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  1. Cool, I'll take a look now and then when I have my mIRC up and running again
  2. http://www.discogs.com/release/585726 track 3.07 Billy "Daniel" Bunter & CLSM - This Is What You Have All Been Waiting For (3:37) + UT rocket launcher volatile weapon+ammo = OMEGA POWER RAVE SHEEP server! :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
  3. Woot.! The record company here is electribe records! Gonna buy this ASAP!
  4. I'm afraid I must choose the latter. ...unless you would happen to have a time machine?
  5. Holy crap guys... Could he be the hidden essence of life? Just think about it, how was your life BEFORE you ever listened to his work, and how was it... after?
  6. Hmm, any style would do Especially Rock/Metal-oriented I can appreciate very much.
  7. Heh, not a good idea to go to hardware for easiness Sometimes I wonder where those artists get the money from for those boxes
  8. Let's see. In my CD case is now Queen - A night at the opera. \m/
  9. Can you pay my ticket? Cheap prices here, really :drama:
  10. If I had the time to maximize it Though my hardware knowledge rarely exceeds cheap shit so... @ Rupture, thank you for the information. You are very kind. Kinder then reger
  11. Thanks, I hate you too @ XpandoZ: What is that thing?
  12. Yes TJM, some vintage is ownage, especially when you have it or can afford it Same goes for hardware Jikkenteki mentioned
  13. I am beginning this thread purely because I have my Electribe ES-1 back. I don't care if people say it isn't hardware, I am having LOADS of fun out of it making music on the fly It's really crap that I don't have anything at the moment to put it on my computer (my stinky cardreader is broken), so I've begun to record my 'sessions' on my beloved k750i. This is also why I didn't make another 'appreciation' thread. That's because you have to LOVE your hardware Post your hardware luvvin' stories right here :drama:
  14. Wow, nice stuff! The first one is really cool, dark and still colourfull
  15. Hehe, yesterday I invited a couple of friends of mine, and when they heard that I was going to play some Goa they immediately 'rebelled' and said that they didn't want that kind of 'techno brainwashing'. After the end of whole CD they were unbelievably over-enthusiasthic about Goa Trance, and its parties etc.
  16. AppA

    Goa Girls???!

    Have you ever tried spinning/mixing? See if you like it, it requires a lesser technical knowledge to sound then production does. However it does require a fair amount of skill and dexterity, and I don't think it will be easy at first, but it will be understandable, and you will propably find it less hard if you spend more and more time with it, so hence my advice
  17. Wow, didn't know the samples of Magik Universe were on saikosounds It is indeed bad quality, but the music itself I like very much: Hard pumping Goa with the accent not on the melodies, but on the whole spiritual atmosphere that is present throughout the album But, that is precisely the reason also that it tends to get a little repetitive imho...
  18. Don't worry mate, it was intended as a dumb sarcastic joke
  19. Wow, thanks Kai-Q! I mailed him asking wether he was interested in a bank transfer + shipping to the dutchlands... I hope he mails me back
  20. Holy crap that's so friggin beautiful! This is an excellent idea for very limited collector's items releases. I believe that the artist group Coil did it once with absynth, but not as merely beautiful design as this
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