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Your Favourite Track Names ?


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where did you hear about this ?


www.solstice23.com. solstice records is releasing the unusual suspects 2 compilation - the same one twisted keeps delaying. same tracklist, except for the balloon dance track. it is the first track, it seems, released by Hallucinogen and Eat Static's collaboration, metal sharon, whom we've been waiting for news about since who-knows-when.

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Wizzy Noise - Painful Memory

Wizzy Noise - Deeply Unexpected

Wizzy Noise - Unfulfilled Desire

Jaïa - The Peter Pan Syndrome

C.O.P. - Fairy in the Dragonforest

C.O.P. - Bloodsuckers

Lish - Under Mixed Sky

MidiMiliz - Restore My Soul

MidiMiliz - The Missing Guest

X-Dream - Psychomachine

X-Dream - Trancesylvania X-press

X-Dream - Intercorporal Stimulator

the delta - as a child i could walk on the ceiling

ticon - we are mammoth hunters


The Future Sound of London - Her Face Forms In Summertime

/ Lifeforms / Omni-Presence / Elaborate Burn

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I thought the name was Mental Sharon? At least that makes more sense...  :lol:


yup... could be a typo. MENTAL makes sense, tho. Have some new favorite titles:


Shpongle - Turn up the Silence :rolleyes:


The Orb - A huge evergrowing pulsating brain that rules from the centre of the ultraworld <_<


Frank Zappa - Ethel the Mountain :blink:

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Moksha - Huxley's medicine

Shakta - Spiritual Beings In Physical Bodies

Shakta - Lepton head

Hallucinogen - Angelic particule

Electric Universe - Neutron dance

Toi Doi - Particule

Astral Projection - People can fly

Moksha - Angkor

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Eternal Optimist, I am sorry to correct you but the real name of the track is The Dark Secrets Of The Manky Fudgepocket. ;) I quite like the title of the last track from that album ( There's Nothing So Dated As The ) Yesterdays Future...

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the orb - a mile long lump of lard, a huge ever growing pulsating brain that rules from the center of the ultraworld, we're pastie to be grill you


ott - spannered in pilton


amon tobin - four ton mantis, get your snack on, golfer vs boxer, Ten Piece Metric Wrench Set, Hot Korean Moms


atmos - cable enable, average beverage, random landlord


mr bungle - none of them knew they were robots, the air conditioned nightmare


tortoise - "in sarah, menken, christ and bethoven there were women and men," along the banks of rivers


underworld - mmm skyskraper i love you


amorphous androgynous/fsol - she sells electric ego, among myselves, Go Tell It To The Trees Egghead, Her Tongue is Like a Jellyfish, High Tide on the Sea of Flesh


padmasana - holistic resonance, be where now

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darshan - energy trance

the muses rapt - The return of the travellers

suria - earth in trance

infected mushroom - dancing with kadafi

astral projection - mahadeva 95 remix

pleaidians - electra

dark nebula - black beauty

electric universe - the prayer

california sunshine - alala

paragonescia - high


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nick cave & the bad seeds - your funeral, my trial

massive attack - karmacoma

the clash - i fought the law

mano negra - santa maradona (hell yeah!)

ministry - just one Fix


and the psy side....


battle of the future buddhas - Orebro freak factoRy

marchaos - priestlicker

mandalavandalz - adventures of thee psykovirgin

yakari Gear - eye am the rasta with my ghetto blastah

xenomorph - silimaki murder tool kit & cassandras nightmare

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  • 3 months later...



My absolute favorite trackname has to be one off the yet-to-be-seen Shpongle album... The Nebbish Route. I REALLY like that one... and hope the track is as good. :)

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Alien Project - Coconut Groove

Entheogenic - Habitual Overtones

Hallucinogen - Jiggle Of The Sphinx

Halluninogen - Snakey Shaker

Infected Mushroom - Ratio Schmatio

Juno Reactor - Congo Fury

Talpa - People Are Animals

Talpa - Trust No Goblin

Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy

Digital Myster Tour - Chilam Bilam

SUN Project - Space Dwarfs

Scatterbrain - Infernal Angels

Scatterbrain - Mexican Jesus

Shaolin Wooden Men - The Forest Has A Mouth

Shulman - First Came The Stars

Shulman - Inner Selves

Shulman - Small Grey Creatures

Infinity Project - Noises From The Darkness


AND....... Pretty much every Shpongle song there is :).

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As for songs I actually have lets see...

Absolum - Stupid Humans

Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy

Aphex Twin - Windowlicker

Celtic Cross - Stargate Avalon

Dark Soho - Sukobus

Front Line Assembly - Evil Playground

GMS - Juice

Hallucinogen - Gamma Goblins(GMS Remix)

Infected Mushroom - Virtual Voyage

Infected Mushroom - Tommy The Bat

Ozric Tentacles - Sploosh!

Shpongle - DMT


More later...

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Cybernetika - Bipolar

Man with no name - Lunar cycle

Hallucinogen - Gamma goblins (it's tutles all the way down mix)

Biot - Actinuria

Astral Projection - H2H3

Astral Projection - Maian Dream

Astral Projection - Utopia

Chi A.D - Ampere

Holymen - Cyan

Holymen - Desert storm

Josh Wink - Higher State Of Conciousness

Shakta - Ion tribe

Tandu - Visually Distorted

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Always liked a humorous title...


the nam shub of enki - noizzzzeee kuntz

Ect & Mass - Angry little men (with sharp sticks)

Neural Rectifier Syndrome - Rise of the black bin bags

Deviant Species - A night to dismember

Deviant Species - Spiritual beings in fluoro shirts






Marchaos - Corollary of flesh

Battle o the future buddhas - Battlebong

Xenomorph - Silimaki murder tool kit

Neuromotor - Fuck the dat mafia trance


heaps more also.



Non Psy.


Macabre - Drill bit lobotomy

Macabre - Hot Rods to hell

Dead Kennedys - Too drunk to fuck

Dead Kennedys - Kinky sex makes the world go round

Dead Kennedys - Goons o Hazzard

Dead Kennedys - MTV Get of the air

Dead Kennedys - Religious Vomit

Dead Kennedys - Nazi punks fuck off

Dead Infection - Xenomorph

Fuck...I'm Dead - Shotgun Facelift

Fuck...I'm Dead - Barefoot and shitfaced

Fuck...I'm Dead - Army of Hermaphrodites


Kyuss - Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoopa

Libido Airbag - AK-47 Bitch

Libido Airbag - I piss on your body bag

Libidi Airbag - Fisted on LSD

Napalm Death - The Kill

Napalm Death - Unchallenged Hate

Napalm Death - From enslavement to obliteration

Disembowelment - Cerulean transience of all my imagined shores

Autopsy - Mental Funeral

Impetigo - Wizard of Gore

Impetigo - Cannibale Ballet


And many many more that would offend you all..............

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