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Found 19 results

  1. Hei trippers and trancers, this is a label announcement with news + updates on whats going on within KER. discogs: https://www.discogs.com/label/1393052-Kali-Earth-Records bandcamp: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/ Kali Earth was established as a new label on the 28th of December 2017. The first release was on the same night. The release is a single track by Material Music (a talented artist) given to the psytrance event organizer Love&Magic, in 2015. It was only now let loose, just the way it is. A proper Record label, i think we most agree on is a label that publish and release physical formats (CD, Vinyl) as well as the new digital formats like i.e FLAC and Wav. We've chosen a tad unconventional way of starting up the label in these new times. Therefor we use mainly Bandcamp but we will when things are more ready and steady move onto other distributor pages as well to be more accessible to the general wider public. Right now, we only offer a CDr/Files of our debut release (KER001) . And the single is a grower, so expect it to get more tracks added soon.... Our aim is in general great psytrance and chillout music, and we're not afraid of pushing the envelope or to creating a new style on the way. The label name Kali Earth Records is in direct inspiration to the legendary label, Shiva Space Technology (SST). In retrospect, you could say that the world is also too full of bad kali, and hence, Kali Earth Records. We come with much love, and true peace of mind. Boom shanti *
  2. I'm delighted to share an oldschool Goa DJSet which signifies my deep dive into Oldschool Goa-Trance the last year, under my new alias as "Oannes". I had the luxurious opportunity to perform this set at "A Hop Into Goa", the very first edition of a 2-day Open Air, a brilliant new Belgian story. This set also symbolizes as a warm-up set for coming Z.N.A. gathering which is why I called it "Zambu Elixir". I hope you can enjoy it as much as I had discovering this music and making this 2 hour long set! Expect tracks from Shakta, Mindfield, Somaton, Nada, Jörg, Cosmosis, Tandu, Ziax, Transwave, Infected mushrooms, Power Source and many other legends! Tracklist is included on soundcloud! Happy to hear what you all think about it and I hope to inspire you!
  3. Track-list: 01. HelixNebula - Over The City Of The Future 02. Artifact303 - Consequences (HelixNebula Remix) 03. Celestial Intelligence - Constant Motion (Median Project Remix) 04. Median Project - Flights In Dream And Reality 05. Fiery Dawn - Boogie Man 06. Midi Junkies & Psychologist - Altay 07. Psychowave - Never Ending Mistery 08. Galaktion & Groove Hunter - Crystal Worlds 09. Sonic Elysium - Thunderstorm Powerful and tenacious rhythms, soft pulsating vibrations open the third part of Voyager compilations. It is a collaboration of Goa-Trance and Psy-Trance scene masters with their unrealized tracks which will be a new plateau of the Voyager series. Crystal and deep rhythmic sounds drag into the abyss of a psychedelic journey through the gardens of the endless worlds. Forming a multifaceted wave pattern that draws inward like a funnel in which you can differ the smallest structural details. The burst qualities of this compilation literally create cracks through which sound light seeps. More than an hour of specially selected tracks with high-quality sounding. Epic release with an inimitable progression. Available on: Apple music https://music.apple.com/album/voyager-third-plateau/1516485351 Bandcamp https://hadorecords.bandcamp.com/album/compilation-voyager-third-plateau Beatport https://www.beatport.com/release/voyager-third-plateau/2994895 Juno Download https://www.junodownload.com/products/voyager-third-plateau/4608510-02/ Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/6HikAAbhCiD3Ncx1JqWsRn?si=H6B6EMflQSmcxL-kUz2mpg Google Play https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Various_Artists_Voyager_Third_Plateau?id=Bixsw6y2xweshwefifqoay4sbxa&hl Yandex Music https://music.yandex.ru/album/10788831 Amazon music https://www.amazon.com/Voyager-Third-Plateau-Various-artists/dp/B089KR214Y/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Compilation+–+Voyager:+Third+Plateau&qid=1591375139&sr=8-1-fkmr1
  4. I just stumbled upon this on bandcamp, released about 2 week ago, and wow, what an EP (and surprise)! Double Dragon - Tunage (rare and unreleased) track list: 1. Shudder 08:33 2. Crunch 07:01 3. Purple Fluffy Thing 09:00 4. Gower 10:24 5. Merge 09:19 Check it out guys!!! https://doubledragon2.bandcamp.com/album/tunage-rare-and-unreleased
  5. After the relative success of the previous Etnica / Pleiadians mix set that I posted some four years ago, I decided to make another mix set. This time I experimented with mixing in and out between different versions of the same track. So each segment in this mix is a sort of mash-up of two different versions of that track. I hope that I managed to convey that there is simply no rest from the onslaught that is Etnica - Pleiadians - Crop Circles. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART I will post the track list in a couple of days. And - if you like it, please consider a repost!
