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  1. Great. Abasio, let me know what you recommend after you "process" the new music... I've been disconnected ever since the end of 2010, when I went for two years in Latin America.. Haven't reconnected since.
  2. So, uhm, anything in 2012, Colombia or central America?
  3. I have lots of friend which play all sorts of music. But *great* artists, they've always been like legends to me, grander than life. I still remember the time I got to talk to Ott in Aurora Festival 2008, when I smoked a cigarette with Artifakt in 2005 or when I got to share beers and pizza with some of my favorite Israeli rock bands in 2000. But even if I got to meet the person, it always seemed to me they were more than human. How else could they've created music so damned good, that sounds like it's from a whole different level of art, of professionalism? I mean, are Daft Punk humans or robots? It's like comparing my friends' blogs to the Microsoft website. I was really surprised when a good friend of mine showed me a track of his. Skeptical as ever, I gave it a listen. Usually the music my friends make is good, but it doesn't get into my permanent playlist. Well, this track - called Dystomia, kicked my ass. It was awesome. It had a bit of oriental and middle eastern influences, a great melody, good bass line and great build ups. Maybe a bit too much of the "hand clap" sample. But more than all this - it had that special "something". That something you find in "greater than life" artists' music. This guy calls himself "Mind-bomb" (well, the name sucks ), and is quite bad in getting his music to the right people. He released this track 6 months ago, but only now did I do the effort to upload it to YouTube and post it here. Wondering what you guys think! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkG1udrC5lw&feature=youtu.be
  4. Haha, damn, guess you're right. I wonder, could I call the "Ott - Mir [advanced downwards mix]" album a masterpiece? It's basically the same album, cut short by 1 minute By the way, Trentemoller (which is more minimal than psy but, hey) has pretty good vocalists in most of his tracks.
  5. When I first heard this guy in Younger Brother's Vaccine, I thought that this horrendous display of vocals was a single, specific occurrence, and that I'll never have to hear this guy's voice again. And then came Ott's Mir (which is a masterpiece, in my opinion), and to my horror it included the track "Adrift in Hilbert Space" with this guy (or, *shudder*, someone who heard Vaccine and thought to himself - "Gosh darn it, that's a good vocal style - I should try and reproduce it") in the part between 01:05 to 01:55. I just can't listen to it, it reminds me of Vaccine way too much. I really hope this guy is not "The New Michelle Adamson"..
  6. I was just wondering if anyone could answer me - who is the vocalist who is to blame for many of the tracks in Younger Brother's Vaccine and in Ott's track Adrift in Hilbert Space (from Mir)? Is it a vocalist called "Naked Nick", as stated in a review I read on these boards? Who is he? Where can I get more information about him? I have never heard a vocalist which I dislike more than this guy. It's amazing, it's like I am allergic to his voice. I'd really like to know what else he's done, so I can avoid his work. Thanks for any info you can offer.
  7. Hey, I'm an avid nature party/festival freak, and I love Israel for having so many of these wonderful events every weekend. Starting at July, I'll be in South America for a long trip. Ecuador is my first destination, and then I start a "ring" trip that goes south through Peru, Bolivia and Chile and then back northwards through Argentina and Brazil - to finally culminate in Columbia and then move on to Central America, perhaps to finish in Burning Man 2011. So, what I'd like to know now is - what kind of major psytrance festivals are there going to be in South America this year, and early next year? What is a good place to look for info about weekend parties? Where do I look? What do you guys recommend? What shouldn't I miss? Thanks!
  8. WHY?!? Damn it, Mr. Jikkenteki, you make the purest, most honest trance I have ever heard. I just love your music. I hear it all the time. The only thing that even comes close to your albums is Jaia's Blue Energy. I can't believe you just stopped.. At least you left us your last work.
  9. Taxi Cab?!? :lol: I guess I can understand how'd you think that... it isn't clear at all what he says. It doesn't sound like "cab" though, not to me. If we're on the topic, what does the voice (is it a voice?) say in Bombat at 0:54? I always claimed it was "Baby!" but my friend claims it is "Eh eeee!" or something.
  10. Love the artwork, made me chuckle out loud - really Oopie, you're nuts! Crazy signature.. Reminded me of this pic: OOOH! Lucky! I just found who this girl is. Her name is Shay Laren. Great
  11. I haven't been following psytrance this year.. I attempted to download the albums with the most replies in the review threads, didn't bother to listen to most, bought only a couple CDs this year. Can't wait for this poll to get me back on track!
  12. I love NL... great album. But, I do agree that the orchestral and melodic parts way, way overshadow the trance parts... I hope that the new album has equal quality in both parts Will get it, regardless.
