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What new music did you get today?


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Guest Le Lotus Bleu

I can enjoy the dark side. I really like some Parvati stuff like GOW/Meteloids album. I didn't hear this particular complation but i have a deep feeling that it's another random noises compilation. And ofcourse, Gil's infamous dj techniques...


ok , was thinking you didn't like at all dark side ;)
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Got some ambient yesterday:


Global Communication - "76:14"

Steve Roach - "The Magnificent Void"


Global Communication - "76:14"... awww tasty... very nice chill for its time

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Guest The Journey Man Project

Angel Tears Vol.1-4



Nine Inch Nails - "And all that could have been" DVD


Chemical Brothers -"Best Of..."

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I've found some nice stuff in the Easy Cash store (used stuff from games to CDs and household machines):


v/A - 4000 Ohm! (Suck Me Plasma) 2xCD http://www.discogs.com/release/141982

v/A - 6000 Ohm! (Suck Me Plasma) 2xCD http://www.discogs.com/release/141982

Maturesh - Link http://www.discogs.com/release/234846

v/A - The Second Chapter (XL Recordings) http://www.discogs.com/release/63547

v/A - Chaishop 002 (Chaishop) http://www.discogs.com/release/70374

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I recently obtained:


Ooze - where the fields never end (!!!!!!!!)

Astral Projection - In the Mix

X-dream - Radio


all 3 through trading


& my bitch (oops :P ) bought the new Antix

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Got some two days ago that I forgot to mention:


Psychopod - Psychopod/Dreampod (CD single, had the vinyl before)

Hallucinogen - Deranger (as above)

ALX - Lying At The Bass Of The Spine

Wizzy Noise - Timelime Remixes (FINALLY got around to buying it, the BPC mix is pure magic)

Various - Black Hole Compilation (nephilim)

Various - Tip Singles 3 (one step closer to a totally complete TIP collection, both CD & vinyl)


There was probably something else too, but I forget =) (I really buy too much music for my own good)

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And during todays lunchbreak, for 2 euro a piece:


S-Range - Space

Lotus Omega - Recycle Bin


I hate the S-Range album but I'm a collector and it was cheap =) I already have the Lotus Omega album but it's rare and I can use it for trades. Looked a bit beat up though, will have to check the readability of the disc when I get home.

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From Ebay:


* V/A - Footprints (Digital Structures 2001)



* Planet B.E.N. - Test (Hadshot Haheizar 2003)



* Rastaliens - Freestyle (Baloonia Ltd 2002)



* Digital Sun - Re-Collection (Nova Tekk 2000)



* Jupiter 8000 - Jupiter 8000 (Liquid Audio Soundz 1999)



* Medicine Drum - Talking Stick (CyberOctave 1999)


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Got three new CDs yesterday:


Ooze - Where The Fields Never End

Sri Hari - One But Different

Syntzesizer Vol. 2


I've also seen a double CD called 20 Years Banco De Gaya and two albums by The Delta. The Delta is not my thing but maybe I'll get them to trade them. Banco De Gaya is interesting but I don't know if I'm ready to spend the money for it. Any thoughts about this album?

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I'm not really a fan of them but I just have the track from the Tsunami Benefit and I like it. Is it a bit in the same style?

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Oh yes - same style - very distinctive ....


CD 1 is more upbeat CD 2 is the more chilled style ..... I guess you would enjoy it then ...


very good music and a good introduction if you dont own anything else by them ...


I was happy when I bought it anyway ...... listen to CD 2 quite alot !! Nice saturday / sunday morning music !!

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