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  1. Ronsu - Nevermind the 1´s and 0´s (Antiscarp Records) Tracklisting: 01.Ronsu - Torkee Tuhina 02.Ronsu - Best Sides of 1 and 0 03.Ronsu - X-Ray Ok, so let's first give some introductory words about Ronsu. It's a Finnish guy but you could guess it as signed on Antiscarp records . Despite some activities through different groups like Vihtahousu and Ohuet Kujat , it's the first time I've heard about Jussi Niemi. His style plenty inserts itself into the Nordic Psyche sound which means an alchemy of Goa, Funk, Electronic, hypnotic, metallic, rough & raving spirit for his case. It could be sounding as a Finnish evolution of Quirk to clearly & easily sum up the idea. Inside the sound => Indeed it's quite simple, we've got 3 Ronsu's tracks & 3 different degree of Ronsu's production. 1st floor would be track 1, this is the soft-area which can be explained by the fact it consists in a remix of a previous collaboration work from Ronsu. Nevertheless, this is the one which pleases me the more on this EP. The style reminds me Ozmali début album last year although I precise here there's no live jam concept effect at all. Last floor , so track 2, which evokes me a high tweaked raving hypnotic Japanese production, i mean Sci Forest (released on 6 Dimension-soundz). Here you got something more difficult to catch i think, mental stuff here. 2nd floor would be track 3, quite obvious it's a compromise to me between what's proposed in the 2 other tracks. Indeed it's punchier than track 1, it keeps the raving bank-tones from track 2 but in a clearly more dance-floor orientation.
  2. check how are acting the lame reviewing pool here in the review section, all their official isratrance review are mentioned with link to the isratrance site, why don't they make it on all the psyboards ? If it's a promotion act , they should no ? It seems Isratrance only wants to destroy the psynews review section , lame (especially when you know how low is the health of this scene)...
  3. but isn't the core melody (the saxo part) the same in Dream & Happy children ? maybe just me confounding both
  4. The importance of the remixes for the Eurodance industry has always been relevant & effective => many good examples comes with Space Master - Jumpin to The party (remix) http://www.dailymotion.com/relevance/searc...ce-master_music - Jumpin to the party (original) http://www.dailymotion.com/relevance/searc...the-party_music - Step on (original) http://www.dailymotion.com/relevance/searc...r-step-on_music - Step on (remix) http://www.dailymotion.com/relevance/searc...ce-master_music
  5. double shot from P Lion (italo-disco/eurodance) : big anthem especially in France, as was the soundtrack of "Top 50' Tv showsince 1984 Less known from 1992 but more eurodance effective http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFfkfoy3n6g...feature=related
  6. http://psyreviews.net/content/view/623/65/ http://psyreviews.net/content/view/624/65/
  7. All without exceptions, reviews posted on isratrance.com (the site not the forum) are lame by the simple principle of cautioning the commercial drifts from Isratrance, i let you think or not about it.
  8. Since Shahar decided to literally fucked up what rest of the psytrance scene with his lame idea of reviewing pool including leeching reviews, asking for temporary exclusivity for Isratrance from the reviewers , claiming some goodies will be decerned to the reviewers pool, the come-back of Psyreviews is that sort of counterweight versus Isratrance review's pool.
  9. yep more elaborated than "it's pure crap" for example :posford: btw it fits well with the whole Aleph Zero's releases.
  10. The real core-structure of the track starts at 2"45 before is a long intro not trustable for any identification. What makes me think it's a remix of End of the world is the period after the break at 5"50, coz you've got the voice sample then it's very similar to the Green House effect remix of End of the world more in uptempo. The break is quite astonishing for a goa tune, never heard so floating break this way before that's the big mystery for me, even the layers are genuine
  11. hum make me think a featuring which could be something like Infected Mushroom vs Hujaboy ... don't know if really this cooperation occured by the past btw.
  12. definitively not ! i' would bet on Power Source or Sandman instead, maybe one of the numerous remix made of End Of The World originally by produced by Sandman.