  6. Nebula Meltdown - Stardust Chronicles Suntrip Records, 2013 Psychedelic Goatrance 1. One Eyed Reptile 2. A Higher Pathway 3. Psychic Beacon 4. Agape Sophia 5. Superluminal Connection 6. Stardust Chronicles 7. Mindstream Continuum 8. Alnitak Sunrise 9. Breakfast on the Balcony Stardust Chronicles is Nebula Meltdown's long-awaited debut Psychedelic Goa-Trance album. The artist has released several tracks on Suntrip comps, including Encrypted Illusion that numerous listeners found superb. The album is spacey, atmospheric, harmonious, and showcases some of the most enjoyable Goatrance work of the year. 1. One Eyed Reptile begins with warm ambient, atmosphere, and a Carl Sagan sample from the classic TV show Cosmos. These aspects establish the album's traveling, spacey feel. I love the synth lead that begins at 2:03, the supporting layers that keep up, and the returning synth lead. It's gripping and reminds me of what a sequel to Tandu's superb Multimoods album could sound like. The song grows a little repetitive as it progresses, primarily from 4:48 to 5:42 (the only thing holding me back from a higher score!). The artist could have trimmed a minute in that regard, and the song would have been exceptionally well done. But that part around 2:03 really sets it off; nice work! This energetic opening has some superb work on it, and grabs my attention right away. B+ 2. A Higher Pathway is less energetic than the opening, but it still has energy. The song establishes a really nice sound early on, although the melody/sound work is simpler here. The song plays out like chapters with variety; they flow and develop well. The leads, while nothing intoxicating, stand out. The last third has a fun, bubbly/psychedelic segment (via the sixth minute) that's great. Good track. B+ 3. Psychic Beacon stands out more than the previous one to me; I really like its layering and soundscapes, most of all the positive, skipping sound and feel. This song sounds to me like a distant, foreign relative of Etnica's stunning Vimana track. Okay, maybe a touch of influence; the artist did something very different. The synth leads are enjoyable and catchy. Solid song! B+ 4. Agape Sophia continues off the previous track's ending, complimenting the album's homogenous, cohesive feel. The short ambient intro sounds beautiful, celestial. The following several minutes are light, and will attract some (warm atmosphere, gentle harmonies). Others however may find the first 3-4 minutes uneventful, slow, and even a bit boring. There is a cloud walking interlude just after the third minute where the song grows more engaging. The artist incorporates a combination of elements along with catchier melodies. These additions are delectable and enhance the relaxing, spacey sound established early on. Overall the song gets better in the second half, and I like the idea of varying the more detailed tracks with ones less elaborate, to not overwhelm us. That said, the first half could have been better. This is a gentle, traveling number between the more arresting, dynamic ones. B- 5. Superluminal Connection I consider less ambitious as well. It continues off the previous track well I feel. The first third has more energy which is cool. It's filled with little details, but I'm not engaged. The second third grows more enticing just after a Carl Sagan sample. The psy-work stands out more. In the last third, a machine/fax-esque sound a la X-Dream's Radio (but different) enhances the synth work. It's catchy. I simply wish that the first few minutes were stronger. At least they're not bad and build up to the more engaging second half of the song. B- 6. Stardust Chronicles is the beginning of the second part of the album that I find stronger than the first. Maybe the artist will make his next album great from beginning to end, but until then... This song is a return to the melody skipping, wave braiding layers that comprised Psychic Beacon (to some degree). They're even catchier here. The whole song gets catchier as it progresses actually. There is some similarity however with that Vimana-esque synth in Psychic Beacon and the one here. Fortunately, much of the work is different. The song is great! This song is deserving of its self-titled album. Well done! A- 7. Mindstream Continuum has a beautiful introduction. What follows is many layers of deliciously flowing ingredients that produce a developing, evolving rhythm. There's