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    [:music] Psy Trance, Goa Trance, Dark Psy Trance, IDM, Ambient, Experimental, Hard Techno, Minimal Techno, Schranz<br />[:books] religious Literature, smth. alternative<br />[:films] smth. Funny and/or interesting, arthouse<br />[:lifestyle] parties, sixties-style, x3m<br />[:creative] design, music creation, dj'ing
  1. Chemical Brothers - Galvanize (Bristol Bastards Remix)
  2. Oi! A month ago we decided to make a band. For a month we've recorded two tracks: remix on Semisonic's "She's Got My Number" and our own track "Life In Other Galaxy". Download: Semisonic - She's Got My Number (Bristol Bastards Remix) Bristol Bastards - Life In Other Galaxy MySpace.com P.S. Check out our Myspace for updates. Soon we'll upload more guitarized-vocalized tracks.)
  3. +SynSun Overdream Already Magged
  4. Goa Trance & Experimental Electronica
  5. VA - Psy Stories VA - Psy Stories 2 VA - Psy Stories 3
  6. I think "teramorph rec." would be good name!
  7. Great tracklist! Killargh traxx!
  8. Future Sound Of London - Papua (New Guinea) Shpongle - DMT
  9. Stereo Connection - Happyness [VA - Fungadelic Vibes 2007] Probably on the dancefloor)
  10. TranceChick, if you like oCeLoT, you should like "Psymatix".
  11. VA - Spiritually Spaced Out [shiva Space Technology 2006]
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