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  1. Hi there collectors, last year I sold a part of my collection, but I forgot to keep going with the sales. I still have some CD's left. There are really a couple of cool discs in this list. I also added some Chillout for the amateurs of the genre. Evertyhing in this list that's not been reserved yet is for sale. https://www.discogs.com/lists/For-Sale/272845 Most of it is oldschool, but there are some newer releases in there as well. For info about prices, conditions,... you can send me an e-mail on this address: tijl.labeeuw@gmail.com Happy trancing, Panoramix
  2. Hey everyone, I'm selling almost all of my Goa-trance cd's. All media is in at least NM state. Everything in this list is for sale: https://www.discogs.com/lists/For-Sale/272845 If interested, please send me a private message, but mailing is also fine. Then, send an email to this address: tijl.labeeuw@gmail.com Offers are welcome, but I can propose a nice price as well if that's preferred. Shipping from Belgium on cost of the buyer (obviously). I hope I can make people happy with this Warm greetings, Tijl
  3. Ufomatka really is something. Reminds me a bit of some 'darker' Suomisaundi like Salakavala or Squaremeat. I also think Graffado from Finland would qualify as a new name to keep an eye on if you like experiMENTAL stuff. Consider it Spugedelic, but I don't like to keep myself limited within vast boxes He released some songs on the lateste Trance Bum compilation & a compilation by Nullzone near the end of last year (yes I know, no 2015, but still banging stuff). http://www.discogs.com/Various-Tarina-Heräävästä-Metsästä/release/6044413 http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/swampwave Also check out his soundcloud page https://soundcloud.com/graffado Any opinions on this artist?
  4. Hey everyone, I recently rediscovered the many acid-driven sideprojects of Filipe Santos. I know I've downloaded his Liquid Jungle EP a couple of years ago from Acid Chemical Plant Records, but I can't seem to find them anymore on the internet. Does somebody know anything more about the rest of the EP's (Chynacid,...)? I'm particularly interested in the releases which feature some banging acidtrance, so no Amithaba Buddha or anything All help is extremely welcome!
  5. Hi there everybody! I made a new DJ-set. Usually I mix Suomisaundi or Forest-trance, but since I also love classic Goa-trance, I decided to mix some of that stuff Expect full power acidic Goa-trance with some very nice melodies on top. And yes, there are some obvious tracks in this mix, but aren't they truly amazing? Apart from one or two rougher mixes, I'm very happy with the result. Please leave a comment as I am always happy to learn from them Enjoy your flight! https://soundcloud.com/panoramix-5/spiraalvormig-organisme Tracklist: 1. Bypass Unit - Higher Spirituality 2. Bassline Baby - Altered States 3. Liquid Jungle - High Toxicity 4. Mindfield - The Knowledge 5. Green Nuns of the Revolution - Megallenic Cloud 6. Cosmosis - Gift of the Gods 7. Synaesthesiacs - Synaesthesia 8. Hiscore - True Freedom 9. Subcouds - My World Doesn't Follow Any Other 10. Mono Substance - Sadness & Anger
  6. Hey everyone! My name is Panoramix (the crazy druïd known from the infamous Asterix & Obelix comics). I'd like to share my dj-mixes with you all. Mainly focusing on twisted Spugedelica with often excursions into Forest Trance & more experimental Goa, I try to share creative approaches to Psytrance. Please hav a look around and share my sets if you like them. Also are all my mixes downloadable. Comments are always more than welcome Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/panoramix-5
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