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What place would be perfect?


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Robert Rich & B. Lustmord - Synergistic Perceptions


In an old abandoned warehouse in some dystopian city with grime dripping down the walls & malice seeping through the gaps

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Must be every track ay?


Np Koxbox - Searching For Psychoactive Herbs


Would be great to hear at chinese new year with all those colours in the street party all around, the costumes, the dragons & all the colourful decorations would be great.

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Fighting in an intergalactic war with aliens.


Or maybe,


Running from tribal warriors in the jungle.




In my basement at the computer. :lol:

What track?

A track that all 3 of those places would be perfect must be an odd track :ph34r:

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Have you ever been tripping your little brain out & wondered what it would be like to be inside literature? More specifically inside a poem?


The Circular Ruins - Immer Du would be the perfect track for this. Or this would be the perfect place for this track :ph34r:

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Sweet ^_^




Solar Fields - 8am Version


I would say the perfect place for this is walking down the street in the early morning (earlier than 8am) when there are no people about but it's really bright. Walking back from a great night out!


But to be honest wherever I am when I hear this outside it always feels like that, no matter the time

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Lustmord - Aldebran Of The Haydes


In a old, beat up spaceship rusting from the inside, working on emergency power only, lights flickering as some unknown entity slowly devours the ship Posted Image

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