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  1. Currently reading Valis by Philip K. Dick. I've read other books by him, and this one came highly recommended, but to be honest... I kind of think it's garbage Not total crap of course, but it has a very meandering plot (an autobiography of sorts about Philip K. Dick going insane and his beliefs in Gnostic Christianity). Right now I am reading it with the intention of just finishing it and getting it out of my life...
  2. Hey, very nice map Anoebis! Agree with just about everything. I would also add X-Dream - Radio somewhere, though maybe it doesn't fit in there with your other examples. One of the most influential albums in the minimalist tech-trance styles, though it's supremely old (as do I feel for mentioning it now)
  3. Has this guy even made anything new in like the last ten years? Last thing I remember him releasing was that "26 mixes for cash" or whatever it was called... and that was a compilation If he hasn't it's a shame and he's wasting his talent I bought the Drukqs album when it came out... I dunno, I like the drill n bass stuff when I'm in the mood for it
  4. Wow... all this hate for Invaders Must Die! I listened to it and thought it was immensely better than Always Outnumbered... To me it's close to (not quite though) their glory days, it's very throwback but it makes me feel like I'm a teenager again, in a good way. Seriously... I've been listening to the album quite a bit lately, I love the "Omen" track especially. Nothing new, it just does what it does really, really well.
  5. w00t! Metal thread! Stoner/Sludge/Doom: Candlemass Corrosion of Conformity Down Electric Wizard Eyehategod Kyuss My Dying Bride Goth/Industrial: Katatonia KMFDM Paradise Lost Rammstein Thrash/Groove: Kreator Ministry Pantera Sepultura/Soulfly/Cavalera Conspiracy Slayer
  6. Hey Tatsu! Great to see you're still here (with all the kitty animations too I see) I've been busy I guess, got out of the psy scene for a long time, still listen to the classics. Playing shows, going through way too many band members, I lost my old job (it was bought out) and have been struggling to find decent work in this recession, moved around a lot. Me and my girlfriend are expecting a boy in less than two months. Everything's great though. I have been wondering about listening to some new psytrance and checked to see if this place was still up and running, and voila here it is! And, just like before, for some reason I can't multiple-quote on this message board! This is the only message board I've ever posted on where I can not multiple quote! Arrrgh! (And I thought to myself, boy I miss some of the people who were in here. Main reason, no lie.)
  7. Hey there. Oh man, long story. Been in a few bands, and tons of band drama the last few years. It's making me go crazy. Right now I am waiting for my friend's band to get off tour, and then we are supposed to go into recording in the fall, of which I have a few songs set to go. It's a hardcore punk-kind of band, and then if all goes well, after that I should finally be recording my own batch of tunes, hopefully before the year is through (more hard rock-bluesy kinda stuff). But yes the jams on the guitar have been going well. How have your partying days been going?
  8. It's been a long time since I posted on here. I've been listening to a lot of EBM and some psy lately and thought I'd see if this place still existed It seems the old spam thread ("What are you doing right now?") is gone, and this one has taken its place.
  9. Uhm.... my first psy party was Wizzy Noise, it was this fairly large party downtown... This was like 2000 or something.... I have lost my ticket since, but it was definitely Wizzy... edit: possibly one of the guys was playing... as it's advertised, duo's first time in Canada.... Weird. And what's with Legion Of Green Men? Does anyone outside Toronto care about them? They get so much hype here, but I don't think they are that great. They always play seperately too, instead of as LOGM. I've just never been impressed with them... I thought Freeworm @ Om Fest a few years back was much better at the same sort of style of music.....
  10. No it's alright, you, Bono and Michael Stipe can go back to your bedroom fantasy. I shan't impose on all your fun now.
  11. Affirmative. Hence the phrase "guilty pleasure."
  12. Guilty Conscience is an awesome Eminem song. It's one of the more impressive songs I've heard in hiphop I think. The concept behind the song is pretty cool.
  13. If beating off is a guilt pleasure, then I'm definitely guilty.
  14. np: Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On (HARDCORE DANCFLOOR SUPASTAR KILLAAAARRRRGGHHH MIX) sappy-trance. God only knows how bad this would sound in a happy hardcore mix!! (scary thing is I can picture it )
  15. Dude you just set yourself up for a Celine Dion session with the gf! (no offence Vicky )
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