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V/A - Twist Dreams


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Just picked this one up about four days ago. I have listened to it all the way through three times. All I can say is psychedelic music in its purest form. 10/10. This is my first purchase from Suntrip, but surely will not be my last.


Way to go Suntrip B)

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:blink: albums like this one should be pre-ordered.


Get ready for the new Goasia album from SunTrip :) It will be even better!

Ill be looking for that one. whats the release date? Ill be picking up that and the Dimension 5's Transdimensional album. B)

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TranceFusion from Ketzal make me totally mad ! what a bliss :)

I like this song alot too, regardless of the one or two people that didn't find it super. Many did. I have heard this album many times, just took it out of the collection again. Part of me really wants to make a song for Suntrip one day, for a compilation. Unfortunately I have no idea how to make GOA. I'd love to learn one day, when I can find someone who can teach me. I don't personally know anyone who makes Goa in the USA.



Tracks I favor most to least goes as follows:


- Trancefusion ... Very energetic, sexy female voice, strong dance direction, playfully dark, moody, wonderful melodies as it progresses, psychedelic climax. Those hi-hats are a bit distracting however; I'd lower those 25% (Yes I was a sound engineer and damn good too)


- Till We Meet Again ... Exceptionally musical, artistic, innovative, and refreshing to my ears. I'm pleasently surprised and pleased. However this isn't a psychedelic song regardless of its psy sounds. It isn't really a dance track. And it isn't more catchy per say than a handful of his songs on his debut album, in my opinion. Nonetheless I love the creativity here. I can't help but admire and appreciate this song for what it does go for.


- Weight Of Oblivion (Featuring Klara Steiner) ... Very driving, emotive in a sense. Awesome use of innovative sound, female skipping voices are excellent. Unlike Filteria, which I generally love, great use is put to fewer things going on with this fresh style/sound. It's quality over quantity plus quality. Bring on the KOB album already ;)


- Momentary 29 ... Great party new-school Goa track. Strong climax and development. Great leading melody and final third.


- Contorsion ... The part from 3:43 to 4:05 is one of the most uplifting GOA moments I've heard all year. The part towards the end is actually good, a build up from off 5:55 where the song slowed down. Past 7:40 however wasn't necessary as the best part is complete. The artists could have cut the song at 7:40 where it feels complete. Past that it really seemed like the song is aiming for a climax from after the recrouping energy at 5:55. Therefore this number may come across as anti-climactic to some. It's a good song regardless, from beginning to end.


- Gates Of Triphareth ... Old-school flavored, unique, nostalgic, ethnic, moody. I pray to God, well RA the Sun God that this artist miraculously achieves the impossible and makes 8 to 9 (however many songs there are on here) tracks that all get an A- to an A from me, preferably the latter. Such a thing would top every album I ever scored to date including the ones I gave highest scores to including Pleiadians IFO, Hallucinogen (both), AP's Dancing Galaxy, and Dimension 5. But no pressure. A classic often happens when we least expect it. And to do this you must become the music by connecting to the source via the Universe and not think too much! Pressure and doubt only create worry and fear which is negative. No pressure. I'm sure this thing will be wonderful regardless how much I love it. :)


- Dimensional - Very old-school, wonderful melodies. Second half drifts a relatively less infectious course a compared to the more liquid, EU-esque first. My favorite part is from 2:04 to roughly 2:42. The song begins losing me at either 5:02 or 5:16. The new main melody goes on far too long without something to evolve the song into greater territory. By 5:44 I'm patiently waiting for the liquid sound taking place in the first half, but new preferably. However the song sounds relatively quiet and less catchy. By 7:06 I feel that the song is becoming more repetitive. Afgin is good with strong Goa structure, melodies and when he loses that front the song quickly loses edge [advantage].


- Psy Spirit - Very evolving; gradually becomes more emotive and peaceful, a good starter. The "I see dead people" sample is cheesy to say the least.


- Utopian Society - Very generic but does some relatively good work with a leading melody for the new-school Goa age. Since the new-school is what the old-school fans evolved into (also) I really think they won't greatly care unfortunately.

