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  1. yeah, it is and amazzing cd, and at that same record store i found beyond the infinite in perfect condition also, idk if its the same person giving up their old juno reactor cds, but as they say one mans trash is another mans treasure!!
  2. it was weird the other day i was in my local record store and found juno reactor transmissions in the used section for 8 dollars in mint condition, no scratches or anything. to any of your knowledge how rare is this cd? and is it out of print?
  3. hello everyone, 3 weeks ago, i found juno reactor beyond the infinite in mint condition at a record store for only 5 dollars, and about a month before that i found trip through sound 1 for only 3 bucks in practically new condition, i still cant believe i own these cds, and the price!, well anyways , whats ur thoughts?, anyone like these albums?
  4. Hey everyone i just want to start off by asking if anyone has ever listened ot this CD? if you did what's your review on it. Well just one listen and I hate it, should i give it a few more listens?, my opinion is that it is bland with no real edge, it comes with a bonus cd-rom but that doesnt make up for the poor tracklist, heres the tracks GURUS OF GOA TRANCE BY DJ ANTARO 1 electric universe,online information 2 etnica,history 3 ololiuqui,valves 4 patchwork,trilobeat 5 shiva chandra,ground control 6 space tribe,make telepathic contact 7 star sounds orchestra,washington 8 tarsis,endless rising could somebody give me an opinion on this one, because i think i wasted my time buying it.
  5. im here..wait,...at least i think i am...
  6. Amen, i agree with you on that! It's way better and far more complex than most commercialized mtv(pre-packaged) music, I think there are other great genres of music though like ambient,electronica,trip-hop,world, and that's just to name a few,.... but right now i think my heart is with goa music....
  7. Hi everyone just wondering if you have ever heard that song because im thinking about buying the single for 1.00 on the net but i never heard it before!!!! anyone hear that song. Oh yeah im also thinkin of buyin "GURUS OF GOA" by DJ ANTARO anyone ever hear of that???? well how is it? OH yeah sorry one more thing anyone ever hear of the album Sky city going gone by Jamie myerson?? any of those good,?.... if u kno POST
  8. the tracks are chopped and not mixed and thats the annoying part
  9. Just wondering how many times a day or week do you listen to GOA music and when do you usually listen to it? well anyway I usually listen to GOA on a daily basis, mainly when I'm in the car, playing video games, or just chillin in the room and it averages out to about maybe 2 hours a day of GOA is that a lot or is it average? oh yeah and it depends on my mood too. like if im mad ill listen to fast pumpin goa but if im in a good mood ill listen to chillout or slower paced goa. just wondering how much and when do u guyz listen to it? JUST WONDERING....
  10. Well I personally give it a 7/10 because the trax are a little short and the production is average it's still cool though,
  11. SpaceTime2012, where is the 'local store' located? And how much did you pay for this comp? Hey the store is located in a town called Salem in the US and I paid two 4 US dollars for it and it was in perfect condition but it did seem a little suspicious to me when i couldn't find anything out about this album on the internet and the trax are so short it is almost painful to listen to sometimes
  12. Thanks for everyones input I sorta agree with you tatsu it is all about taste and i guess i havent yet accepted happy commercial trance...well its all about psy until further notice...PEACE whatever taste of music you may have
  13. well hel's maybe your right but, is this just gonna stop at Yahel?? , to me this seems like a conspiracy like an anti-goa progressive movement?....Imean do you really think Goa is gonna last forever...I say it'll go as far as the public is willing to take it...just give up and give in to happy progressive or question... is goa starting to die,nooooooooooooooooooooooo.but just maybe that could be the end result ina couple years if no one cares......< you tell me hels>.......
  14. What in the hell is up with Yahell has he converted to comercialism, I really loved voyage and waves of sounds but what the hell is his new stuff, its super cheesy he converted to that happy light kind of trance, the reason I am saying this is because I picked up a copy of ferry corsten's(system f) global trancemissions 2 and it featured yahel on the first track called sugar 1 that song is like super minimal and freaking cheeesy what is up with the guy does anyone know?? please tell me if anyone has heard of his most recent album, Hallucinate before i buy it(if i do) Sorry to all you yahel fans but is it just me????????????????????????
  15. thanks for the reply ukiro, just wondering Reading the trax What rating would you give it
  16. Hi I was at my local record store the other day and I picked up an interesting GOA compilation CD It is called Future SOund of GOA '99 by STORM Records. Did anyone ever hear of storm or this compilation because I couldnt find any info on it on the internet, the album art is colorful with an Indian meditating elephant. HERES THE TRACK LISTING 1. Tsuyoshi_Sabaku 2. Power Source_GOAway 3. Doof_Born Again 4. Bass Chakra_230,000 Miles(Inspire Mix) 5. Prana_Boundless 6. Astral Projection_Time Began With the Universe(Another Time Mix) 7. Legal Mission_Alchemy 8. Rythmystec_Plasmatik 9. Quirk_robotised 10. Mumble_Blart 11. 100th Monkey_Spiritus 12.Useless_In Dub v. 1.0 13 Astralasia_Beyond the Astral Deme(Black Hole Mix) Is this a homemade compilation that just happened to be in a record store?? anyway with all those tracks what would you rate it??
  17. Hey shpongled I'm plannin on sellin Juno Reactor, Beyond the infinite on Amazon.com at around 30.99-34.99 and the more common CDs will be around 25.99-29.99 IS ANYONE INTERESTED IN ANY OTHER SPECIFIC TITLES
  18. Alek, All of the CDs are sealed and brand new, I will be putting some of the on the market within a month at amazon.com are u interested in any specific titles cause if u r i'll be sure to sell those ones first ill keep everyone posted on when im gonna sell them, it won't be more than a month but more than a week cause im importing most of them
  19. Hey Im selling some some CDs on amazon.com like in a month, just thought you might like to be warned, 1. Hallucinogen_Lone Deranger and twisted 2. Juno Reactor_ transmissions, beyond the infinite 3. Psygone_Optimistique 4. Shpongle_Are you Shpongled ?, Divine Moments of Truth(single) 5. X-Dream_Radio, We create our own Happiness 6. MWNN_Moment of Truth 7. SUN Project_Macromorphage, Drosophila 8. Tetsu Inoue_World Reciever, Waterloo Terminal 9. Medicine Drum_Super Nature 10. Talamasca_Acension 11. Doof_It's About Time 12. Shakta_Silicon trip Anyone Lookin for any of those in particular?
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