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  1. your kid must be old now. almost a teenager *=P

  2. Very sad. Chaosunlimited was one of the first on-line psy shops. Really good, friendly service as well. They will be sorely missed.
  3. jamez_23


    Don't be ashamed !!!! (Comment added to avoid regerism)
  4. Hey. Thanks for your insight on this. I think that was pretty much spot on. They must be operating within the confines of legal contracts. They must have the final say on prices. As it would seem that payments to labels / artists are by percentage that would seem a fair way to distribute the extra money, most likely with no obligation to inform artists / labels of the changes. It would be an admin nightmare for them, after all. I reckon you're right. My sentiments exactly. Not a good message to send out. It will have an effect. Like you said; time will tell. Ain't that the truth. Same here.
  5. Here is the letter I sent them last night. Lets see if they listen to my suggestion, it seems fair to me. "Hi Guys, 1. There are major problems with my account. I have 1 track in my crate and Beatport v.3.0 seems to think that the cost is £54.48. I know that your prices have gone up but I think this is a bit much! (forced attempt at making light of the situation). Please see my attached screenshot. I hope you can rectify this problem as I would like to continue using this account. Also, may I take this opportunity to make a suggestion? Why do we in the UK pay a disproportionate wav charge? Does it cost anymore for someone in the UK to download a track from you? No, it does not. Why, then, are we paying double? The increase in track cost I can handle, but this is ridiculous. Suggestion :- Make the wav handling charge 50p. OR, track in line with the current exchange rate keeping with $1 charge, which would be fair on everybody. i.e. 55p or whatever. Please take some time to respond to this suggestion rather than just send a blanket response. Kind regards, James"
  6. Kerching !!!!! Nice one me old mate. See you soon !!!!!
  7. Nah. Its the American's fault, this one. Anyway. Chin up old chap !!! *wot *wot*
  8. Hmmm. The service is going downhill rapidly. My account is screwed. There is 1 track left in my crate and the system seems to think that I owe £54.48 for it. I know the prices have gone up but that takes the fucking biscuit (pun itended). I'll also admit now (My name is James, I'm a Beatport addict) that I opened up another account (since the other one is royally fucked) to download one of the tracks off the new Extrawelt EP. I am ashamed, it was just one track ok !?!?! However, when I click on 'download' I get a nice error saying "file not found". I purchased the track last Thursday, notified them of the problem on Friday but their once admirable support still haven't done anything about it. Still no track. Of course I have been billed, which was painful enough without having to suck eggs for the actual product. Things are looking worse and worse for Beatport.
  9. The points still stand. Thanks for your help in finding out whats going on.
  10. Nice one Kris. I'd be intersted to hear the reply. Just one thing though. The UK is now billed in Pounds £, not Euros. I believe their intention is to bill the rest of Europe in Euro's (I'm not sure if they are doing so yet. See the reponse from Beatport to my complaint on page two)
  11. Constructive criticism is always useful. It actually has value to artists and people considering purchasing a release. I agree with whoever it was that mentioned the critique of Movies, fashion etc ..... Just slagging stuff off for no reason is pointless, although it can be fun in Skazi's case.
  12. Hmmmm Back to Beatport thing. I received the Sog Files MMVI CD in the post this morning (sounding good so far). The Cd has some fantastic inane ramblings in the inlay (Their words not mine!). Much of the rambling focuses on the labels transition into the digital realm. They see that digital downloads are the future and that vinyl sales are dropping. They are embracing the revolution. Good for them. They even go as far to mention Beatport specifically in all of this. Bear in mind this is a fairly new cd. I'll quote directly. "all the while, as technology rockets tirelessly forwards, broadband gets .... broader. You'll note MP3's on Beatport are now a nominal 320kbs for the same price as before and wav's are now dowloadable at only $1 more" I'm going to write to SOG and ask them if they think Beatport has represented their interests by raising prices in the UK. I get the impression that SOG (A record label with many links to the UK) must be one of the "International Partners" Beatport refers to in the response to my complaint.(See page two) Y'see - I don't think that Beatport told anyone about this change. SOG couldn't have known or they wouldn't state that WAV's are $1 extra in their promotional blurb. I imagine they may feel a tad embarrassed, seeing as they state that Beatport has become the alternative to Soulseek and has saved them. WAV's are £1 extra in the UK (twice as much!) now. No longer a viable option. Nor is vinyl, but if I wanted vinyl it would be cheaper! The SOG files MMVI cd costs £8.67 ++ postage ... etc .... ends up usually around £10. To download all of the tracks from Beatport would cost me EDIT (I got that wrong) 9 * £1.49 + £9 Wav handling. Thats £22.41 folks. Do Beatport get that extra money???? Mr Elysium didn't seem to be aware the fruits of his labour were now worth more if sold in the UK. SOG don't seem to be aware. I'm sorry. Who was it that said they weren't stupid??? That is not representation of your foreign Partners - it is pure unadulterated stupidity. Do you think the record labels are going to pleased? To know that consumers would rather P2P their stuff again because of a bunch of stupid American's have just priced their products out of the market? Its not a sly business move really, is it, at all? Quite. (Oh and wotcha Biggins !!!! )
  13. Yup. Sorry dude. But believe it or not it's still cheaper than Beatport for me !!! Now you feel my pain! Its more expensive than Beatport used to be. But Beatport have pissed me off so much, it will do for now. Someone needs to crack this niche. I thought Beatport had it, but I was wrong. Someone needs to jump in quick with FLAC WAV - quick download speed, cheaper bandwidth bills. Cheaper WAV's to uncompress at your own lesuire. Someone will take up the challenge.
  14. I found everything I wanted at Trackitdown.net. It has loads of Trentemoller. You have to search for him three times because of slightly different spellings of his name. The newer stuff is mostly available in WAV for £1.75. (75p cheaper than Beatport). Good service though. Dunno what exchange rates would apply to you. I'd be interested to know. I have a few more to check. There are loads now. djdownload.net // juno.co.uk does downloads now.
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