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Posted Image

Various Artists

Twist Dreams

Suntrip Records





1 Cosmic Silence - Psy Spirit (8:01)

2 Aerosis - Contorsion (9:04)

3 Red Gravity - Momentary 29 (7:28)

4 Talpa - Till We Meet Again (7:52)

5 Merr0w - Utopian Society (7:54)

6 Khetzal - Trancefuzion (8:32)

7 K.O.B. - Weight Of Oblivion (7:08)

8 Afgin - Dimensional (8:48)

9 Ra - Gates Of Tiphareth (6:04)


Suntrip, a record label dedicated to bringing us New Goa music with the feel of the (g)old days of Goa with the fresh sound brought by modern production. This compilation I think really has accomplished that lofty goal. A lot of the tracks make me feel like I'm back in my teens listening to the same kind of music that first brought me to this genre while still sounding up to date & modern.


1. Cosmic Silence - Psy Spirit

Straight away into a banging goa track. Even after just a few minutes you can feel like you are listening to something that could take you on a journey in your mind. The melody, the atmospheric synths all sounding a little acidic and all of high quality. The only thing I don't like it is when it kicks off, it seems just a little badly timed. The sample ends half way through a roll & the energy I was expecting to be produced is somehow missed. Shame because everything else is top drawer stuff.


2. Aerosis - Contorsion

A harder track by Aerosis with darker sounding synths and a more subdued melody. The melody becomes more prominent later on coming to the front to show off it's high pitch eastern technological sound more clearly. It seems to move back and forth between the background & the foreground of the music. Sometimes very noticeable sometimes less so. The music twists & turns a lot with a very enjoyable progression. Good track.


3. Red Gravity - Momentary 29

A very trancey track. Incorporates elements of goa, psy & trance into a pretty nice track. Then melody is reminiscent of the olden day s of goa while the beat is more trancey & the production very psychedelic. When the melody shifts around the 4 minute mark my jaw drops in awe. I'm happy there is still music being made that can change direction so sharply yet naturally.


4. Talpa - Till We Meet Again

A typical Talpa track. Very psychedelic fairy tale stuff with a hint of goa thrown in. Talpa has always made good music but for me often ruins tracks with poor samples. This track though is unblemished, the beat is a driving force & the string like synth drones in the background like a summer evening in a mansion by the sea. Lots going on in the background & if you sit back & focus you can hear a lot more than on a casual listen. Much better than I first thought.


5. Merrow - Utopian Society

This track is the complete opposite though. On first listen I thought wow what an amazing track & yeah it remains pretty good but it's more more shallow. What you see is what you get & after repeat listens it doesn't grow or evolve. It's a very static track. What I have always loved about goa is that so many tracks sound different when you listen to them at different times & in different moods. This though always sounds the same to me. Not bad but not great either.


6. Khetzal - Trancefuzion

Now here is an artist whose music has never ever sounded the same to me. I've listened to his album Corolle so many times but it sounds new each time with lots to discover. This track has a sample I'm not so keen on, a bit cheesy but it's just at the start & gives way to a thumping good track. The beat is a little too hard for my taste but it's the female vocal that subtly morphs in & out of the track sometimes quite prominent more often almost unnoticeable. The melody does the same thing but is more progressive in it's aggression. It starts of small but grows & grows into the focal point of the whole track making the beat I thought was to heavy unimportant. Very nice stuff as you'd expect from Kehtzal.


7. K.O.B. - Weight Of Oblivion

Featuring Klara Steiner on vocals that are pretty subtle like the Khetzal track. Background wails adding atmosphere to the track and making it sound very psychedelic. More prominent is the melody which seems to have little in the way of structure & manages to sound like an old computer game, but not in such a great way like others have managed. I think because this has accidentally ended up sounding like something else I can't help feeling it's ripped off another track. No idea what it is though & it might be in my imagination. Gets a lot better towards the end with a lot more feeling in the music.


8. Afgin - Dimensional

Starts of a bit boring with the kick dominating everything but the it comes good after a few minutes with the melody sounding stronger. Not quite as intricate as it could have been but deep enough to keep me happy on repeated listens. The nicest times of the track are when the beat leaves & I'm left with the impression that it would sound better with the foot taken off the pedal a little bit.


