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  1. hi bro , it probably will be materialized , and the P! album its 1000x even crazier than this EP ... so... hehehehe hug.
  2. glad to hear that novacron , we are sure pleased to know it as we all had a lot of work on building this up. glad u got Hyperactivated! :posford:
  3. thanks prima , im glad to hear such nice words hope u enjoyed the main Pandemonium! theme on this VA . NJOY!
  4. by buying this you are helping the movement and us to get to that point. thank u , Filipe.
  5. stop spending the whole day here and get a life dude.
  6. wrong , the people are destroying it , we are just fighting for our rights.
  7. now ur trying to make me feel bad ? good for u mate. not playing our traxx? cool , u just lost it again.
  8. yea man , of course im mental , thats why im an artist! finally u got my point! congrats.
  9. keep on getting releases on p2p man you´re a real nice DJ
  10. expecting releases from MYCEL HAHAHAHAHAHAH all i know is that i will never stop doing music , the more flames they throw at me the better , i know they´re all hurt because i can take over all this crap , thats why i made the pandemonium album , it will be a special message to all these dudes with no brain. thanks a lot for ya´ll good vibes and bad vibes because it keeps me going anyway , i always took a lot of crap since ive started and guess what i never stopped im always the last one to laugh!
  11. hahahaa , dont make me laugh dude , u just said it yourself , thats why u done the same against us. HI 5 DUDE! thanks for the revelation of yourself.
  12. yea man the first guy moaning about the losseless stuff , we put the wavs and he didnt even bought it! NICE!
  13. i hope he wont moan too about the price of the drama , its available now on theatres too !
  14. some amnesia issues he has man , you gotta go on easier on the crippled ones man..
  15. cool man , im sure i wont disapoint people like u and stopping no way ,about this its just people think that i have to "eat" everything they say but im not like it , its thanks to this kind of thinking that i struggled for almost 6 years of goa music. thanks a lot man seriously , it means a lot to me.
  16. yes , thats why we are doing this , it will help us to get there.
  17. thanks man , im really happy that u support my work , its people like u that make me going for it. big thank u from the heart. same goes for trance2moveu.
  18. wow a lot of things going on here. for some people it looks like they´re all hurt because they cant get it for free anymore. for some others they like to demand but they dont even buy. anyway i want to thank the people that are actually buying our new releases on which it will able me as an artist to make more music for yas and metapsychic itself to become a better label for YOU. for all the others , support the movement instead of whining around like a bunch of crybabies , unless ya´ll like uncle scrooge that 1-2€ will really hurt your wallets. just my toughts , Filipe.
  19. i love your website , great work uve been doing and supporting the artists all over the world. a big thank u.
  20. :lol: :lol: :lol: i feel more energy coming :lol: :lol: :lol: keep on feeding me!
  21. the more u guys talk the better i feel , and guess what metapsychic isnt in trouble , u guys are , the shop will be up soon. now keep talking and make me more stronger . :lol: :lol: :lol:
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