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  1. Amazing presentation and these definitions make a lot of sense. It should be recommended read for all psychedelic trance newcomers. By the way, if proto-goa is a separate psychedelic trance style, are there any producers who make proto-goa songs today?
  2. German sounds nice for me, I'm slowly learning basics in free time.
  3. I think she wants to become a celebrity.
  4. According to this thread, Psynina is a fake person made by male producer - DJ Chemicus: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/30153-the-psynina-mystery/page-4?do=findComment&comment=843845
  5. Love this album! No bad tracks, my favorite ones are Contorsion, Utopian Society (crazy intro), Dimensional and Gates Of Tipharet (the best!).
  6. That's probably not true.
  7. Maybe this subforum should be named "Other Music"? I don't understand why only electronic music discussions are allowed.
  8. His works are very creative, and also nicely produced. He doesn't throw random samples to his songs (like many producers do) to make them more "psychedelic" or unnecesarily complex, so everything sounds coherent and focused, making his music extremely enjoyable.
  9. For me slowing down my breathing (like holding and releasing it for 10 seconds) is immediate anxiety/stress killer.
  10. You could work a bit on increasing the dynamic range of your songs, it sounds too loud and distorts too much.
  11. For me it depends on the mood, I love goa for it's variety so I can't say that certain style is universally better than the other, but I think I have overall preference for more trancy/melodic stuff (my favorite being Liquid Sun by AP).
  12. I don't know if this topic is good for asking for headphone advice so I apologize if I shouldn't post it there. After long time of using cheap Sennheiser HD218's I decided to buy some better and more expensive pair of headphones. At first I bought AKG K518DJ, but quickly returned them - bass was extremely boomy and anything I tried on them was just unlistenable (except hardstyle). Then after hearing good things about Beyer DT770's I ordered 600ohm version from online store but they told me they don't have them and proposed several others with discount instead, so I went with T70 as I believed it to be a better version of DT770. When I got these headphones I was disappointed again - sound signature is quite opposite of what I heard on K518, bass is very light and I think there is some unpleasant peak in the treble, so now I'm returning these too. The headphones I'm considering now: - AH-D2000 - DT770 600ohm - ATH-M50 Which of these should sound best with goa and ambient? I'm very used to my HD218's so I'd like to have headphones which similar sound signature. Looking at these charts: http://www.headphone.com/learning-center/build-a-graph.php?graphID%5B0%5D=1633&graphID%5B1%5D=2131&graphID%5B2%5D=2941&graphID%5B3%5D=2881&scale=30&graphType=0&buttonSelection=Update+Graph DT770's should sound like my beloved HD218's with the difference that it's more V-shaped, but everyone seems to be recommending D2000's for trance music. ATH-M50 looks to be most bassy of them all. Also my source is O2/ODAC combo.
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