9. Ra - Gates of Tiphareth

A downbeat track to close the compilation with and for me this is the best so far. I always enjoyed the ambient side of Goa & with the new style which often goes a little faster than is ideal for me, the more relaxed stuff these days sounds every bit as good as the good old days. This is no exception. It's detailed & dreamy with a melody that coils around my brain after it's been blasted by the preceding trance and kisses it better. The flute gives it a sense of mysticism & in the background the warm drone adds a lot of atmosphere. Very nice stuff. I'd like a lot more like this.



As a whole this is a very nice compilation. There are a few tracks that don't seem to have reached the high standards of the rest. My criticism of them comes mainly from the disappointment that they don't compare well to the great tracks here. As a compilation this is definitely a safe buy for anyone that knows & likes Suntrip's earlier stuff. If you don't but you are a fan of Goa then you should check it out anyway, along with Suntrip's other releases.

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The whole album is very good but track 2 is off the hook. Makes me feel real nostalgic.

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Suntrip - 2007

Posted Image


Here is the review of TWIST DREAMS, compilation released on 26th January 2007. The artwork is simply beautiful. A mix of painting and mosaic. The blue color which is dominant, is closely related to dreams, wisdom and serenity. The blue has a small side refreshing and pure which to find some inner calm. linked to the deep things. It means to travel across the sea and the horizon. The tree is directly related to the evolution of goa trance since its creation. The many branches and leaves represent the different styles of sounds like full on, morning trance, psy trance and more. However, we can not speak tree without referring to its roots, which plays a fundamental role. We are particularly sensitive to the origins of goa trance. It is also a vital means to live. Like the tree, we need goa trance for be amused us. Front cover created by Margot Schaefer has been intelligently chosen and fits perfectly with the ambience of this compilation.


[1] COSMIC SILENCE - Psy Spirit (8'01'')
Michael Nadj demonstrates with talent that goa trance is a magical universe, sparkling and imaginative.
The pace didn't provide patient. In just a minute, the tone is set: clap, kick and light percussion drilling, we bring the water to the mouth.This is the most progressive track!!!! Indeed, the melodies follow but are not alike. They are changing as we progress in time. Start simple and more complex to the end. In fact, it is very difficult to distinguish the beginning, middle and end because melodies are independent and orchestral well combined. We do not have time to be bored! The song is simply a marvel with its angelic sounds and sparkling melodies and floating. [10/10]

[2] AEROSIS – Contorsion (9'04'')
Aerosis created us a song oriented very old school. No doubt the title of the greatest psychedelic in this compilation !!!
The sounds are very hard, metallic and acute, especially during the first 5 minutes (approximately) and then softened by being more attractive with the advent of effective melodies. 'Contortion' with its tortuous and rugged environment is undoubtedly the most successful track in its class new school. [10/10]

[3] RED GRAVITY – Momentary 29 (7'28'')
Extraordinary music with euphoric melodies that propel us on a fucking roller coaster. You would think to hear a song from 1996!
First, during the first 3 minutes, the passage is mainly acid and the effects are strident. Around 3'01'', a fast melody manifests the effects of vibration shifts. Then around 4'15'', another melody enhanced by the effects of liquid with modules acids, call on us.
The effects are impressive, many melodies breathtaking accompanied by a strong and lead rhythm.
Thus 'Momentary 29 ' is a very dynamic and energetic embellished by fabulous stunning melodies. A sound that still vibrates in my ears. [10/10]

[4] TALPA – Till We Meet Again (7'52'')
Talpa invites us into a disturbing and unsettling atmosphere. His intro (give us the fear) that lasts one minute, immersed us in a story worthy Howard Phillips Lovecraft's tales.
Sounds repeated noises rust, grinding drilling, small crackling, uncontrolled cuts like a broken record… uncontrolled cuts like a broken record ... this is a world in which Dracula, witches, myths and occult circles meet. The climate is heavy sometimes suffocating.
The presence of the violin and organ exacerbate and accentuate this macabre and unhealthy atmosphere.
Regarding melodies (introverted and serious), they lack a bit of sensitivity, which makes this track quite linear. ‘Till we meet again’ is undoubtedly the most original and most cinematic music. [6/10]

