrogalactic rec

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i have doof lets turn on twisted all artwork


d5 transdimentional suntrip all art


if anyone wants


I need the artwork for doof lets turn on ... :) PM sent :)


Also looking for the back cover to Shangri La - Goa Trance Compilation


I have these covers to part with:


Spirit Zone Recordings - Global Psychedelic Trance Compilation Vol. 1 http://www.discogs.com/release/158360


X-Dream - Irritant (cardbox and everything)


Doof - Let's Turn On (artwork, original cover, high res print of back cover)


Both NM.

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Hello, good post!


Well I need or I want to get rid from what I have, depending ....:


Still looking for:


-Mind Controllers 1 :CD

-Another World (AP) : CD

-Spirit of Ankh 1: CD1

-Spirit Zone vol.4 : CD2

-Planet Goa Vol.2 : CD1



that's it for now,



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Vatos Locos- attack and release Dragonfly rec


sad news! i had the same experience some years ago!


well, i actually need the cover for the vatos locos cd, so i would gladly take it :)




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Hi all,


As posted over at discogs I'm looking for:


DJ Flashback* - The Dreammachine (2xCD)


Item missing: Front cover


Doof - Let's Turn On (CD)


Items missing: Inlays front and back


Various - Sea Weed (Aquatec 1996)


Item missing: Front inlay/cover


Various - Party Outlaw Trance Vol.1


Item missing: Front inlay/cover


Darshan - Awakening (Flying Rhino 1998)


Items missing: Inlays front and back


Various - Platform 1 (M-Track 1996)


Item missing: CD itself


Thanks for looking!


Fosku, do you still have the Doof Let's turn on back cover? And Skeletonman am I right in thinking that you have a spare front cover?

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I get rid of these items:



front + back cover NEAR MINT

CD several scratches (only track 10 jump)



front + back cover NEAR MINT

CD VERY GOOD (some scratches)


- TOTAL ECLIPSE "delta aquarids"

front cover VERY GOOD

back cover missing but VERY GOOD copy

CD VERY GOOD (some scratches)



front + back cover NEAR MINT

CD VERY GOOD (some scratches)




I'm looking for:



only CD (VERY GOOD condition)

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every collector knows how frustrating it is to find a release he/she longed for so long, but the artwork is missing or defected...

a printed cover from a scan is also an option, but not the ideal one


I'm sure some of us holds artworks without the cd itself... I do!

so I thought, why not making a post that all collectors will post their spare artworks and also the ones they need to complete the releases they own.


I believe this service have to be free of charge, except maybe from postal costs,

it wouldn't really be trading... cuz what are the odds that two people will have exactly what the other one is missing...?


**Mods please pin**


here is my list of artworks - some are also available with the cd in a bad condition:

Sid Shanti - Hypnotic Trance 4

Toï Doï - Technologic

Todra - Figure Of Sound

Various - 3D

Various - Air Born

Various - Digital Alchemy

Various - Excalibur - Janana

Various - Heavy Mental Music Vol. 1

Various - Sound Of GAiA Party

Sandman - Witchcraft

Orb - Toxygene (Part Two)

Various - The Future Sound Of America: Psychedelic Trance - only back cover

G.M.S. vs. Systembusters - G.M.S. vs. Systembusters



things I need are:

Rip Van Hippy - Waking Up Is Hard To Do! - booklet

Various - Tabernanthe - booklet



hope this project will succeed


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