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  1. We all have our favorites, among them big classics that we like to revisit time and time again. On the other side of the fence, tracks that are considered big classics and you don't get why. For me: E-Rection - Out there we are stoned (X-Dream remix). A fine track but I think it is very overrated. The floor is yours
  2. You haven't changed your profile picture yet this month. What is going on!
  3. Planet BEN: Welcome to the future. 1991? That's what Discogs says. Hard to believe when you listen to the track but if true it is easily the most advanced track of the early nineties.
  4. It's funny I really liked this track, didn't find it cheesy. My favorite together with the Logic Bomb collaboration.
  5. By the way I inserted the remix in a compilation I made, you can listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a72bKP4jkaM&t=2s&ab_channel=music2022 Many great tracks by Artha, JIS, Oforia, Sky Technology, Miranda, etc.
  6. One has to wonder why start a public thread about this small thing when you can sort everything by contacting the person in private? Doesn't make sense.
  7. I consider this style kind of fluffy, morning goa trance with almost a club feel, or I should just say morning and fluffy but the bassline is very dance floor friendly. Not my favorite style but nice to listen on a good day. The Ephedra remix is my favorite.
  8. Among the albums released in the last 5 years this one sounds truly old school, my favorite is track 7, very trancey.
  9. You are playing with those synths like a charmer plays with his snake. A performance for the ages.
  10. I put some tracks that were listed in this topic, not all tracks are very recent, also sorry but I did not want to include Artifact303 because I personally do not fancy much his style. Full tracklist: 00:00 Cymatics - Celestial sunrise 08:01 Artha - Monkeys (Extended remix) 16:17 JIS - We're the Aliens on the Earth 24:44 Fiery dawn - Soul ocean 32:17 Neogenia - Soul collector 43:55 Sky technology - A ray of light (album acid version) 51:16 Oforia - What did that make you feel 1:00:24 Exelization - The purple forest 1:09:02 Moonbird - Violet noise for 7 days 1:18:10 Joti & Ofer - No name 1:25:35 Vanderson - Visions of tomorrow 1:35:16 Nova fractal - Mystery of life (Ephedra remix) 1:45:12 Miranda - Svarg
  11. I guess it could be this track? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJwe8QBWVzo&ab_channel=OvnimoonRecords
  12. Hi Psychedelic Superbeast, I don't mix but I will select several tracks mentioned in this thread, will add a few of mine and will make a 2 hours compilation that will be uploaded on Youtube. I cannot mix but tracks will be crossfaded, and I hope Youtube will not block it. Will post here when finished.
  13. I listened to this album last week and it is not bad at all, as long as you are not a Goa narrow-minded person.
  14. Wonderful, it sounds like music from the future. Maybe this guy is ahead of his time. A real talent.
  15. Hello Psychedelic Superbeast, I also have a Youtube channel, and recently found out that some videos were banned due to copyrights, some of them were uploaded in 2016 and were banned just recently. I was surprised about that. I uploaded the whole Goa-Head series and some volumes are now banned, while some (most) are not. Also I do not think there is a clear correlation between well known tracks and copyrights, some videos that were banned were obscure albums. For example, the album Promon - Funky Fumes was blocked, this album is not known at all and it had very few views (600 views in 3 years). Below I will share the tracks that are still not blocked on my channel and that I think you could use for your mix. I will post a lot of them so you can pick the ones you prefer: Random order: Sandman - Shockwave Jikooha - Bay hall magic Darshan - Tranceformations MFG - When we dream Power source - Granada Virtuart and Chronomyst - Zanchin (underrated gem) Elysium vs. Worm - Yemaya The infinity project - The world of the acid dealer Pleiadians - Modulation Astral projection - Life on Mars (SFx remix) Power source - Goaway Dimension 5 - Beetlesnuff MFG - Wonderland Juno reactor - Feel the universe - Koxbox remix (one of the best remixes I know) Ra - Other self Tim Schuldt - Ohm Shiva Elysium - Master of the rainforest Astral projection - Tryptomine dream Phreaky - Tornado Zirrex - Zirrex (fantastic track) Darshan - Duck Pleiadians - Jungle trax Jikooha - Galaxy journey Talamasca - Sinaï Cosmosis - Higher access New born - Universal bus Jikooha - Mindgate to the hyperspace Total eclipse - Free lemonade (Psychaos mix) Ubar tmar - Cosmo drome (2012 version) Denshi Danshi - Maelstrom Charm - Ancient religion (obscure track, very nice old school) Astral Projection - Ionised Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Two Vindaloos & An Onion Bhagee Dimension 5 - Deep space 5D MFG - To eternity Radiotrance - Восток 5 Oforia - Timelessness Technossomy - V.T.O.L. (Full Length Version) Man With No Name Presents Yogi & Grey One - Big Troubles In Outer Space (Oforia Remix) California Sunshine - Tokyo Underground Dimension 5 - Moon cake Astral projection - Trance dance Jaïa - Insomnie Aban Don - State of mind Transwave - Phototropic X-Dream - This Psychopod - Dreampod E-Mantra - Radiant vision 2003 Battle of the Future Buddhas - Mr. Fantastic (one of their best) Total Eclipse - Chaotic Circus Ka-Sol - Sticky Web Tandu - Alien pump Oforia - Maximiser Chi-A.D. - Black light Koxbox - Stratosfear (their best track) The antidote - Sunrise Lunar Asylum - Twister Jaïa - Brainstom (Live mix) Etnica - Floating universe Tromesa - Nowina Good luck.
