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  1. This is even better than what Mozart, Beethoven and Pachelbel could do nowadays! True masterpiece of classical psytrance! Enjoy!!!
  2. This is a MUST cd, get it NOW!!! I will support ToïDoï buying this album.
  3. Hey, this is one of the most DARKEST albums of 2005, it's amazing how the MIDIMILIZ power has been increased to this level, that's why i'm glad i purchased the Japanese album and i have it now in my hands! And i can make a deep dark trip anytime! AMAZING MASTERPIECE! Did i forgot to mention, i'm Midimiliz fan since year 2000? Well, i am and i don't have the right words to say how their musical talent has changed, it's amazing, great new direction Midimiliz keep up the dark spirit alive!!! Best tracks: 1. Dos Canones, 4. The Invisible Witness, 7. Speaker Sneaker!! < this is the main reason why i buyed the album!, 10. X-Dream - Psychomachine (Midimiliz Punked Remix). 11.Exclusion < sounds like "Exclusive" and yeah it's a superb track only for Japan. Mark: 10/10
  4. There is no way there could be a great album from this pathetic year 2004, all the albums are boring including : X-Dream, Juno Reactor and EVERYTHING, how can you people be so ignorant and pretend that nothing bad happened this damned year, c'mon open your eyes, this year is still not over.
  5. Wizzy Noise - Painful Memory Wizzy Noise - Deeply Unexpected Wizzy Noise - Unfulfilled Desire Jaïa - The Peter Pan Syndrome C.O.P. - Fairy in the Dragonforest C.O.P. - Bloodsuckers Lish - Under Mixed Sky MidiMiliz - Restore My Soul MidiMiliz - The Missing Guest X-Dream - Psychomachine X-Dream - Trancesylvania X-press X-Dream - Intercorporal Stimulator the delta - as a child i could walk on the ceiling ticon - we are mammoth hunters The Future Sound of London - Her Face Forms In Summertime / Lifeforms / Omni-Presence / Elaborate Burn
  6. My vote goes for Germany, definitely!! X-Dream!!
  7. X-Dream with Massive Attack X-Dream with Violet Vision Violet Vision with Massive Attack And maybe Midimiliz making remixes from bands like : White Stripes or remixing commercial bands. I mean X-Dream included vocals in their last album, why not collaborate with bands that have beautiful vocals in their songs, it would sound great if they added vocals with techno and dark sounds.
  8. I have Synthetic - 100% Pure and i'm glad i buy it before it sold out, and i also have Deedrah - Body and Soul and it has nothing to do with Reload, music specially psytrance is decaying year by year and this year 2004 we can see that not even 1 release was worth buying this pathetic year, i really hope that Transwave makes something different than the usual boring full-on music that just makes us feel so depressed and dissapointed.
  9. I like Sandman, Xenomorph and of course X-Dream one of the best goa tracks for me are: X-Dream - Brain Forest and Sandman - Mushroom Symphony and many more like : Hallucinogen, Koxbox, Children of Paradise and Pleiadians.
  10. It's titled : Light in the Dark because it has really nothing Dark on it as their previous work, this is more "Light" and at the same time very boring! This came out a month ago and now anyone seems to have noticed it, it's a shame artists like this are decaying, it's pathetic, mediocre and awful.
  11. Again, I just can't find this anywhere! I searched all the net : ebay, gemm, psyshop, saikosounds, chaosexistence, well what can i say? I really want this in my collection, in fact i am into witchcraft and that cover would look great in my collection, if you have this cd and want to sell don't hesitate to mail me at : psychotronic790@hotmail.com, thanks.
  12. Children of Paradise - El Nino (Great old times!!!) Psysex - L.S.D. / Experimental Procedure Organic Noise - The Vacuum Sandman - Mushroom Symphony Analog Pussy - Psycho Bitch From Hell and... X-Dream - Psychomachine
  13. Please someone help me find this masterpiece! I searched everywhere and still no results, i wonder what's going on, this album must be in my collection.
  14. The Delta - Supercell X-Dream - Aspirin Wizzy Noise - Wizzy On The Run Midi Miliz - Restore My Soul Wizzy Noise - Cyclotron Tetraktys - Mechanical Unit
  15. Well, X-Dream showed the fans what they can do this year, i know it's maybe too techno-electro psy but it will be 1000 times better than Skazi! And well skazi is good for parties for the people that doesn't knows anything about "trips" And X-Dream are always warranty that if they release new music is because you're getting a "trip" and you can't have the same feelings for skazi music, and i also think skazi is the worst commercial music on earth, shame on them or Infected, full on is boring. Btw the new X-Dream track with space tribe rocks!!! Space Tribe Vs X-Dream - Turn On Turn Off
  16. Maybe it has something to do with the dark and occult things contained in that album that is that hard to find it, and i think "torrent of insanity" is one of the most amazing and insane tracks there could ever exist. Adam i just sent you a pm, i'm waiting for your answer.
  17. Yes, but i need it on CD, you must be the luckiest person on earth to have it, i wonder if you would like to sell it sometime.
  18. I don't know what's going on with this album, i just can't find it anywhere!! I've been searching for this since 2000 and nothing, please if you know where i can find it on the net (as a cd) post any information you have, this album has to be in my collection, someone on this planet must have it.
  19. X-Dream - Psychomachine !!! Spirallianz - One Way Ltd. Native Radio - Neuromancer Toi Doi - D’Eden Space C.O.P. - El Nino Psysex - Experimental Procedure Midimiliz - Antistat (the whole album) Cosma - Find Out Wizzy Noise - Cyclotron (album) X-Dream - Rewind I prefer the old times, that music has nothing to do with the new 2004 boring senseless music that only makes you feel depressed and bad because you miss those great moments, for me it was from year 2001 when things were better, it's a shame this genre is decaying like this, i wish 2004 never came, it would be better if the bands just stop making music, because they are just ruining their rocking sound, leaving just a waste of music (trash) that just ignorant people is going to listen.
  20. Neoris Cybered Metalogic Fuzzion Authentik Wizzy Noise - Cyclotron [Album] 3.Turn Source Unknown Nesser DNA Labels, you should check : -Boshke Beats -Gravity Plus -Horns and Hoofs -Coldgroove
  21. Either wait for another big dissapointment from this cursed year, or wait for an amazing album that everyone is going to buy. I really hope that this album won't ruin the shpongle sound, as it was one of the best ambient artists in the psytrance scene.
  22. I can't wait for Shpongle new album : Nothing Lasts, i hope it comes out soon...
  23. Future : Shpongle : Nothing Lasts (Twisted) V/A Unusual Suspects 2 (Twisted) Bought this year : (Albums only worth from 2004) Juno Reactor - Labyrinth X-Dream - We Interface I highly recommend the album X-Dream - Radio, it's a classic.
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