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  1. Over 20 years old and still fresh.
  2. I like Nostrum a lot. Parish Fair and Last Exit Trance are excellent albums. Fluffy, happy goodness without being too cloying or cheesy.
  3. Right, right, I thought it was clear that I made a mistake and said grindcore and but in fact meant breakcore... I guess Ill have to make a new, properly titled thread when I get chance
  4. all these different -cores are over my head... Probably would have been better if Id just started a thread about Hecate and left it at that instead of trying to classify music with categories.
  5. Omar Santana's Hardcore for The Headstrong 1 & 2 mix cds kick ass. So did Rotterdam Terror Corps.
  6. OK I think I had "grindcore" mixed up with "breakcore"... Anyway it seems the genre has some interesting music, but I still havent found any artist besides Hecate that really mixes insane fast breaks with noisy power sounds AND also has proper atmospherics and stuff. Most of the breakcore Ive checked out so far (not much) has been interesting, but too exclusively focused on bass and percussion for my tastes. I'm liking Bong-Ra's "Bikini Bandits Kill, Kill, Kill!" but it doesnt have the spiritual/occult feeling going on.
  7. Cancer on the scene? People thinking that things are or are not "psychedelic" and not realizing that things that are psychedelic for some people aren't necessarily so for other people. Hell maybe Brittany Spears is psychedelic to someone out there.
  8. Yeah its a real shame that the Aurinko style of Psytrance never really caught on and that this and other releases before it have mostly been forgotten. This is a great album and anyone who hasnt heard it should, and if they like also the compilation "Catcher" from Aurinko, which has trax by 4CN, Tim Schuldt and others. And it seems that Catcher is for sale at Psyshop as well, altho sadly its not the 2CD Japan edition, as the second CD was as good as the first.
  9. The whole album is very good but track 2 is off the hook. Makes me feel real nostalgic.
  10. After having this CD for a few months I still cant decide if I like this or Artifakts II better. They are both really amazing cds. Artifakt really "tells a story" with his albums, they way the build and evolve through the tracks is genius, each song getting more and more massive and beautiful, and each one executed with the hand of master. This album, in particular "The Pole" has actually moved me to tears. The last track to do that for me was the final track on "Artifakts II". It isnt really fair to pick favorite tracks from this album because they are all part of a whole, but in particular "The Magus", the end (after the sample in spanish) of "Viagra Bastard Spawn", "The probe" and the massive, haunting, uplifting melody of "the Pole" really stand out. The introductory tracks are really cool too, and they do a great job of whetting the appetite for the massive sounds to come while still being excellent tracks on their own. I would not be at alll surprised if Artifakt is remembered 100 years from now.
  11. Ozric was one of the first psychedelic acts I discovered back when I first started to be into that sort of thing. "Strangeitude" was the first album I got, then a few others including "Waterfall Cities" which I remember liking. After a while I got bored with their stuff cuz it was too samey and I had discovered Goa Trance which pretty much took over my musical interests. I should dig out out of their cds and give them a listen though, I had some awesome trips to them.
  12. Ive heard a bit of cradle of filth, it is def some very cool and innovative stuff, but not what Im talking about here. Maybe the mods can change the title of the thread to "Hecate-type electronic music" since I guess I used the wrong adjective in callling the thread "grindcore" since I mean electronic music with maybe a bit of guitar at most, def not a type of metal or punk although I could see some of the same types of people being attracted to it.
  13. No this isnt really what Im looking for. Maybe its not grindcore that Im looking for. I like Hecate for the same reasons that I like Artifakt: both really do a good job of combining rough and smooth elements. This Bezerker stuff seems more focused on just the driving and the throat singing. I am not a fan of throat singing but can tolerate it if the music is really good. Thanks for the recommendation tho, I guess Ill just keep looking. Venetian Snares is the closest thing Ive found, but still it doesnt have enough smoothness and synth action for my tastes... brilliant percussion but I need more than percussion.
  14. I like this album a lot. Only bad moment is in track 2 when the bad vampire movie sample goes on for way too long. That was from Underworld right? One of the worst movies Ive ever seen. But I digress. Other than the sample, even that track is very good, I love the buildup before that sample, the way the synth riff is used in a semi-percussive sort of way. Alternator X, Metamorphosis and the No More Humans remix are also very good. Ive found that it's a good album to introduce people to psytrance with especially if they have goth/industrial leanings. 8.5/10
  15. Ive had it for 6 months and still listen to it often. It's a really beautiful album.
  16. I dunno if anyone here is familiar with the music of Hecate AKA Rachel Kozak, but it is some seriously powerful stuff. I dont really know anything about this style of music, but I really like the albums "Majik of Female Ejaculation" and "7 veils of silence". They both mix slow, brooding elements with harsh noisy ones and lots of weird rhythms... a lot of the music is both smooth and grating at the same time. some people love it and some people hate it, when playing for people Im often surprised by who likes it and who doesn't.. but almost everyone has a reaction to it. Anyway I was just wondering if anyone else here likes this sort of music and can recommend other stuff with similar qualities.
  17. For real. I havent visited much recently and I never posted a huge amount, but it was great to have a place like this where there was always something entertaining, where I could vent if I needed to. I dont know of anyplace on the internet quite like psynews. For real, there are numerous times when Ive been in a bad mood or something and then thought of something on psynews and laughed or smiled or felt just a little bit better. I However I get where Mars is coming from with closing it down. Off topic is most likely to stir up emotions, and since he doesnt have time to spend his life fighting some hacker shitheads gruges, so he has to close it. Fair enough, but its just really sad and Im really going to miss Off-Topic. And does anyone happen to have an archive of the pics from "stunning cute beutiful women (not work safe)" thread??
  18. Im only partway through my second listen but this one sounds really good. Psilocybin really stands out as a gem. I wont be able to decide if I like this one as much as his last for weeks or months, as although I liked Artifakts II on first listen it took a while to realize how amazing it really was. Whether or not it does, it seems to be a very good album.
  19. Cosmsis-Synergy on vinyl was my second psy album after Hallucinogen-Twisted. I had some very cracy times roaming around my city on drugs listening to Cosmosis. I think I blew a few gaskets while listening to Synergy... I also used to use that album as teacher torture. I would set it up on my walkman and then hide my walkman in my backpack and "accidentally" bump it on and not notice. The teacher would go crazy trying to figure out if that strange sound was their mind playing tricks on them or what.
  20. Yeah the Melicia is one of my favorites. Way underrated!!
  21. I have no new information, it just appeared that way to me from the fact that he stopped answering questions and to this day he is the only one who has met this lady of mystery. Anyway whether she is or isnt was not really my point, my point was that the way that people acted about her when they though she was a she as opposed to when they thought she was a he (he was a he?). PS Your avatar creeps me out
  22. I just listened to Quantica-Astrobiology, it is some very nice fullon. Mostly good recommendations here altho I am not so much a fan of Alien Project (athough Mala is a great track) or Wrecked Machines. Definately check Cosmosis, Prometheus, Protoculture, Audialize, Logic Bomb and Mr. Peculiar. Oh and the Quantica album is a net release, it and other goodies are on/linked to from Basilisks site; http://www.ektoplazm.com/section/audio/page/1/
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