  13. yay, I can finally see myself in a video from the festival
  14. Agreed, and I also admit to have first seen Posford live only a year ago - so I guess he might be 10 years stale and I would have no idea whatsoever I will give Huva Network a try, thanks for the recommendation.
  15. First of all, my friend with whom I was in the festival with said that OOOD's set was by far the best of the lot - so good job on that Unfortunately, I missed it - was asleep. Second, Anoebis, since I've never seen a better set by Shpongle, and have only seen once a slightly better set by Hallucinogen - my opinion might not count for much, but I enjoyed the Shpongle set very very much. The Younger Brother set was great as well, I couldn't stop moving - and it is was refreshing hearing something a bit different. The Ott set took me to another world, and was the best set I got to see in the festival. His DJ Set was great as well, and I heard it - and then went to watch the sunrise and take a swim in a completely empty sea... could things be any more perfect?! "The Queen of All Everything" is still playing in my mind, since that set. Filteria was incredible as well. Prometheus... I expected more - I came for his set, mostly. I don't like his older material as much as I like his new stuff. He did play 3 or 4 tracks from his latest album which I went insane dancing to. I have several regrets: I missed Aes Dana (rather - slept with it, in the chill stage), I missed Solar Fields (was at the sea), I missed Carbon Based Lifeforms (sleeping, again, getting ready for Younger Brother), I missed OOOD (sleeping.. ), I missed Vibrasphere's sets (had to leave the festival) and I missed the Pleiadians (had to deal with a friend's crisis). I hope to at least see OOOD and Vibrasphere in Israel, soon.. the others I'm not very hopeful about. :< All in all - this was a great, intimate festival. I will come again next year, if there is indeed another festival.
  16. You're performing in Aurora as well?!? Why are you not on the list I posted??? Let me fix that.. Oh, and Miraculix kind of sounds typical mediocre full-on... =/
  17. Hey, I'm gonna be in the festival, of course. Just wondering - what artists can't I afford to miss? This is the list of artists performing, I've separated it into "must see" and "I don't know" lists. Help me move artists from the "I don't know" to the "must see" list - which give the best live performances, are the best talented etc? "Must See" Hallucinogen Live Sphongle DJ Set Younger Brother Live Prometheus Live OTT Live + DJ Set Logic Bomb Live Pleiadians Live Vibrasphere Live AES Dana Live Asura Live Solar Fields Live Vibrasphere (Downtempo) Live Carbon Based Lifeforms Live Filteria OOOD Live Bamboo Forest Live Klopfgeister Live "I don't know" Talamasca Live Sun Control Species Vaishiyas Live Liquid Soul Live Andromeda Live U-Recken Live Massive Live Sirius Isness Live Symphonix Live True Lies Live U-Recken Live Freakulizer Live Midimal Live Zen Mechanics Kularis Live Nok Live Daydin Live Aerospace Live Dualism Live Dualsnug Live Gaudium Odiseo Jey & Ex H.U.V.A. Network Live Cosmic Tone Live Lightsphere Live Quantum Live Protonica Live S-Range Live Chromosome Live Galactika Live Visua Live Visual Paradox Live Visual Contact Live Ultravoice Live Earsugar Live Audiomatic Live Audiomatrixx Live Magnetrixx Live Rocky Live Doc DJ set Miraculix Live AKD Live Agent-17 Live Frechbaxx Live Ion Live Fatdata Live Sensifeel Live Cycklones Live N.A.S.A Live Psynthex DJset B. Moon DJset Aquatica Live Cell Live Nordlight Live Quantize Live Frequent Pill DJset Domestic X-Noize Conwerter Live Pause Live Headroom Live FlipFlop Live AMD Live Paratech Live Pixel Safi Connection H.X.O.R Direct Connection I AWAKE Terra Nine Nova Billys Dj set (downtempo) Goaalex Dj set (downtempo) Cuich Dj set (downtempo) I. Fairy Dj set (downtempo)
  18. I nominate travbrad1001 for Forum Member of the Year 2008 Voting will start now, results will arrive sometime in 2010...
  19. I take that back. I've heard this album so many times! It fits at so many places and occasions! I thoroughly, absolutely, completely adore it. I'm not sure why, but just like Prometheus - Corridor of Mirrors I didn't think this would be a classic at first - but it just stayed in my playlist for ever and ever.
  20. advance

    Asura - LifeĀ²

    Fine Line is from Paul McCartney's previous, previous album
  21. The genre is called South Afrikan psytrance. Some call it South Afrikan full-on psytrance This is no typo.
  22. Giving it a play right now, and after reading what chillmood has been typing - I know I'll love it. We seems to be complete opposites
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