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  1. no, it's not. nevermind that you misunderstood. think and try again later.
  2. oh yes and southafrican cold project released 4 track ep 'logarithmic spiral'. it's a quite progressive but very good! reminds me a bit of deviant species/sensient style. http://www.last.fm/music/Cold+Project
  3. quake up dead thread. here's a list of psytrance tracks that i'm not disgusted from here we go.. olien - enerdriven lab - post apocalyptic / menger sponge parus - like this kryptum - digital blasphemy megalopsy - zazaz, zazas, nasatanada zasas select project - hertz destroyer xabbu - mathematical error red - sociom machine / night moscofilia silent horror - warped / other worlds morbus inc - velocity rapture let me know if i missed something worth listening that has come out this year
  4. =================== THIS EVENT IS CANCELLED ! =================== live acts Polyphonia (Insomnia rec. Greece) Noized (D.A.R.K. rec. Germany) Select Project (Noise Poison rec. Russia) Gappeq (Wirikuta rec. CZ) Multi Evil (No Comment rec. Poland) The Psy Cut Fingers (Dark Life rec. Poland) Antagon (Interzone-pa / Mind-Expansion rec. Germany) Fractal (Surface Tension CZ) djs Mim (Necropsychedelic) Ladic (Surface Tension) Sunset (Surface Tension) Tranceformer (Yupisashi) Docous (Quashinky) Psychlo (Cybertronix) Aiko (Planet Blue Society) Shpak (Planet Blue Society) Loudspeaker (Uz-Back) Plech (Sunday Night) decos Fluorobotanics (CZ) Mimo-TV (CZ) Elemental (CZ) Cybertronix (CZ) projected hallucinations Mimo-TV (CZ) http://www.myspace.com/mimo_tv http://www.mimo.cz/ location Koprivnice (50 km south from Ostrava) map :: http://www.mapy.cz/#x=141716736@y=134334976@z=12@mm=ZP site detail entry 8 EUR (200 CZK) / weekend 5 EUR (120 CZK) / 1 day darkmoon festival information ring last.fm event: http://www.last.fm/event/564740 - join the event, if you're last.fm member goabase: http://www.goatrance.de/goabase/party/details/36727 isratrance: http://forum.isratrance.com/darkmoon-festi...t-project-more/ ... full festival homepage coming soon ... - watch this space for updates (flyers, artist/dj/vj profiles etc.) - feel free to drop a pm to me anywhere (psynews/last.fm), or mail to: ladic(at)centrum.cz , eventually to surfacetension(at)email.cz
  5. February 9th, 2oo7 SHARPBLAZE Retro Music Hall, Francouzska 4, Praha | map Live projects > KRYPTUM (Hypnotica / Psybertribe, Portugal) > L.A.B. (Psybertribe, Portugal) Djs > Cymoon (Inpsyde Media, CZ) > MiM > Ladic (Surface Tension, CZ) Entry > 200 CZK (~ 7 EUR) flyer sharpblaze web
  6. science of the gods = timeless music
  7. 3.5/5 i dont consider vocoder disco as psytrance (but guys at psyshop are tagging phonokol releases relentlessly as psychedelic. so are thinking lots of dumbasses in my country. those people that consider vocoder disco + crappy beatmix as psychedelia should be thrown and locked in large halls with lasers aimed to the eyes and amphetamine for free). speaking about music, there is lot of same sounding stuff. but still, from time to time, unbelievable tracks appear. and for those jewels of electronic music it's still worth for me to keep on watching this scene thoth sphere and so on.
  8. very good progressive track ! sounds like sensient turned into satanism
  9. nothing dark squeezer and videohorror are beautiful morning tracks
  10. > reger - you should definitely try 'Lyge' by Kryptum.. > antic - yes, third deviant species album is a great example how conceptual work should look like. 'retinal circus' is the best ! i think this album has been discussed here already.. the older ambivalent stuff has always place in my playlist. i'm little bit disappointed from further ambivalent tendencies.. it doesn't have the balls anymore.
  11. HELLo freaks I'd like to take out the skeletons from the graves and kick this topic to move again. The reason is that I've heard >few< talented artists, that -so far- seem to have their unique style and they are not about to merge with the gray average of today's trance. The names are: Kryptum [Portugal] Magma Ohm [brazil] Orestis [Greece] Tempus Fugit [Greece] Kryptum convinced me about his top notch quality with his track Lyge at VA-Blah. I call this total trance, grinding industrial chaos that is chasing your brain through every corner of abandoned factory full of rusty metal :] Second one is MagmaOhm, young guy from Brazil, from which I heard like 4 tracks in dj set of Marko [Xilium recs]. Two tracks went out at Trancemoon's VA Psykick (can be purchased through e-bay, limited ed.). Those tracks are Psycho Maniac and Mind Control. First one is something that I would describe like Psyfactor + Scatterbrain together, very powerful for big dancefloors, with razor sharp synthwork. Raw hardware sound. Second one is heavy monotonous thing with some machine laser war happening 2097 AD. Misses little bit variety and development, but it can be useful tool for bonus beats and knocking up the rythm Orestis and Tempus Fugit are my top artists from Greece. Orestis presented himself for example now on VA Tempus Viator, with very strong track vs Datakult. Tempus Fugit has released VERY interesting 10 minutes long forest story at VA Grimorium Verum. Now let's move to not that new artists Atriohm & Encephalopaticys [Macedonia] brought us professional crystal clear sound production and lot of creative ideas. For example the track Spell Drops by Atriohm (currently being released at AuraQuake's VA-Jitter Glow) is so beautiful and so distinctive... I've never heard such nice thing for the 5am morning. On the same compil, a vs track with Encephalopaticys is coming out. This track is about 1 year old, and still it sounds so futuristic to me. Another jewel for party peaktime. These guys recently joined the Parvati family, and actually there is a lot of (damn good) stuff to come out in the near future. CPC used to release weird things with weird rhythm, from my point of view things that are unplayable. But those words I can scratch after giving a listen to the last album - Double Bouble. Another great CD comes out of Russia in a while, being a strong (maybe even stronger) follower of the DejaVu Fabrique.
