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  1. UP! Go, listen, comment http://vk.com/topic-42635813_28189931 constantly updated GOA 24\7 ONline!!! Welcome in Goa-Trance School!!! Labels = http://vk.com/topic-42635813_28189311
  2. ^^^Write to me then what we do not? 80-85% of the world Goa is already there
  3. http://vk.com/topic-17736904_22568749 ALL GOA_TRANCE ONLINE 24/7 365/366 \xxxx
  4. Good day friends. Our present to you the creation of a group of http://vk.com/alphabetofgoa this community is situated in a social network vk.com register does not necessarily listen to the entire audio collection of the group.Group created for all fans and lovers of this magical relationship in all styles, the base material is very large, see for yourself. We write reviews, comment. The future plans of creating a common site to the entire Goa trance was always in your pocket and can be easily downloaded.I apologize for google translate ////// Sincerely your Insanity Universe
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