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What place would be perfect?


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Prodigy - Spitfire


In a big room with a lot of horny suicidal girls with a liking to goldfish themed bondage.

goldfish themed bondage? :lol: That would be......weird :ph34r:

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Linton Kwesi Johnson - Seasons Of the heart...


A really jazzy cozy cafe, brick walls tabels with green cloth, dark atmosphere and petroleum lamps.


sitting in a big comfty chair, while drinking coffee eating a little dry cake while nodding to the tunes, holding hands with someone i hold dear (not pavel, we split up) the scent reminds me of cinnamon, theres a small shelf on the right, it's a basement cafe by the way.


The bartender is a rastafarian dude smoking the biggest spliff i've ever seen, he kinda looks like bob marley, but just a bit.

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Vataff Project - Kalitz


Black Forest, Germany. Deep in it with light coming in sporadically through the tree canopy. Maybe even surrounded by lovely ladies all carrying about 6 beers each :ph34r:

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Kuba - The Place It Starts


On an alien beach with an oddly coloured sky, an ocean that behaves just a little differently & sand that feels like silk on my feet.


Something similar to a beautiful secluded beach somewhere in the south pacific but shifted sideways out of reality.

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