a cool sample halfway through, and a calming of excitement before take off where the spaceship acquires a tasty synth, one of several that keeps things refreshing throughout. The atmospheric elements add to the immersion too, and don't even get me started on the soundscapes and the imaginative psychedelic work in the second half. Excellent track! A- 8. Alnitak Sunrise is an uplifting morning Goa-esque Trance number. I really like the drum work, skipping melody, euphoric sound, and voice samples (I love some of the voice sample selection). The song is relaxing and dreamy, upbeat and full of positive energy. There is just something beautiful about this finished product that speaks to me. Its unexpectedly different, unique, and catchy! A- 9. Breakfast on the Balcony is a solid, mildly Goa-influenced ambient track. It progresses nicely. The piano and subtle drums in the last third add to the floating atmosphere with a touch more energy. It doesn't stay with me like the previous three tracks, but it is a respectable closing to a memorable album. B+ Stardust Chronicles is a mature Goatrance release with atmospheric, spacey and evocative elements. Relative to the first half, I love the synth work in One Eyed Reptile, the variety in A Higher Pathway, and the melody/sound work in Psychic Beacon. Tracks 2, 4, and 5 showcase a less elaborate/energetic side of the artist with parts that are stronger than the whole, especially Agape Sophia and Superluminal Connection. Both are enjoyable, but lighter, or less elaborate and memorable compared to tracks: 1, 6, 7, 8. Good news is that the album is atmospheric, has well developed introductions, and is pretty homogeneous. I also like how every song sounds different, with exception to Psychic Beacon and Stardust Chronicles that share some similar sounds and ideas. For a while I thought I was hearing the same track only to realize the differences when hearing them back-to-back. Any other complaints or nitpicks? The first half of Superluminal Connection could have been better. Also I would have loved if the album was stronger in the first half. But the first half has grown on me, and I appreciate all of the time, energy, and creativity that went into this debut. The voice samples are great too, more aware, and thoughtful for those into the cosmos, our connection to the source, eternal love and light. I found the album interesting and catchy, for those into the more traveling, atmospheric, occasionally softer (although the album open with a bang and is generally stimulating/exciting), albeit less (non) maximal side of Goatrance which is great too! This album grew on me. It has some great work on it. I don't mean to sound smug or selfish either, but please do not underestimate the power of a non red (final) score from me. Favorite tracks: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 B+ Sample / Order http://www.suntriprecords.com/product/item/SUNCD29/ http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/sut/sut1cd029.html http://www.beatspace.com/7761/Suntrip+Records/NEBULA+MELTDOWN/Stardust+Chronicles/detail.aspx http://www.goastore.ch/nebula-meltdown-stardust-chronicles.html
  7. Hello folks, Do you like highly melodic, explosive and energetic goa trance? Here is a demo of my latest track. I would appreciate any feedback on it. There's other tracks on my page that is in the same style. Peace! PsyKomet / PartyDroid
  8. Happy Chinese New Year! Today , February the 10th , it's a total new moon and such a perfect time to announce our first release 'Luna Nova' for this year 2013. At Moontrip we bring you a fine selection of complete new talents and some already known ones among the Goa-Trance Scene. So ladies & gentlemen we finally present you... LUNA NOVA - the first chapter from the magic of the Moon! Tracklist: 1 - Goamora - Bouncing Between Realms 2 - Jayex - United Sound Experience 3 - San-Kari - Muladhara 4 - PharaOm - Mastaba 5 - Sleeping Buddha - Acid Pyramidian 6 - Laughing Skull - Golgolet Beats Shiva 7 - Jayex - Jupiter 8 - Galactic Mantra - Temple of Cosmic Sun 9 - Faxi Nadu - Cry Life Also available on CD. For more info & prices : http://www.moontriprecords.com
