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  1. If you still want it, send me a message and perhaps we can trade something!
  2. Speaking about posters..! Here is a test print made last year (thanks Federico!). It's 40x30cm and printed on matte fujicolor crystal archive paper.. phew..! Looks very nice with frame and all..
  3. Picked up a black one earlier today. This is seriously some high quality stuff. I am very impressed with the package, even had paper protecting the prints! Out of all "label" t-shirts I've bought this is the first time I've seen such a nice package and the quality is excellent! The t-shirt feels and fit great, real thick cotton too..not any cheap stuff compared to other t-shirts! I'm sure this t-shirt will last a looooong time. It just feels right and I hope to see other designs down the road. You'd be crazy not to pick one up! Shipping was super fast too.. I'm so happy I just bought another one.. but this time a blue one.
  4. haha, you're right.. thanks a lot
  5. Was checking some old bookmarks and found this link: http://techno.org/electronic-music-guide/ clicked on "trance" -> "goa" -> sample 9, I really really want to know what the hell this is, cause it isn't "caunos - herzsprung", it sure sound awesome tho! Any idea at all? Reminds a little of Asia 2001 + Man With No Name, or something. Please help!
  6. I sent them an email and asked a bunch of questions about the CD and release date, here is the response:
  7. Hell yeah! Opps, Forgot "Ubar Tmar - Fusion", many thanks to Artur..!
  8. from previous month + 10 CD's from ultimae today, sweet! (got Sync24 - Source (first issue) + Irezumi - Endurance for free, fantastic!) This ought to keep me busy a few weeks..
  9. About time! I was a bit worried, hope you like it!
  10. Hallucinogen - Space Pussy Have a spare in excellent condition! CD: NM / Artwork: VG++/NM- (tiny dent, ask for pics!). Looking for Green Nuns Rock Bitch Mafia.. CD (Flying Rhino) but other offers is fine too, see my wantlist. edit: also looking for some Ultimae CD's.. which can be bought at psyshop/ultimae!
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