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Artist: Various Artists

Title: VA_-_Golden_Vibes-2007-OiG

Label: OiG

Format: MP3

Release: 12/05/2007

Catalog: O00i00G08


Posted Image



01. AFGIN - Salton

02. Har-El & Ime - Asylum

03. Lost Buddha - Southern Oracle

04. The Wonderboy - The Next World

05. Subra - Shomervan

06. Ediya - Groovy Dance

07. Alt Loc - Do-U-Want-A

08. Apis - Varunastra

09. Qawa Beat - 20 Minutes

10. Edyia - Imagination

11. AFGIN - Blue Sparkle



A friend asked me to promote this one for him. enjoy!----->



OiG team proudly presents to you an exclusive compilation to the OiG release team, a team which releases loads of old school Goa music that cannot be found in music stores anymore, promos to artists that produce non-commercial music and that's based upon the true belief of music as a form of art. Gai Edri, AKA The Wonderboy, was leading this project and collected from the various artist old school Goa music with a nostalgic touch.

The opening track in this compilation was produced by Elad Afgin, an Israeli producer, which produces music that resembles much of the old Astral projection sound production. There's a lot of cosmic ambience and a 1996 morning glory feel to this one.

The 2nd track was produced by Har-El Prussky and Eyal Yaniv. Har-El is widely known to be the founding figure of the acid goa trance ever in Israel and worldwide. The track puts emphasis on the old style of the acid trance style, much like the legendary "Trance-Mix" compilation series, and has the atmosphere of California Sunshine, the leading project of Har-El in the past. Can you dig it?

The 3rd track was produced by Filipe Santos, AKA Lost Buddha, from Portugal. Filipe produced a track that resembles the morning glory feel of 1998. The track has a strong influence of the Greek melodic movement, a bit too nitzhonot style, but still makes you smile widely.

The 4th track was produced by the one who collected and released this compilation – Gai Edri "The Wonderboy". This track is loaded with a sad feeling that brings up a strong connotation of the immortal track "Spirtual Healing" that was written by Juan "The Muses Rapt".

The 5th track was produced by Michael Anenburg, here in his Subra alias. This track is a bit Full On-ish compared to the other tracks in this compilation, but still puts on some high standards and has an excellent sound and has an old goan- layered production.

The 6th track was produced by Kobi O'Hanna, AKA Ediya, a new talent that was adopted by the OiG team, the first track out of two which appear in this compilation. This track opens with the legendary sample of "Let there be light". The track puts emphasis on percussion and spiral sounds.

In this part of the compilation (excluding track 10) we move from Goa style to minimal, down-tempo and progressive club. And we have 3 producers that contributed their works here.

The 7th track was produced by Gili Hadar, AKA Alt Loc, which is also a new talent adopted by the OiG team. This track has a "pumping" bassline, lots of layers and music that’s bits&pieces-built. This track has a surprising ending.

The 8th track was produced by Lior Schwartz, AKA Apis. Lior is also a new talent adopted by the OiG team. He supplies us here with a massive and high BPMed track full of melodies, layered sounds and a voice of a Tibetan priest… A nice track with a twist in the end.

The 9th track was produced by Eliran O'Hayon, AKA Qawa Beat, which had his promo released by OiG earlier this year. This track consists of groovy-ish minimal trance with a night feel to it. His work here resembles much the Danish minimal style, emphasizing on percussion, sound effects and a "sound-in, sound-out" method.

In the 10th track we have Ediya again. This track resembles much the early works of California Sunshine – efficient upliftings and smiling sounds.

In The closing track we have Afgin again with a down-tempo track. Here we have acidic TB-303 squelches that remind us of the legendary Art of trance/Union Jack groups. This track is here to bring you a true relaxation.


There was no post-production mastering made in this compilation. The mastering you hear in each track is the original mastering made by the artists. Just like the good all days.

To conclude it all: This compilation will remind and still reminds us all of beloved and non-commercialized old sound production just like the days when Goa trance was at its peak.


Translated and edited from Hebrew to English by GoLeM of the OiG team. The original Hebrew review was written by X-Ripper, AKA Metalingus, of the OiG team.


This release you may and should pass on to anyone who is fond of this wonderful genre.


To download the release:

1) http://upload-il.com/file/27162/VA---Golde...07-OiG.zip.html (Hebrew server)

2) http://www.fileflyer.com/view/exD5LAq

3) http://www.filefactory.com/file/6513e5

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Guest Cosmogenesis

OMG=OIG!!! :o Outstanding compilation!! I just discovered it today and, after a few listenings, I can say that, despite of a few full-on tracks present there, I have a curious "déjà-vu" feeling of the magic old israeli goatrance times! :D I love especially those goa tracks : The two Afgin's tracks are nice (as always from Elad), Filipe's one is a blast, Subra's shomervan, I'm not surprised by the quality (good job Mike A! :) ), Har-el is back with a pretty decent goa track with full-on influences, the two Ediya tracks remind me the old Trance Mix compilations of Melodia records, and finally... I got an heart-shock listening to Apis masterpiece!!! First time, I hear something about him, but this artist definitely got talent! His track is a total blast for me! Would like to hear more from him! I'm happy to discover new and pure melodic israeli artists! Thanks OIG! Respect! :drama:


Btw, I notice that OIG released already 8 albums :o One was Afgin's promo album, the second this compilation, but what are the 6 others? :)

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