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What new music did you get today?


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some stuff:


Various - Infinity Hz (Matsuri Productions Tokyo)



Various - Infinity Hz 2 (EastWest Japan, Matsuri Productions Tokyo)


still shrinkwrapped, for sale/trade :P


Joujouka - Let The Wave Flow (Feedback Recordings)


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recently recieved :



v.a. - chaos unlimited - rebirth

v.a. - 100% goa

v.a. - the world of goa trance 4

v.a. - love, peace & tekno 2

v.a. - blue compilation

v.a. - yellow compilation

v.a. - cosmic communication

v.a. - party - outlaw trance

v.a. - electrosect

v.a. - shangri la - goa trance compilation

v.a. - distance to goa 1

v.a. - dna productions - virtual jungle

v.a. - digitaldj - 00:00:01

v.a. - goa spaceship 101

v.a. - distance - a taste of goa trance


o.o.o.d. - breathing space

brainwasher - cosmos E.P.

emmanuel top - asteroid

digital sun - re-collection

g.m.s. - the growly family

bell size park - the truth is there

mystery of the yeti - the mystery of the yeti

flippin' bixies - sörkkä sonic

the muses rapt - spiritual healing

evolution - oscillating phenomena

hallucinogen - twisted

celtic cross - hicksville

cosmosis - psychedelica melodica

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Some stuff I got during the psynews downtime:


Kuba - Inside Out



Redwood - Best Laid Plans (allready had it but it got lost)



Maximo Park - Our Earthly Pleasure



Futurama Season 3 (four DVDs)


Futurama Season 4 (four DVDs)

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Etnica - Plastic


VA - First Flight


VA - Second Flight - Turbulence



That looks like a good weekend for u! :D


I'm only lucky enough to own First Flight my self, but damn thats a nice one ;)

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Money is tight here so I haven't gotten any new music in awhile :(

About the only thing I have gotten is this http://www.discogs.com/release/1023851 I've got a couple extra copies if anyone is interested :P:lol:

Pssst, over here.... Posted Image .... I do!




recently recieved :


o.o.o.d. - breathing space

Where????? I want this album!! :posford:
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I know one CD you will be getting in the mail probably tomorrow. :ph34r:

Right you were!


Yes the good Lord was very kind to me this weekend, not only giving me a nice weekend in every way but also plopping this little beauty in my post box


Posted Image


and allowing the fed ex man bring me


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image

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:blink: where did you get that? I want one too! Can't I be your girlfriend?

I have a spare new and sealed copy of this available. I had purchased a few copies of this CD for friends (TC got one!) and I guess I had one less friend than CDs. :lol::blink:


If you'd like to work on a trade or such, PM me. :)

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