  12. length :: 63' 55'' size :: 87.8 MB quality :: 192 kbit.s-1 CBR | 44kHz | stereo record date :: 06.06.06 atrium carceri - behind the curtain of life (cold meat industries) ghreg on earth - the invisible college (wirikuta) l.a.b. - red light (boom) psyfactor - hell raver (trishula) puro - shut wide eyes (stoneage) derango - welkin (sanaton) mubali - luminaria (shaman films) encephalopaticys - intellectual homons (parvati) terminator - kfsbk on submarine (inpsyde media) para halu - in nomine (mistress of evil) ghreg on earth - siren star (wirikuta) trashlords vs irie - smilefile (stoneage) ibex - devil is in details (inpsyde media) thanks to all artists involved mixed with: 2x pioneer cdj 100s, omnitronic pm524 download: http://ladic.darknet.cz/ladic_06_06_06_(djset).mp3 feedback welcome.
  13. full english info online ! point your browsers here : http://www.psytrance.cz/clanek.php?ret=in&pos=1&id=890
  14. location forest camp V Tisine located approx 70 km west from Prague czech republic http://www.taboriste.cz/vmapa11.htm (click the map to get detailed view) audiopilots Encephalopaticys (Xilium rec., MKD) Nga Tangata (Mao-ri tribe, New Zewland) Pangea (Harmonic Tribe Comunity/D) Mutant Star (CZ) Aodioiboa (De) Cymoon (Sonic Distortion , Inpsyde Media, CZ) Rawe (Sonic Distortion, Psytropic rec., CZ) Mim (Psytrance.cz, CZ) Ladic (Surface Tension, CZ) Psyrix (Hedonix, CZ) Martyzan (USE /HedoniX, CZ) 000333 & Embryo (MimoTV, CZ) Stanzim (Radio1, CZ) chillout Incognito, Aodioiboa, Pooh, Quapim, PaQ, Peky, Kaila, MimoTV, Bantha js, PerpleX decos Cosmic Walkers (Leipzig, D) Vytvarny Krouzek Ctverecek (CZ) Brano (SK) Cybernetic System projections Perplex Embryo & 000333 & Architech (MIMO TV) Jarin, Nomm (Phase Vision fact.) special slide ilum entry fee 1 day - 200 czk (7 eur) 2 days - 300 czk (10 eur) links http://www.psytrance.cz/parties.php#865 http://biolest.psytrance.cz/ pictures from last year /same party location/ bioles 2005 http://www.hypno.cz/bioles290505/ http://generator.wz.cz//pic/Photos/2005-05...ioles/index.htm http://www.psytrance.cz/clanek.php?ret=in&pos=81&id=777
  15. not a link, just a recommendation check out brannan lane [for ex. album called 'sleep cycle'] great ambient artist making wide range of ambient substyles some dark and industrial movements can be found too his music reminds me mostly on the atmosphere in the 'cube' (first one) movie... filtered mechanic sounds behind the walls. alien environment. you should get his tracks black air, mesosphere, zone 5 just to mention a few that my ear liked but we're getting little bit off topic in this 'music making' subtopic
  16. good review, mr deathposture, but i can't agree with your opinion on track #6 - 'hex' personally i think it's the best track from this album. okay, maybe the 3-accord funky bassline sucks at the start, but i can't stop listening especially to last 2 minutes of this tune. don't you hear that gothic spinechilling peak of the album ?
  17. indeed, hostile energy is great tune keep on working man
  18. Ghreg On Earth - Midnight Fire (VA Breathe 2002, Solular rec)
  19. Ladic

    Goa Gil

    well, to be honest, i don't recommend to go on goagil, if you want to hear something special. he does not mix at all, he just plays track after track sometimes he is trying to make faster transition, and cuts the rhythm of one track with another. it's often disturbing, to hear such 'mix' every 8 minutes or often... trance music is IMO supposed to be hypnotic, with long mixes that are hard to recognise i don't understand why mr goa gil for XX years of playing did not change dat for cds and learned to mix. his selection is from 99% made up from following artists: kindzadza ocelot (vector selector) those two build up 90% of his set. i'm not kidding. 9% take up matutero, freaking, sanfran artists (dylalien,fractal cowboys...). and one percent is left for the rest (i heard datakult, ghreg on earth, jahbo.. from all just 1 tracks) be ready almost just for ocelot and kindzadza. that's his main sound.. mr goa gil made me sick of those two artists. it's not possible to listen to this for 10 hours. he had several great tracks that i cannot identify, it was something far different from common styles of usual psy projects.. it had very hard rhythm and classical goa melodies, but made in more sophisticated way. very deep and hypnotic, i have no clue what that could be
  20. bahamut http://people.zeelandnet.nl/rverpl/new1.mp3 amazing track, can u link more like these ? i love the atmosphere of breathing steel factory
  21. deviant species - in the hands of the randomiser
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