  9. A new Anoebis-mix for download! This time, it is pure psychedelic acidic madness with mostly new tracks recorded on a party in Belgium. Listen and discover how much good music there is released these days! (tracklist below) Please download and/or share on soundcloud and buy the music you like! 1. TOI DOI - Pixel Voyager (Suntrip Records) 2. Nexus Plexus - Born to the purple (Zion Sixofour) 3. Arronax- Lightning Bolt (Neogoa Records) 4. Morphic Resonance - Psychedelic Hell (Suntrip Records) 5. Morphic Resonance - Mouth of Madness (old mix) (Suntrip Records) 6. Alkaloid - Influx (Mix 2) (DAT Mafia Records) 7. Denshi Danshi- Mariposa Live Mix (Suntrip Records) 8. Pleiadians - Maia IFO live (Dat Records) 9. Absolum - Wizzy Wizzy (3D Vision Records) 10. Toi Doi - Exostatic 1 (Suntrip Records) 11. Etnica - Fractal Gates (Spirit Zone Records) 12. Mindsphere - Zygote (Suntrip Records)
  10. Tune in to our new radio show Return of the Sun on di.fm with DJ Soulstone - Cronomi Rec. and GhostOnAcid - Suntrip Rec. as your pilots through the psychedelic realm! Airing every first Thursday of a month! Starting on upcoming April, 2nd! http://www.di.fm/shows/10552840/return-of-the-sun
  12. Hello Psynewers. I recorded yesterday a new set. The idea was to take two tracks from the current releases of Suntrip Records ("Reykjavik" and "Alien Pets (Filteria Rmx)") and built a set around. The result is a colourful mix of melodic and darker tunes. Download is available. Enjoy. Tracklist: 1. Dimension 5 - Iron Sun (Rmx) / Suntrip Records 2. Moonweed - Om Life / Anjuna Records 3. Total Eclipse - Pulsar Glitch / Blue Room Released 4. Shakta - Amber Mantra / Suntrip Records 5. Crop Circles - Ghost Circles / DAT Records 6. Cydonia - Haunted World / Blue Room Released 7. Growling Mad Scientists - Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep / Hadshot Haheizar 8. E-Mantra - Approaching Nibiru (Eleusyn Rmx) / Suntrip Records 9. Prana - Alien Pets (Filteria Rmx) / Suntrip Records 10. Lunar Dawn - Golden Arms Of Kresnik / Neogoa 11. Asia2001 - Reykjavik / Suntrip Records // Trans'Pact Productions 12. Lunar Dawn - Blessings From Irij (Imba Rmx) / Neogoa // Suntrip Records 13. Ree.K - Far East Frequency / DAT Mafia Recordings // Cube Factory 14. Psysutra - Free And Independent / Cronomi Records Listen on your favorite portal https://soundcloud.com/ghostonacid/onset-of-trance https://www.mixcloud.com/GhostOnAcid/onset-of-trance/ https://hearthis.at/acid604/onsetoftrance/
  13. Hello! :-) I make a new dj-set. Music for the morning hours, if the sun sends her first rays of light. ;-) Here is the Tracklist: 1. Crossing Mind - Hydrophobic Visions /Suntrip 2. Blue Planet Corporation - Midian (Astral Projection Remix) /TIP 3. Pleiadians - Asterope /Dragonfly 4. Centavra Project - Journey to Another Worlds /unreleased 5. Ra - Initiated /Blue Moon 6. Hypnagogia - Secrets of the Mind /Dimensional 7. Somnesia - Cosmic Gate /Gliese 581c 8. Glass Walker - Celestial Body /M-Track 9. MFG - Space Travel /Phonokol 10. Celestial Intelligence - Anapa /Suntrip 11. Qiujan - Light Truth Soundcloud(with Download): https://soundcloud.com/ghostonacid/sunrise-in-your-heart-dj-set Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/GhostOnAcid/sunrise-in-your-heart/ Have Fun. :-)
  14. SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/elysium94/kristian-elysium-my-vision-of-trance-mix-part-5 Mixcloud http://www.mixcloud.com/Elysium/my-vision-of-trance-mix-part-5
  15. Goa is over 20 years old in the mean time. Time to have a retrodelic look! For this I dug in my huge cd & vinyl collection and decided to make a mix for every year for the period 1994-2014 to show the "new" generation of goa people how goa-trance evolved, and never really died This second mix is about 1995, mixed with 2 CDJ1000s and Pioneer djm300. It was a big treat, as many of the tracks are SUPER hard to mix. I hope I managed decently So, have a look, a listen and make sure to buy the music if you like it! If you want to hear the mix of 1994, please download and listen on soundcloud too! Here is the tracklist of the 1995 mix 1. Electric Universe - Electronic Pulsation - Spirit Zone Records 2. Pleiadians - Ciberland - Symbiosis Records 3. Koxbox - Tribal Oscillation (Prana Remix) - Harthouse Records 4. Astral Projection - Power Gen - Trust in Trance Records 5. Hiscore - True Freedom - Polytox Records 6. Bassline Baby - Altered States - Step 2 House Records 7. Talking Souls - Place on Earth - Polytox Records 8. Etnica - The Gili's Voyage (Ketu Remix) - High Society Records 9. In Trance - Over Seas - NMC Records 10. Soluna - Dancing Spirit - BTM Records 11. Cosmosis - Deus (Benedictine Remix) - Transient Records 12. Transwave - Cycles of Life - Symbiosis Records 13. Perfect Rainbow - Exotic Eye - Matsuri Productions https://soundcloud.com/anoebis/anoebis-the-history-of-goatrance-1995
