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  1. thanks mars for taking the time to write all this in detail. despite the "bitterness" left over the closing of the OT, the reasons you state have been discussed before and are perfectly understandable. for the record, even if i still think the OT should be open, i didnt say this is going to turn into a snob scene because you decided you've had enough. it was because of what rino said about me (or US, the OT clique as he put it) have no place in this forum.
  2. i am so impressed by your way of saying things. it makes me (and my clique!!??) appear like such a loser and you like such an important and cool man. congratulations. how was the off topic hindering you and everyone else from talking about psytrance then? especially if you didnt click and visit the OT? iirc there was no continuing spam problem in the general. btw, the original purpose of this site was to get news about psytrance and provide meeting ground for the psy community. the fact people were free to discuss what they wanted and have fun was what made this place differen
  3. since you're glad its gone, i can only think the off topic had done something bad to you in the past yes? but how did this happen? was off topic part of general? no. if you didnt care for the drama you could have stayed in general/away from the off topic at any rate. simple really, all you had to do was to not click the link. did your life have anyting to do with the off topic? did you make real life friends from the off topic? if not, this forum was not as important to you as it was for other people. if yes, its weird you're glad it is gone. btw, congratulations for playing matu
  4. this is the most ridiculous thing i've ever seen happening on the internet. bravo.... enjoy talking about psytrance. limiting several hundred members' discussions on one (1) topic never gets old.
  5. also wanted to post this. i've been told that he used some math in writing the music, not just track names. for example, the first note you hear on the album (a high pitched tone) is a constant. but when you hear it its jut like the pitch changes progressively.. of course im in no position to verify any of this - i havent used maths in 7 years
  6. cheers! n/p: travelling it is very good.. pleasant surprise is an understatement!
  7. well of course finding your own way is ..the way. being educated in music will not take this opportunity away from you. and i wasnt talking about a goa music school... just any music school. an analogy i can think of is the architect gaudi. his work is very unique and influential. BUT he would have no chance of actually building all those works of art (imho) if he had not studied architecture (drawing, maths, physics, etc) in a good university..
  8. ^why not? it would be nice to hear or post a link to the whole promo!
  9. a little off topic, but i've often wondered what would happen if some goa producers had the chance to study music in a much more thorough style. maybe attend some really good music school, get proficient in lots of instruments, get to know classical music and all that. of course a lot of producers do have a good background in musical education but there are also many who are self-taught AFAIK. i would really like to see what a very good musician would produce if he was into goa compared to an amateur..
  10. some dubstep manages to escape the chavvy feelings though.. not good with names though. im not that up to date with dubstep.. stoned :clapping:
  11. i will go searching for hackers to hack the hacker......... this hacking business got old 10 yrs ago.
  12. I.nterstelar O.verdrive wasn't so hard... i thought better of you reger no online places no.. only some rare unrlsd killarghs for the select few!
  13. its just that for a moment i said faq it and posted an opinion. i'm not angry or anything. in fact i am smiling the whole day even if its been a relatively rough one anyways, you know some people have been part of psynews for like 7 years. shouldn't there be a deadline after which something stops being "just the internet" and becomes something a little more serious? in the end, the people here know each other IRL as well. btw, janet.. you say you're not so upset about the offtopic, but the truth is you're a forum junky as well see you @ 48hrs.
  14. nemo we have discussed this more than enough in the past. you know i completely understand all your points and agree. also it is obvious you, the mods and ultimately mars (more than anyone) have got tired of trolling. but offtopic is not about trolling. that's why i say point a finger with a last warning and kickban. don't close down the forum, as this is not a solution to anything. (and i like to believe we all know this) if you guys want a holiday from offtopic then just say it and do it. clarify.. if the off topic is going to be scraped for good let us know.
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