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CD´s you are waiting for..........


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new benza album

new xenomorph album

new antix album

new opsis album

new midi miliz / spirallianz album

darkpsy first album

more dark psy albums for this year

more minimal, progressive / minimal (crotus label, iboga label....) albums

second filteria album :P

second waterjuice album

new makyo album :)

new K.u.r.o / Charm album

and more :D

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I had a listen to the new Benza album samples over at saiko. Sounds amazing!!! I really loved his first album, this guy knows what groovy psychedelia means!! Can't wait for Retrofuturism!!




3rd Ear (Doof + Earthling chill album)

Western Rebel Alliance (lets hope it gets released this year...)

Jens Buchert - Sunrider (its out but haven't got it yet)

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i hope there'll be a Schizm 2 soon , and another Sandman album, in the vein of "Witchcraft" but thats just hoping...:(

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Spinal chord :wub:


I have 4 tracks from him, love every one of them, and im crazy about his track on his myspace page (from the upcoming album)


It may be to cheesy for most psynewsers, but there is just something about the vibes i get from hes music... LOVE IT

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