  13. my opinion is that if possible you should give the following of the sample you put coz it was starting to get more genuine & more identifiable
  14. Btw i've got a question maybe off topic but a bit linked after all, i mean lots of artists have disappeared from the scene as we can check with this topic. By extension it also means several labels closed too ... There's 2-3 years, when i was still following closely the scene i remember people (head label, artists) claiming the sells were drastic collapsing , announcing figures such as 500 copies as nearly a norm for small labels, over 1000 upto 2000 if good selling & exceptionally one or 2 big names (you know what i mean) 5000. Ok now it's summer 2009, 2-3 years, i'm quite surprised by the so many releases to come out by the birth of so numerous labels in new counties nevertheless, i've the feel that sells are still lower... So clearly, was wondering if for example today, the standard norm of a good psytrance or chill label sells has achieved the low level of 500 copies (not only the little but nearly all labels indeed)? If you have some infos, figures, they're welcome
  15. +1 for Bluetech, never was amazed by his style a bit cheesy commercial & not fully chill but somehow slow motion dream-trance.
  16. According to discogs he's been involved in the Earthdance charity event from 1997 to 2007 as Executive producer => http://www.discogs.com/artist/Chris+Deckker?anv=Chris+Decker According to their website, their last year of activity (i mean news) in this musical business was summer 2004 => M.o.s
  17. Tracklist: 1. Stoneheart (Intro) 2. Payload 3. Lullaby 4. Chinga La Bamba 5. Beach Bondage 6. Offline Clip 7. Stadifunk Rmx 8. Sona 9. Herostuff 10. No Problem 11. Hot On Wheels 12. Cut Me Loose Cover art by Keke Mastered by Jasse Kest Snyper => Snyper was formed during 2k by two friends in Helsinki,Finland. The aim was to experience ,and create unique & energetic full on with a story.This final mission still as a main clue, Snyper continues as solo-project,channelling and releasing energies with a twist and shake .Experiencing with (tri)ballistical influences but still bringing the vibe back to phat freestyle "suomisaundi". RELEASES: "Snyper Showcase EP 2001 (Thixx..n..Dixx),Stanufunk EP 2005 (Antiscarp Records), SARS EP 2007 (Antiscarp Records), Bulletproof CD 2009 (Antiscarp records). Today for this album, Snyper consists in Sampo Valtonen, helped on some tracks from Saiko Disco (track 5), Robomatec (track 9), Dj Jonas (Track 10). Antiscarp records => Suomitrance specialities from finland electronic music producers providing antiscarp music for all freakadelic listeners worldwide. Globally downloadable for free => http://www.antiscarp.com/ Antiscarp Recordings is taken care by team Antiscarp, and its been online since 2001, providing loads of Antiscarped Tunes For Full Download in mp3 format, made by group of Finnish trance acts. Bulletproof => 1=> We've got a big round & deaf bass with hacked brass lead the whole rocked in an hypnotic technoish background with some electrified metallic tones. It's not fully dance floor yet, rather sort of musical "aperitif" of what's coming next...The track matches perfectly its place at starting although if you listen to the album in a random order, it could appear less attractive than tis way unless if you got it for the end . 2=> Here comes a cyber groovy production, with fat bass & rhythmic, it's stomping not very fast but quite multi-layered, like a giant or a big monster devastating everything on its path. From 3"00, the melodic gets more twirling, like a ripost of a flying defensive team leaded by a superhero with floating abilities from everywhere against the enemy. 3=> We're keep here the stomping side, & i've got a major worry with the mix . I mean each outnumbered elements result at the same maximum high level all along, perfect to get quickly an headache... 4 => This tune is funky fresh style as hell & with his brass loop in the background is massively Haltya's alike confounding, excepting some transpose against which i've nothing wrong about. 5=> Despite obvious differences with previous track, it constitutes a nice following. The unique common point resulting as transposes use here in a dreamy, floating & morning progressive construction. I'm really enjoying the mix of the groovy tune married with this deep nebulous soundscapes. 6=> It's probably the most typical Suomisounding tune of the album with a raw fast entrance, indeed no really time for any kind of preparation you're directly thrown in the whirlwind. You got very few time to take a second breath as the tempo is so high, so be careful & avoid the asphyxia while dancing on it ! Ultra fast, hypnotic, catching & bewitching stuff, what is all about. Once it's finished for you dancing on it , it's like the things out of the washing machine, it's clean, but still wet 7=> Fat hypnotic Funky tune, with metallic tones. From 3"00, a big rumbling lead appears despite it's into an area flooded of sounds, your brain won't be able to concentrate elsewhere. Acting as a magnet on your neuron it's impressive, nevertheless i find out the whole thing to lack little ingredients (salt or pepper ? i don't really know what ...) to achieve a hit status. 