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I request it because I can't put emotions to words as some others over here can & also I know shit about technicalities and other inside stories ( too far from Europe) To me, It's like reading a

I'm currently listening to LSD "Full Fractal Vision" in the loop, so expect review over the weekend. We'll see about the others...

So what? we have reviews of unreleased albums.

Would Love of course to read whatever unbiased or biased opinion you got on Material Music as a review in the review section (search him in your preffered music site and PM me for the free release, unless you just review it from whatever and don't want it on your device. All good,). For the fun, the wish is to read a review for his DNA album on Goa Records.. bOm!

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I think it would be great if this thread gets pinned in the general forum section. It’s a bit hidden here. As I think the reviews form an integral part of the core in this forum. And thus participation and contribution towards reviews should be encouraged. :) 

I would like to request a review for the new Artifact303 album.

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