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What new music did you get today?


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Got this nice double CD from Abasio:


Pitch Black - Halfway From Ape To Angel



Listening to the first CD right now and really like it! Thanks a lot, I hope you will receiver your CD soon too!

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Today I downloaded free from Triplag, their VA-Asylum of Darkness.


Yesterday I dl'ed SamowareZ, another Triplag VA, and bought but haven't been able to DL (I think the connex reset, it stopped at like 10 megs...) VA-Vapour yet...

Yea I've DLed SamowareZ and Triplagitus .wav's and burned them on CD's asap. Good stuff :)
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This is in my wish list @ Saiko Sounds:


Atma - Beyond Good & evil Cd (Geomagnetic.tv Records) 2006


Posted Image





:P.... Ordered & it arrived today!


I'm so happy I could just sh*t!

Hahahaha.... :lol:

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So, did you liked it?

Despite the impressive tracklisting I found it rather medicore... But it's TIP & FR, so it's worth keeping :):D

I traded it for Pitch Black - Halfway from ape to angel with Tatsu. Cheers Tatsu!

The more upbeat version of Slewake is worth this alone.

It's not the highest quality mixing I've ever heard but then that makes me feel better about mine :lol:

I didn't like the pitch black one anyway so it was well worth it :)

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* Cosmoon - Damnation Generation (BooM! Records 2001)



* Etic - Zooming Out (Trancelucent Productions 2007)



* Shotu - Jungle Expedition (Hadra Records 2007)



* V/A - Energy (Mandala Records 2007) :blink:



* V/A - Over Beat - Plug N' Play Vol. 2 (Com.Pact Records 2007) :blink:


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God, I usually love Eraser vs. Yojalka, but their last effort could qualify as the first album to ever hail out of Finland, IMHO... Which is a sad thing, considering the amazing "Round 1" and "Tarinat"! But, who knows, you might even like it! I hope you do :)

Salakavala is, on the other hand, an excellent release. Suomi all the way, and I'm absolutely hooked to this type of music, too bad I have to go through living hell to get some of those releases to Zagreb... :(


Today, after quite a while, I got only one goodie, and I have never ever listened to it before. It is...:


Hunab Ku- Magik universe (2000) (Blue Moon Productions HQ)


Gonna listen to it in a while, and hopefully toss in a retrodelic review as well... B)

As to Lords... I like it, infact I like it a lot. Completely different from their previous outings. Mechanical & Abstract sounding. I wouldn`t have expected something like this from the duo, and atleast I was positively surprised.


Salakavala on the other hand, it`s all good imo but it feels more like a collection of tracks than an album, and imo nowadayz there is an established "suomi" sound which is getting a tad boring, but thats just me :D

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* Olien - Sounded Paratronic (Trishula Records 2007)



* Penta - Horn Please (AuraQuake 2007)



* V/A - Jitter Glow (AuraQuake 2006)



* Kukan Dub Lagan - Step InA Rasta Step (MikelaBella Records 2007)


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Guest Astro Cortex

What I got during the last month:


Esem - Serial Human


Posted Image





Proem - Negativ


Posted Image





Blamstrain - Ensi


Posted Image





Mr. Projectile - Sinking


Posted Image





Helios - Unomia


Posted Image





VA - Merck Fragments


Posted Image





Quinoline Yellow - Dol-Goy Assist


Posted Image





Steve Roach - Dreamtime Return


Posted Image



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Got two packs of records today.


First two vinyls form Eidechse Recorsd I got over ebay, it's supposed to be some trance/acid when I'm not mistaking:


Kinki Roland - Polution Vol. 3 (grey vinyl!)



Kinki Roland - Polution Vol. 4 (brown vinyl!)



Then I also got a bunch of new electro/minimal vinyls from Web-Records:


Aril Brikha - Winter EP



Estroe - Driven



Geiger - Good Evening Remixes



Gregor Tresher - The Now Peple / Battery



Nasty & Tresher - The Mad Real World



Tobias Lützenkirchen - Music For The Girls



Moonbeam - Eclipse



Pelle Buys - Enemy Mine



Pelle Buys - Sad Feelings



Stisch - Sawdust Caeser (promo)

not on discogs yet


Trentemöller - Moan


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Guest antic

do you actually like it or do you just orgasm because it's rare?

Yeah, I like it. I had it for ages in mp3, therefore got already bored with it, but it is still very, very good IMO.

For me, the 1997-98 period was the best in psy-trance and this is a typical album for this time - not to melodic, but very psychedelic. Perfect mix IMO.

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Posted Image.... :wub::D


Yay, me so happy!!!


Bought this gem here: Bitkit @ Beatspace!

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