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On 1/8/2022 at 7:16 PM, psytones said:

I am not a good reviewer but this album is so sinister :D and very hard, very fast. Not my favorite style but really respect the work. Great job on the atmospheric side, it's fast and yet reminds me dark ambient too. An interesting album for sure.  

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21 hours ago, Magus Knight said:

I looked around in the 2017 section but did not see this one:


Surely every other Astral Projection release ever has a review here? I would like to request a review of this one. If no one makes one I'll might've to do it myself. :D Two tracks shouldn't take too long to listen to and write what springs to mind.

Here is what I wrote on Discogs. Maybe I should revise my review and post it in the reviews section?


Doctorg Jul 23, 2021

referencing Let There Be Light (12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP) SUNCDEP02

Really excellent sound on this 12". Good mastering and pressing.

Astral Projection's remix of Filteria's "Filtertraces" sounds so classically AP that Filteria seems neither here nor there - a very sweet epic track that hovers on the edge of the saccharine towards the end, but in the right mood is a bomb. The masters of melody do not fail to deliver.

Filteria returns the favour with a remix of "Let There be Light": this is altogether tougher and faster with the bigger bass of nu skool Goa. The lead melody is perhaps a bit forward in the mix, making it strident - this spoils part of this remix, which I can't fully rate.

The Morphic Resonance remix of AP's "Enlightened Evolution" doesn't have shrill leads or cheesy modulations, but it can't really be said to add much, if anything, to the original, which I prefer. Two not such great remixes from the nu skool guys. I notice that neither of them has the perfect sound that Astral manage; their production is just not as subtle.

Then it is the turn of Astral to remix their own track "Another World" from the album of that name. Ahhh, sweet bliss. This is almost indescribably awesome: pure spirituality in aural form. I felt my body dissolving into a sea of pulsating pixels to this track. For me "Dancing Galaxy" and "Another World" are their best albums, and that this track seems to attain another level of beauty in this remix seems miraculous to me. Wow!

I'm afraid I have no choice but to conclude that the old school masters showed these Johnny come latelies a thing or two. Two great remixes from AP, forget about the other two. ~*~

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