  16. I liked the freshness of this album (compilation?) when it came out. For some reason forgot about it lately, a friend reminded me that I should give it another spin : ) So I did and wish I did it earlier.
  17. It's not a mix, tracks are just faded in and out so don't know if it belongs to Dj section. I guess it will be fine here? 00:00 Saafi brothers - Sweet sirenes (Jam El Mar remix) 07:18 Moonbird - The small sorcerer 15:32 Poizon - The beast 22:36 X-dream - S.T.O.P. 32:01 Electric universe - Impulse 39:10 Planet BEN - Trippy future garden 1:00:31 Menis - Rakebeat 1:07:58 Astronaut ape - One plus one 1:19:00 Logic Bomb - The third revelation 1:29:43 Orion - Nazca spider 1:38:34 Juno Reactor - Rotorblade 1:46:40 Nuclear Ramjet - The missing moon 1.00 Thanks again guys : )
  18. Thanks Psychedelic Superbeast for the effort! You selected a lot of tracks that fit, some of them I did not like, one in particular I liked was the track by Blind Observatory, unfortunately I thought it was a tad repetitive, but it was close, I almost selected it : ) thanks again for your time. In the meantime, I found a track that fits well, it's a "strange" track that sounds quite minimal but also has some variety and depth. It's called Moonbird - The small sorcerer. It's from 2013. I will upload the compilation later today! : )
  19. Thanks guys for the suggestions. The Orion track fits indeed and I like it, so I will put this one between Logic bomb and Juno reactor, thanks AP : ) @ Manuser Kollage is one of my least favorites from Prana, it sounds more like Joujouka, not a fan of this track, sorry. Tim Schuldt - Absurd is alright but I find I can find better. Thanks anyway : )
  20. Hi people, Need some help from the community. I am preparing a compilation almost ready to go online on Youtube, but it is missing 2 tracks. Tracklist: Saafi brothers - Sweet sirenes (Jam El Mar remix) XXX Missing Track 1 XXX Poizon - The beast X-dream - S.T.O.P. Electric universe - Impulse Planet BEN - Trippy future garden Menis - Rakebeat Astronaut ape - One plus one Logic Bomb - The third revelation XXX Missing Track 2 XXX Juno Reactor - Rotorblade Nuclear Ramjet - The missing moon 1.00 Saafi brothers track is quite slow, and Poizon's track is not too fast and dark. So Missing Track 1 should fit well between these two. Missing Track 2 should fit well between Logic Bomb - The third revelation and Juno Reactor - Rotorblade, so nothing too much Goa trance. Any ideas? I am picky but I'll listen to all tracks posted! Thanks.
  21. Hello, I uploaded a homemade compilation, almost 2 hours of melodic Goa Trance, old school for the most part: Tracklist: 00:00 Faithless - God is a DJ (Astral Projection remix) 09:41 MFG - To eternity 18:07 Hada - Emaginary 28:03 Sinhu - Future technology 35:25 Pleiadians - Modulation 51:50 MFG - Shape the future (future mix) 1:02:18 Nada - Transparent future 1:10:37 Nebula Meltdown - Epsilon Orionis 1:18:18 Lunar Asylum - Twister 1:27:02 Technossomy - The pyramid (live mix) 1:40:06 Astral Projection - Searching for UFO's 1:50:15 Cosmosis - Key to the innerverse
  22. It's a well composed album, musically clever, it's just a shame to hear a similar commercial bassline in many of the tracks, ended up being a big turnoff for me.
  23. I double checked and it's not there. Thanks for the info. By any chance do you know if the second will be released... soon enough?
  24. Such a shame it doesn't include Second Step To The Stars, it's such a great track, could have been a double CD. Still, it's a joy to hear those tracks remastered.
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