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What new music did you get today?


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The Coldest Season, that's a massive album :)




The only Dub Techno I own is echospace, yagya, and intrusion. I've tried ordering white clouds drift on and on, but it's sold out everywhere.

I'm considering ordering Vantage Isle. Liumin doesn't really appeal to me.


Do you know of any great new dub techno releases that are available right now?

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Ozric Tentacles - Sliding Gliding Worlds Cassette

Ozric Tentacles - Jurassic Shift Cassette

Ozric Tentacles - Live Underslunky Cassette



I'd never thought I'd buy a cassette again, but this is Ozric, my favorite band. I pretty much collect everything by them.

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In a half spontaneous / half whatthefuck mood, I just decided to order the Ninja Tune XX Boxset. Aah. GBP 125,- for the whole thing, shipping included.


Damn me. That's a lot of mon-ee. But I think it's gonna be worth it and besides: I love supporting one of my favorite labels out there.


Posted Image

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Just got Ishq Sama

Posted Image


Seems to me the best work was done on Orchid and Magic Square of the Sun and Timelapse in Mercury.

I've only bought Orchid and Sama... however. Sama has yet to grow on me. Where as Orchid Timelapse and Magic Square were immediate immersions into new experiences of sound.

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And my buys lately



ISHQ - Sama

Solar Fields - Second Movements

Elve - Emerald

Koan - When the Silence...

Antonio Trinchera - Voce Falena

VA - Vital Signs

Psyfactor - Futurised

Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland



VA - Spiritual Rising

Alienapia - Goapocalipsis

Amithaba Buddha - Myself in the Mirror

Nolax - Turning Point

VA - Protozoa



VA - More Than Real

Battle of the Future Buddhas & Ka-Sol - Masters of Outhouse

VA - For the Freaks




And everything last few weeks:



VA - Trans Nova Express

Solar Quest - Paranoid Aliens

VA - The Visions

Koxbox - Stratosfear single

VA - Project DIY

Evolution Spring - Parallax World

VA - Escape from Samsara

VA - Trance Side of the Moon 3

Crossing Mind - The Holographic Paradigm

VA - Psy Harmonics 1



VA - Ease Division 2


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