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All Facets of trance according to me (2007 version!)


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Thank you Jos for this highly detailed plan. Very good job!! REALLY

This plan is very important for us in this psychedelic world that I find quite complex and very vast.

I think we must continue to complement Anoebis work with some proposals.

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I remember when Anoebis made the version of this musical tree :) , notice some evolutions, corrections too.


I just surprise about Space Tribe being in dark psychedelic with Absolum, ok for this last one, but Space Tribe, is not that much dark in Heart Beat, furthermore it's the only ST's album, i've got that's why i comment on this ;)


Except this little point, i just think it would be nice to make some update with some fresher release date for the newbies as we'rre in 2009 and the most recent quotes are from 2006 if i'm not mistaken :o

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I would add:


"UK Trance". Examples are "VA - God Save The Machine", "VA - Wingmakers - Beyondwards And Upwards", "Tristan - Chemisphere" and "AMD - Bigfish".


"Todays Forest Psy". Examples are "VA - Yggdrasounds I+II", "Trold - Time Of Illusion", "Attoya - Based On True Events", "VA - The Well Of Enchanted Sounds" and "Encephalopaticys - Psychotermic Meditation".


"Dark/Minimalistic Prog". Examples are


Today: "Sensient - AntiFluoro" and "Beat Bizarre - Pandoras Groove Box".

Old School: "Auricular - Audion"

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Hey, very nice map Anoebis! Agree with just about everything. I would also add X-Dream - Radio somewhere, though maybe it doesn't fit in there with your other examples. One of the most influential albums in the minimalist tech-trance styles, though it's supremely old (as do I feel for mentioning it now)

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Over the past couple years, Psystep (Psy + dubstep) has emerged into its own style. I suppose this style can now be added as a sub-genre of psytrance.

Are there any other emerging styles which have cropped up recently?


IMO, this thread should be moved to the General Psytrance forum.

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That's funny you mention that actually trancedigital. I was playing Mindsphere's 'Depths of Consciousness' at work the other day and I my coworker wanted to listen to what I was listening to. So she puts the headphones on and says "Oh you're into dubstep!" And I was like... noooooooo... but not so meanly. And then I laughed.


What does genre mean when people don't even bother to understand the differences?

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