  16. Maiia's new progressive goa-trance album released on Ovnimoon Records! Preview with tracks tags: https://soundcloud.com/maiia/sets/maiia303-sky-in-diamonds Tracklist: 1. Sunday Morning 2. Duality 3. Sky In Diamonds 4. Moonlight Pixies 5. Go Ask Yourself (feat. Cybered) 6. Universe 7. Atman 8. Neverland 9. Glory Release notes: Bright splashes of stars scattered on the blue-black canvas of the night sky amaze imagination and make you fall in love at first sight. Flashing and pulsing light from distant planets reaches us through the universe. One look at this magic sky and you feel yourself like a tiny drop in an ocean. These are the stars that our ancestors saw. These are the stars that will see our descendants. It is infinite – the sky in diamonds. We can only sing its beauty. My new album, Sky In Diamonds – is an attempt to convey my admiration for the beauty of this world and the infinity of this beauty. Big thanks to everyone who helped me in creation of this album. Official pages: http://geomagnetic.tv/news/ovnicd093/ http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ovn/ovn1cd093.html Mastering by Manifold-Studio.com Useful links: http://maiia.ru https://www.facebook.com/maiiaproject https://soundcloud.com/maiia http://www.mixcloud.com/djmaiia/ http://www.discogs.com/artist/Maiia
  17. Hi there everybody! I made a new DJ-set. Usually I mix Suomisaundi or Forest-trance, but since I also love classic Goa-trance, I decided to mix some of that stuff Expect full power acidic Goa-trance with some very nice melodies on top. And yes, there are some obvious tracks in this mix, but aren't they truly amazing? Apart from one or two rougher mixes, I'm very happy with the result. Please leave a comment as I am always happy to learn from them Enjoy your flight! https://soundcloud.com/panoramix-5/spiraalvormig-organisme Tracklist: 1. Bypass Unit - Higher Spirituality 2. Bassline Baby - Altered States 3. Liquid Jungle - High Toxicity 4. Mindfield - The Knowledge 5. Green Nuns of the Revolution - Megallenic Cloud 6. Cosmosis - Gift of the Gods 7. Synaesthesiacs - Synaesthesia 8. Hiscore - True Freedom 9. Subcouds - My World Doesn't Follow Any Other 10. Mono Substance - Sadness & Anger
  18. Cover Art: Artist: Fiery Dawn Title: Darkness & Light Label: Unimuse Records Catalog Number: UNIEP020 Genre: Goa/Psy-Trance Format: Digital Download (WAV/MP3) Release Date: April 04 2014 (Beatport Exclusive), April 11 2014 (Other Stores) Soundcloud Preview: https://soundcloud.com/unimuse-records/coming-soon-uniep020-fiery Track List: 01. Temple of Warriors 02. Trip To Underworld 03. Phantasmagoria 04. Metagalaxy Release Info: Unimuse Records proudly presents the new EP from Fiery Dawn - Darkness & Light. Fiery Dawn is a one man Goa/Psy- rance project from Tbilisi, Georgia. He started making Music 10 years ago and is inspired by Astral Projection and similar artists. He focuses on deep and powerful psychedelic sound, which takes you to infinite realms of imagination. This EP contains a variety of styles from Goa to modern psytrance. If you are a goa/psytrance fan, you definitely want to grab this epic release. Links: http://albin13.wix.com/unimuserecords https://www.facebook.com/unimuserecords https://twitter.com/unimuserecords http://soundcloud.com/unimuse-records http://www.reverbnation.com/label/unimuserecords https://c.itunes.apple.com/se/imix/unimuse-records/id547007749 http://www.beatport.com/label/unimuse-records/28301 http://open.spotify.com/user/emptywheelchair/playlist/4eBxTYAt5fH9wcd7d9ycQO http://www.junodownload.com/labels/Unimuse/releases/
  19. Good day friends. Our present to you the creation of a group of http://vk.com/alphabetofgoa this community is situated in a social network vk.com register does not necessarily listen to the entire audio collection of the group.Group created for all fans and lovers of this magical relationship in all styles, the base material is very large, see for yourself. We write reviews, comment. The future plans of creating a common site to the entire Goa trance was always in your pocket and can be easily downloaded.I apologize for google translate ////// Sincerely your Insanity Universe
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