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What music are you listening to right now?

Sputum Rotgut

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Thanks. It's been a while. After my daughter was born I haven't had much time to myself. But I'm burning three weeks of paid holidays before they disappear so I'm trying to get my pre-fatherhood joys back up and running!

What am I in need of reviewing? I.e. what have I missed? :P

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nothing much, except the top 5 of true psychedelic goa trance of all time thats what

yup, its definetely up there with the titan tunes of goatrance.

except it dont get enough love cause yall dont get it.


but give it a few listens and youll also be enlightened


but seriously

that kick and bassline tho

those aahs and oohs tho

that subtle but yet extreme psychedelia though




*this comment contained some sarcasm*

edit: and me making this on a core2duo laptop, almost 7 years ago lel

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Best of what Croatia had to offer in last 20+ years. This girl is so amazing. I get tears in my eyes and goosebumps all the way!!! Not quite psy. But psychedelic enough to launch you outta this world :)

No wonder that we´re constantly wandering through this type of sound while producing new materials, if one is from Balkans, it´s deep in you i guess... :)




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A mix I made some years back

1. Omni Trio - Ocean Driver

2. Legiac - Tretz Dizm

3. Kattoo - Place 6

4. Plaid - Headspin

5. Kilowatts - Azure

6. I Awake - Leaving The Known (Featuring Planet Boelex)

7. Boards Of Canada - Happy Cycling

8. Trentmoller - Moan

9. Nalepa - Porcelain

10. Minilogue - Feeling In Spring Beside The Dressing Table

11. Vataff Project - Kalitz

12. Electrypnose - Neverending Story

13. Solar Fields - Swimming With Stones

14. Subgardens - Asleep Clockmaker

15. Vakuum Sounds - A Journey After A Snakebite

16. Ghostfriend - Moist

17. Kettel - Mwoeb

18. Plaid - White's Dream

19. Aphex Twin - 1.3

20. Ian Ion - Sunshy

21. Kettel - Wim Hoffman

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