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What new music did you get today?

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Special thanks to Antic NP - Hyperspaced. Flying Saucersss

I got this a couple of day ago.

OMFG! Fuck yeah   Many many thanks to Anu for this wonderful gift.

Posted Images

Juno Reactor - Transmissions (NovaMute US)



Thanks Skelly! I feel soooo stupid that I couldn't manage to send your CDs earlier - I hope they'll arrive at your doorstep at the beginnig of the forthcoming week :)


No worries Antic! I'm just :unsure: but then when I get them I'm :rolleyes: and then I bet something like japanese trance is so :huh: and then eventually :lol:
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Guest antic

No worries Antic! I'm just  :unsure: but then when I get them I'm  :rolleyes: and then I bet something like japanese trance is so :huh: and then eventually  :lol:


Phi is alright, but I wonder if you'll like Brainman - it's TIP, so it should be good, but somehow I just can't connect with his music :unsure:


Back to topic :) When I got home, to my surprise I found two brand new, still shrink-wrapped CDs in my mailbox! It took them loooong time to get here, but they're here. Thanks Ukiro! :D


Filteria - Sky Input



Filteria - Heliopolis




Finally I'll be able to see what's this fuzz all about ;)

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ordered this


got a load of vinyls including this


the vinyl is odd.  there is an area on the record which is actually



did you cream your pants?


you must've creamed your pants..

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though I was surprised to actually receive the order,

since it was a pretty sketchy transaction. also bagged the

D5 LP. in total, about 25-30 items for 125 euros plus shipping,

plus bank transfer fee.


edit: and I think my comment regarding lunar civ e.p. were accurate.


a copy sold for 40 euros or so recently. sounds about right. 82 GBP

was p.p..p...preposterous¡¡¡


edit: oopium (however I'm supposed to write it) do you have a discogs acct¿

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* Monty Python Movie Box Set (The Holy Grail, The Life Of Brian, The Meaning Of Life, And Now For Something Completely Different)




* V/A - Arcana (Interchill 2006)



* Filteria - Heliopolis (Suntrip Records 2006)



I also received:


* Sugababes - Taller In More Ways (Universal 2005)

Which is a birthday gift for a friend... Promise! ;)



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I'm waiting for an order from chaounlimited... Meanwhile I got


k.d. lang - Invincibel Summer


Very nice non-commercial pop. And I'm too lazy to add the discog link.

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Got this from devious, thanks man! :)


Kundalini - Kundalini EP



Sheyba - Sheyba EP



Odds - Odds EP



Technossomy - The Pyramid EP



Unconscious Collective - Fluorostan EP



Slinky Wizard - Witch Juice



Slinky Wizard - Money Comes Cheap EP



also got this today:


Prana - Geomantik



Hallucinogen - Twisted


the one with black vinyls..


Various - Order Odonata 2 - Experiments That Identify Change...


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From Antic I got these two a couple of days ago (two days from Poland to Denmark :) Yeah, baby, yeah !


Brainman - Brainfood

http://www.discogs.com/release/139485 not sure what to think yet


Phi - Phinalizer

http://www.discogs.com/release/342410 sounds damn good so far


this morning got

solar fields - extended

http://www.discogs.com/release/532106 seems nice


and found this for 6 euro earlier today :)

Spirit Zone - V/A Global Psychedelic trance comp. vol 6



It's good to be Skelly ... :rolleyes:

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From CD Wow:


* The Criterion Collection: The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou DVD

CD Wow claims this is a 2 disc set, but my snapper case only has one disc... Very strange!?


Psyshop order:


* V/A - Revolve Magazine Winter 2005 + CD (Revolve 2005)


Bought solely because of the MFG track


* Entheogenic - Dialogue Of The Speakers (Chillcode 2005)



* Son Kite - On Air Remixes (Digital Structures 2004)


Birthday gift for my mate


* V/A - Set/5 - Summer Collection (Iboga Records 2005)


Birthday gift for my mate


And the real 'catch' of the day:


* Twisted Records/Hallucinogen circular mouse pad (24 cm):


Posted Image

-I'm a whore, I know... But I just couldn't resist this one... And it looks REALLY good on my desktop... ;)



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