8=> Change of ambiance here, it's about dark & mysterious atmosphere in rather mid-tempo mode, there's a strong feeling of a laborious progression of a hero in a hostile environment filled with bats. Definitely this track is story telling. 9=> I've got an astonishing skating feeling at first but quite fun at final. This one is rather nicely funky too with mewing sounds resulting an overall happy atmosphere. I have a regret about the kick-snare combo which cruelly lacks of variety , more exactly doesn't really match with the different emphasis of the tune as revealing all along the same linear part . Otherwise i like the school ringing alike tone used here along side with the traffic jam sirens. Tracks 10 & 11 have in common not to fit my taste, both are into a psy-energic-linear-rush style and by the way are deeply lacking of a real soul. 12=> I retain mainly here the Marin scents & turmoil's feeling conferred by the hypnotic melodic & aquatic loops & bass line transpose uses coupled sometimes with filter. While maybe not aimed for this purpose, i consider this song quite effective for psy-chilling Verdict => Astonishingly, what my brain remembers mainly is the duality between nearly 3 quarter of the album resulting of a normal high & low along the tunes but seriously produced & a quarter (Tracks 3,10,11) which sounds like lazy, swift stuffs for filling an album with a quality largely inferior either in ideas & production development. Bulletproof results eclectic in his Suomisounding, sometimes reminds you about Haltya, other times could be more Squaremeat or Texas Faggot... Otherwise i've also retain the nice story telling capacity of several tunes which constitutes the trademark of Snyper for this genre. I'd advice to check in priority those tracks :1,4,5,6,8,9,12 Mark:7/10 Available from: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=7996
  18. 3d vision is full on without doubt whereas Absolum is psy-full on (i consider his albums) it's different , i don't mix both. Coz i already wrote it the aggressive side take more influences from the psytrance , darker can't be considered the same. Full on is about ENERGY not agressivity that's the spot! Full on is mainstream dancefloor, 3d vision so, Absolum's album can't be qualified as mainstream that's all. Furthermore Israeli's scene has always been influenced by the club scene, for example Astrix before being the real writer of Alien Project songs has released tons of unknow tracks qualified as Nitzohot.
  19. Nothing really bad at first with Full on, it has known its golden age with several releases including Hom Mega with Astrix - Eye to Eye, Cosma - Non Stop, Psysex - Hardcore Blastoff. We could also named Infected Mushroom despite they were between full on & psy & never know how really situate them. Indeed someone here in this thread, told full on is an Israeli thing mainly, that's quite true. What happened is that full on evolved to more commercial influences like Hardtrance, resulting easy tricks, tips to get the more effect on the most people possible with sounds you could listen to when you're at the funfair. About Absolum mentioned by Ormion, it's not really typical Full on, it's darker, more aggressive it's closer to the South African style somehow despite Absolum style is anterior to it. For both case, i consider their style as psy-full on & not plently full on. And the trend norm of Full on is so at 85% pure crap today.
  20. There's also the releases from 6 Dimension Soundz with Sci Forest & of Course Mandalavandalz ( a side project of Texas Faggot), you can add Antiscarp rec too for Suomisaundi. Not fully Suomisaundoi but quite closed, more Forest Trance oriented there's the debut album from Ozmali
  21. I don't understand the hype for Principle of Flight , the first album was just a copycat of some trendy stuffs at the time such as The Misted Muppets, nothing more nothing less; quite strange to me
  22. I agree with those thinking here the band is over estimated.
  23. you could check the samples of : http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=55818 http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=55873 http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=56239
  24. Don't know anything about the new situation of Spiral Trax... Concerning Psyshop they take care of exclusive distribution for many labels, so it's possible that now Spiral Trax belongs to this list without being held by Psyshop you see EDit : I checked both Psyshop & German head office of spiral Trax adress & you're right that's the same one!
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