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  1. I think I got it now... BUT I just installed "basic" setup (as I'm not a high tech guy really... just your average joe trying to enjoy some good ol' fierce acidic goa trance cool.gif ) you are a görl!!! a very pretty gay görl I ♥ gay görls!!!
  2. if you decide to 'release' the material then do not blast it into the p2p system. and especially do not do anything other than a str8 .wav dump. if the material is so precious why would you ever compromise? surely you can wait a little longer to DL the thing? also, certain tracks will be 'released' when they are released. if I had from Simon, an unreleased track which he told me not ever to let out, I would not be very anxious to disappoint the man. Simon says: touch your nose!!!
  3. Hallucinogen - Angelic Particles Hallucinogen - LSD (Live Mix) Juno Reactor - High Energy Protons OOOD - Silence (not very silent) Blue Planet Corporation - Overbloody Flood Etnica - History
  4. good, let me know if it is satisfactory. If it's not, I'll refund your money.
  5. Brandon, you should start listening to Simon more too!!! do what Simon says!!!!!!
  6. I'm looking for just one to follow full mental jackpot. LOL how about 'Fluorostani Transcendance'? btw, I am the guy on the left...or is it the right..?? dunno, whichever is more ghey :)
  7. I have a hard on for Transdimensional and a half dozen of the other things you mentioned. Have a practically sealed copy of Psykadelia not Râ though. Sadly I have it aside for someone ATM. maybe we can work some kind of 3 way you never know. hit me up. same name on Dicksogs
  8. similar things have happened to me as well... not with Celtic Alchemy though
  9. acido, please look at my Discogs wantlist and parse it into a presentable format for presentation here plzzzzzz (I know I can just CSV dump it, but Perl is so much fucking cooler looking!!!) Ok, I'll start (btw this is actually a covert 'wanted thread' shhh..): hand over UFK 93004 and put your hand where I can see 'em
  10. the black rhino one is the stand out. 30-50$ dunno about the Sun-Trip thing. the rest look like 20$ or less CDs
  11. hehehe, I knew I'd have to grab that one fast I'm always into trading you know.
  12. Basilisk, why must you always be so incredibly reasonable?
  13. Domino Moon Japanese comp. (discogs is fuct so I'm dropping the links) Aurora Psychedelika - another Japanese thingy (a bitch to find) Anti's Tracks e.p. (Trans'pact...you guessed it...69) Flight 1 Promo Ambient Anthology (not sure of the label - has a weird Jaia track on it)
  14. hats the whole point - i listen to oldschool, but hallucinogen sounds dated and silly another lame Posford thread. look - people who don't understand, at least on an intellectual level why his material is consistently the best Trance (goa or whatever you are supposed to call it) are 'special' His material is from my arrogant viewpoint, THE finest electronica work available. It is a pity that you all can't appreciate it.
  15. X-Scream: OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD. Accidental Occidentalism and Trance Mix 6 in one go? Holy virgin mary on a pogostick... Those two alone go for 200+ euro A PIECE in the collector curcuit. Huge congratulations from me =) Trance Mix 6 for 200 euros¿ I doubt it. I paid 16$ for Trance Mix 4. Is #6 so much rarer? btw, I sold Transdimensional LP for 150 USD.
  16. trashish is very good like Cinos already said.
  17. though I was surprised to actually receive the order, since it was a pretty sketchy transaction. also bagged the D5 LP. in total, about 25-30 items for 125 euros plus shipping, plus bank transfer fee. edit: and I think my comment regarding lunar civ e.p. were accurate. a copy sold for 40 euros or so recently. sounds about right. 82 GBP was p.p..p...preposterous¡¡¡ edit: oopium (however I'm supposed to write it) do you have a discogs acct¿
  18. not really. I already had a copy of lunar civ. I'm excited about the Mills DVD which I bought for 8 GBP though
  19. ordered this got a load of vinyls including this the vinyl is odd. there is an area on the record which is actually transparent.
  20. Really nice and smooth. Very nice person to deal with!
  21. Got a record from him in the mail today. very nice! he also threw in something worth twice what I ordered btw.
  22. "i have some used socks from dickster and joti sidhu if u want we make a deal" are just too funny hehe, I though the 'collection of 10 year old used condoms from an Astral Projection set' was kind of cute.
  23. I am pretty surprised by the general reaction to Aaron's post there. it is definitely a different scene. they don't seem to understand what stuff usually sells for and don't seem to tolerate a collector mentality at all. some pretty funny remarks in there too though. this one was good: go play with your glowsticks elsewhere
  24. Did you get those records yet? not yet, but it's no big deal since I have a million other things waiting to be heard
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