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  1. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jihPEV-_ntI Yeah , well lets give it a listen
  2. Gonna check if this is uploaded at youtube , was stayin away from hypnotic records thou . But sometimes u can dig up a jam out of nothing
  3. u shudnt see or look for any connections with AP . otherwise it will be just the Ap clones .
  4. Man with no Name Man with no Face
  5. too cheap ? i might be as well too cheap too lol but the correct word shoud be " poor " here . anyway inspecting the list
  6. Shoutcast radio , says Ru Bix vs Jester - Crystalline Structures for a hour already
  7. Well sounds stange , what they envolve into next time ? Psychedelic house music or Psychedelic rap
  8. Ah , track mostly from a mid era of GMS , see atleast eight tracks i specially like
  9. BPM as u shud know , is not about ears but the heart
  10. Wish it coud be playable not downloadable
  11. For all the old hippies among us - heres a bit of "ancient gold": This is a mix from 1995, originally released by DJ Phantom and Dr Brainsurfer. When Aliengirl discovered GoaTrance in the 90ties, she obtained this CD in the Zürich Underground Hippie scene. Mixes that make you fly were still very rare. It was at the end of the tape-period and CDs were longer, giving occasion to even longer trips into music. Aliengirl remastered the original CD liverecording of the mix and heres the stunning result. Enjoy a trip in pasts best style of psychedelic music :-) ॐ Here no playlist is provided, but please feel free to enter the artists names and tracknames as comments :-) ॐ The mix is a real rare recording. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Released by: NA Release date: Jan 1, 1995
  12. AlieNed

    Emuna - Emuna

    Heart Of Trance sounds trippy enugh so it can be called psychedelic
  13. mix shud be in one whole things and rghost can stream single files , no need to download
  14. AlieNed


    i do feel at home
  15. AlieNed


    Gonna check it out
  16. didn heard these tracks but vibrasphere - lungs of life is something that points to the scandinavian psy prog scene
  17. this is a crap list my opinion , and im laughig at , literally saying seem like simo is only one being not a jewish artist related to psy trance , all the rest are israeli - astrix , shrooms , astrals , yahel and skazi look at the styles they defined for themselves , this is amazing
  18. we gonna stike back any globalisation or commercialisatios attempts as well wait for they reply , if they are doing legal bizz they shud make things clear
  19. u kinda didnt autorise commercial use of ya free music
  20. as for my PB torrent , i do not spread any mp3 loosy shit , but its more then 4 gb big and its wave for jumbo Why are some tracks "pending availability"? Can I order them anyway? Tracks pending availability are tracks you may have found on jamendo.com but whose authors didn't authorize the commercial use of their music. You may nevertheless place a request for these tracks. We will contact the artists immediately to seek their approval for the use of their music in your project. You will be notified by email if the music becomes available. You will still be able to edit your selection after you've clicked on "describe your project".
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