[5] MERROW – Utopian Society (7'54'')
This is the second super old school song after 'contortion'. Sublime momentseasoned of acids and hypnotic passages. Around 2'05'', the track becomes cosmic and aspire us in the loop space. All psychedelic dimension with its effects spirals move in our head. Merrow is amazing, we remain voiceless. The musical notes come to life and slip on the waves. Brice is talented and he will prove in the future, with his album Born Underwater. [10/10]

[6] KHETZAL – Trancefuzion (8'32'')
We continue the review with Matthew Chamoux. Trancefuzion, it's a title that combines the power with a rhythm more aggressive and the seraphic soft melodies. Indeed, this track is more mature, more detailed, more nervous, more acidic compared to his previous productions, while maintaining harmonious and heavenly melodies like Corolle. This contrast makes this way exciting and explosive.
Obviously, the end (around 7'05'') remains the most memorable moment similar to a bouquet finale of a fireworks, leaving no respite for the calm ... Magnificent! What a pity, that the end is short. But beauty is fleeting. [10/10]

[7] K.O.B. – Weight Of Oblivion (7'08'')
K.O.B. is the Filteria ' side project standing for "Kind of Behaviour". Song rich in voice and full of effects. The melodies are non existent (almost). Everything rests on sound, rhythm and the fantastic voice of Klara Steiner.
This track is very different the Jannis world with his multiple layers mélodieuse euphoric. Weight of oblivion is an interesting concept but not very attractive. [7/10]

[8] AFGIN – Dimensional (8'48'')
Here a track highly original where you trip into an epic fantasy. Dimensional is a music oriented morning trance accompanied by simple melodies, subtle, floating and less extraverted. There are a lot of similarity with MFG and California Sunshine. A return to the Israeli source majestically produced by Afgin. [10/10]

[9] RA – Gates Of Tiphareth (6'04'')
Ra brings us a touch of sensitivity by signing a very nice and melancholy music. The melodies are dominating, oriental and spellbinding. An ideal way to relax. The presence of the flute softens and accompanies this remarkably peaceful atmosphere. At times, this melody adds a touch of mystery. Gates Of Tiphareth which means the gates of beauty is the perfect definition of harmony and softness. [10/10]


The conclusion is very satisfying. I find this compilation almost perfect. TWIST DREAMS is great!!! Listening to this work, I have rediscovered the same flavors that made me dream in the 90's. The return of goa trance is possible thanks to the talented artists on this compilation. The only regret remains Talpa and K.O.B. it's good sound but lacks sensitivity and feeling emotional. This is the second compilation after successful APSARA (2005) signed Suntrip, a very promising label who has not finished growing up and making us dream. Thank you and congratulations to Jos and Fab.

RATING = 9/10

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Retarded mastering hides the music.


You can't have the soft intro female whispering voices be louder than the storming kick/bass rhythm that comes after it, just use common sense. PLEASE! Stop mastering altogether if you're gonna do it this bad (whoever did it).

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Retarded mastering hides the music.


You can't have the soft intro female whispering voices be louder than the storming kick/bass rhythm that comes after it, just use common sense. PLEASE! Stop mastering altogether if you're gonna do it this bad (whoever did it).

It was mastered by Tim Schuldt... I didn't notice any bad mastering though.

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Don´t listen to what qa2pir says. He thinks EVERY album is badly mastered.

Yeah, now we know you have the technical skills. Please teach us something else next time!


Not everybody can have such great ears as you, not even Tim Schuldt! :P

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Yes it's a very nice compilation, a massive step up from the first one where many tracks I don't enjoy. The Talpa track IMO always is my fav here. The old school rave style piano roll just tugs and my old raver heart strings. Despite that I've never bought any other tracks of his but definitely enjoy this little gem.

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After 12 years I would say the Merr0w, Aerosis, Ra, and Talpa tracks rule the roost. 

KOB is of course an acquired taste and the Afgin track isn't one of his strongest.

What a legacy Suntrip has.  This was their 6th release and they're on what...50 something now?  Impressive.

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