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  1. Very good album, Veasna has his own style mixing acid with aggressive and powerful synths, in a very electrifying, ravey atmosphere. I like the effects he put in his sounds. Great surprise for me.
  2. Yup, that's the case for me personally. Even if I consider the 2014 remixes album a real album, it's been 10 years since that release, the world is moving, people change, taste changes, and right now I couldn't care less of a new Astral Projection album. Great news for the fans though.
  3. Yeah that's the issue with all those modern movies that put all their eggs in one basket, that is special effects, picture etc. but story wise it is a bore. So many movies like this these days.
  4. You still look very young after all these years. And your music still sucks.
  5. 12,000 suns, for me. Just in the first 3 minutes you already had 5 different melodies.
  6. I hope you realize Filteria didn't invent shit. At least Xenomorph has his own style, the story telling (not this album specifically but in general).
  7. Interesting to see how tastes can differ, I listened to all the tracks and like this one better than most posted before, though it does sound a bit empty, but the sounds and melodies sound more mature than most tracks before in my opinion. The melody at 3:30 sounds simple but very good, and I like the last part of the track.
  8. Yeah, listening the the album now, track 2 is impressive. Track 6 however, getting praise in the reviews but I found that melody in the second half a bit out of tune, sounds like it doesn't fit right, too bad because the track itself sounds very interesting. Track 8 is one of the best. It's a very good album, though I agree that in some tracks, sequences are too repetitive. I agree with a comment above regarding samples, Xenomorph has always been a master at this, the samples are always well chosen and positioned a the right moments. Regarding the mention of Filteria, I am glad Xenomorph is just a better artist in my opinion, he makes tracks that sound more coherent and harmonic, with vision.
  9. The thread is over 10 years old, so I guess you tried to type Serenity on Discogs in the trance or house category, and checked every track there is with that title?
  10. Genuine question, is YouTube's algorithm really able to distinguish what is old school goa or new school goa? Intuitively I really doubt that especially if the track was made at the end of the 90's. Paul Eye said he didn't like the track, I think that's why it had more clicks initially, people were curious.
  11. Juan is a fucking asshole my good brother! Agreed!
  12. Fuck yes! The build up starting at 2:45 with the acid lines, epic!
  13. Yeah I listened to both tracks and they are identical, not sure why the guy did that...
  14. Sorry quoted the wrong message, it was intended to Redo : )
  15. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/plagiarism plagiarism noun [ U ] UK /ˈpleɪ.dʒər.ɪ.zəm/ US /ˈpleɪ.dʒɚ.ɪ.zəm/ "the process or practice of using another person's ideas or work and pretending that it is your own".
  16. Why do you call for plagiarism when the same artist made both tracks? Anything am I missing?
  17. Yes I am listening right now, it's great stuff! Very energetic and greatly polished.
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