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    old-school Goa Trance, graphic design,...
  1. Please let me know where one can buy Ubar Tmar - Ubarpedia. Thanks!
  2. Sorry, I didn't see that post. I've just tried your method with the hexadecimal number, and it worked. That's great ! Thank you very much !
  3. Thank you for your reply Rotwang. Unfortunally I didn't keep a page with the default theme. Please let me know when you or the admins find a solution. Thanks again
  4. Hi there ! I was looking for that skin "beta" and I accidentally clicked on the "IP board Mobile" option in the "change theme" menu, although I am using a laptop. Now I can't switch back to the "IP board", when I click on the "change theme" button nothing happens Pease let me know how to proceed. Thanks!
  5. Has anybody already bought CD's at Wirikuta.at shop? If so, please leave some feedbacks, I would like to have some informations about the following points: - is the payment with credit card secure? - what about the shipping costs and delays? - is the overall service good? ... Thanks!
  6. Great news!! I have received a reply from Crossing Mind. He is interested in this project and he will contact Draeke.
  7. Last year I contacted CROSSING MIND about his old tracks. I contacted him via a French website (unfortunately, I don't have his e-mail). I have just sent him a message through the French website (I have given him DAT Rec's e-mail). Stef (Crossing Mind) is a very friendly person. I hope he will be interested in this great project. He has several excellent tracks!
  8. GREAT news!!!!!!!!! Many thanks DAT Records!!
  9. To begin with, welcome to Psynews! I don't know if it is possible but I think you should rename your topic with a more appropriate title... and it is not the right place for such a topic (you are in the reviews section).
  10. That's indeed an excellent track! Hope someone will identify it.
  11. I bought several CD's from Circlesquare: excellent communication, fast overseas shipping, items as described. Great seller! I highly recommend!
  12. Kosmogony


    Great news!! :posford: I was also looking for Imperial Project's tracks (and the Goa Syndrome compilation). I will stay tuned. Thanks!
  13. Kosmogony


    Many thanks! :posford:
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