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Would Love of course to read whatever unbiased or biased opinion you got on Material Music as a review in the review section (search him in your preffered music site and PM me for the free release, unless you just review it from whatever and don't want it on your device. All good,). For the fun, the wish is to read a review for his DNA album on Goa Records.. bOm!

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I think it would be great if this thread gets pinned in the general forum section. It’s a bit hidden here. As I think the reviews form an integral part of the core in this forum. And thus participation and contribution towards reviews should be encouraged. :) 

I would like to request a review for the new Artifact303 album.

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2 hours ago, Prana4ever said:

Listened to it, didn't like it much. Afgin uses some goa sounds but his music is more trance, for me this is more a trance album.
I like trance but didn't find this album was very creative. It is generic and forgettable. 


Great we can continue the discussion in the placeholder I made in the review section:


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I would like to request a review of this compilation:


I would personally review it, IF it had still been available anywhere. It was a released for free. But sadly all download links are long gone. (the joy of the digital era). :D :ph34r:

Even the official torrent links they shared on release are with 0 seeders. 

Imagine in the future when the goa/psy archaeologists will try to re-release stuff from the 00's. They will undoubtedly need to do some serious digging around. Must've have been easier with the DAT-tapes and CD's of the 90's atleast.

If anyone has this one hola at me. :) It's specifically Talpa–Four Leaved Clovers which I like on this one, I haven't heard the rest yet. The Talpa one is uploaded on youtube.

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On 12/23/2021 at 4:22 PM, Prana4ever said:

Anytime! These two download links should work.

Great stuff! :D  Even higher quality than the 192kbps of the version released on the psygarden site. Once again a huge thanks! Very informative NFO as well with the background story regarding the creation of this compilation and the balkan psy forum that made it possible, and the key players involved. :) 

Btw anyone in the know, who knows anything about the style description in the NFO file? "Style......> Findevils ala Balkan"

Findevils? What's that? Never heard the term before, was/is it some sub-genre over there? Or just some internal joke?

The second Talpa track on here "The"  is killer so far, never heard it before. Veery nice spooky vibes. And laughing synth textures from what I assume is the Malström synth in Reason. :D Love it! It's like a sibling track to Four Leaved Clovers. I guess the choice to release this compilation in 192kbps mp3 were either to save bandwith since it was a double one. Or as a promo of sorts if some bigger label out there would like to release some tracks?

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I would like to request a review of this phenomenal compilation:


If you haven't heard it yet, maybe this funny promo text might inspire you.. :D

"Cosmic Conspiracy Records are Proud to once again bring you something special 
the newest instalment in a series of now legendary Themed Compilations, and the product of over 8 Months of Combined Creative Efforts Spanning the globe.. 

Throughout the Kingdom of Crunch, Tripinstumble has summoned the Knights of the Sound Table , Bishops of Bass and Wizards of Weird ,together for an epic audio quest . 

Each artist has applied there own midas touch in weaving together a tapestry of Beautiful Maidens, Evil Warlocks, Brave ''Nights" and Medieval Melody into a compilation you won't soon forget. 


Featuring the collective might and magic of 

Dirty Hippy 
Evil Oil Man 
Minimal Criminal 

~Compiled And Conceptualised by Tripinstumble 
~Mastering By InYourphaze ,Sweden 
~Artwork By Andrew Ostroff & Tripinstumble"

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On 1/8/2022 at 7:16 PM, psytones said:

I am not a good reviewer but this album is so sinister :D and very hard, very fast. Not my favorite style but really respect the work. Great job on the atmospheric side, it's fast and yet reminds me dark ambient too. An interesting album for sure.  

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