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  1. Cosmic Rain - Approaching Pluto New release is Available !!! This release contains eight remixes which derive from the remix contest previously hold at euroforix.com, and all has its very own style and colour. The styles vary from Full on to Psy Techno to Morning trance and in between, so we recommend checking them all out. Available at: Psyshop Bandcamp Spotify iTunes Apple Music Google Play Amazon Thanks http://www.euroforix.com/releases/approaching-pluto/ Sound Cloud free listen :
  2. Label: soo.su Catalog#: su006 Genre, Style: Electronic, Сhillout, Space Release Date: 29 April 2016 Country of Artist: Russia Tracklist: 1. Maxim Kornyshev - The Dream Of Universe 02:50 2. Maxim Kornyshev - The Descent Into The Abyss 03:45 3. Maxim Kornyshev - Evening Capital of World 02:55 4. Maxim Kornyshev - Dance of the Martians (SynthStep Edit) 03:51 5. Maxim Kornyshev - Watermelon Land and Marmalade Crossbow 02:39 6. Maxim Kornyshev - Time: disabled (Step by Step edit) 02:54 7. Maxim Kornyshev - CosmoPulse 03:21 http://soo.su/news/maxim-kornyshev-twisted-radius/2016-04-29-8
  3. Flying Woofer is back with new tasty treats from outerspace! This time the Woofa is buzzing with psybient frequencies that instantly beam up anyone who comes under it’s area of exposure. Collected by Technoid Mutant and Olivaw’s Twist, this ambient music compilation contains 13 masterpieces that will instantly zone you out into lost galaxies. 01 – Arbres – The Enter 02 – Artyom Slon – Morning is Here 03 – Dumbgrass – Morning Dream 04 – Olivaw’s Twist – Ergosphere 05 – Quanthe & Sobrio – Baikal 06 – Record Needle Injection – Far Reach 07 – Technoid Mutant – Love With My Goddess 08 – For Lunar Dust – Windup Toy 09 – Technoid Mutant – Illusion 10 – Used Alien Mind – Man Captures String 11 – Used Alien Mind – The Fabric Of Society Is Ripping 12 – Vast Veil – Drifting 13 – Way Of Light – Plojenec Download full ambient compilation in WAV / Mp3
  4. Hi.... My last track "Blue" a Psychill Psydub tune pleasure for your ear and Mind. Guitars Latin rhythm's with Reggae touch and psychedelic sounds in one unique amalgam of sound! Enjoy it Thanks
  5. The Universal Religion is simply LOVE. We are privileged to be part of this great time of change in history and, as messengers of love we are responsible for making this new world blossom. It is an exchange of ideas, music, dance, sharing of energy, positivity and emotions which only seem to spread and grow further when the festival finishes. If even a thousand people were to return to their lives after experiencing the power of Universal Religion, and each one lived with the same philosophy as during the festival, the world would slowly start to seem a borderless place. One where family and friendships transcend nations, language, color, age and even blood, where an entire generation will live true to the ideas of oneness, love and mutual respect. This is the idea of a universal religion—one that is inclusive, gets recreated and gathers strength every year, as new energies enters its space. After taking a break for 2014 we are absolutely Reborn with lot of energy shifts and realization. In the lap of the Himalayas we build an environment which brings together beautiful like-minded individuals, music devotees, creative artists and dance lovers from around the world! Come, discover the mystical mountains, and be part of this special experience where you can enjoy the infinite natural vistas while dancing to the beats of the top audio wizards from around the world We invite all participants to respect the festival rules and be in harmony with all people and the surrounding environment to enhance their own personal experience in Nepal. The positive energy of a single person has the ability to make a change, and we at Universal Religion want to infuse this positivity back into the earth and the world, and in our own small way, help it to heal. This year the main festival will take place from Friday 24th – Monday 27th of April 2015 and will go on non stop for 3 nights and 4 days . Come partake in the 9th Edition with quest for love and understanding, come follow and preach the Universal Religion the Re:Birth:Edition FULL DETAILS :- https://www.facebook.com/events/419972308155485/ OUR WEBSITE :- https://www.urnepal.com/
  6. Vibe at 142 bpm! https://soundcloud.com/pingalaka/pitch-a-boo https://www.facebook.com/pingalaka
  7. Here is my new psy Trance track "Space Avionics" hope you like it! feel free to comment thanks
  8. Hi Guys, my LP material is ready. Please find a teaser of each song in the following compilation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4Gddk06x6Y
  9. Title: Simple Man - TRIP 2.0 Artist: Simple Man Label: Simple Man Music (free) Genre: Exotic House Format: Digital Download Release Date: 20.09.2014. Simple Man - the first Exotic House artist TRIP 2.0​ Simple Man's second beautiful album. Special melodies. The style is really unique: Simple Man is the first Exotic House artist. Simple Man - the first Exotic House artist. Exotic House: special progressive house music with egzotic melodies and clear, peaceful and affectionate atmosphere. Simple Man: music without record label, so every track is Free. Exotic House: the uplifting magic. You can download it easily (free) from the official site: DOWNLOAD HERE​ Tracklist: 01 Sky At Night 02 Voyager 03 No Money No War 04 Fire Harmony 05 Symphony Of Dolphins 06 The Jungle 07 Dance In The Rain 08 Message From Earth 09 Club On The Moon 10 Feel The Sun JOIN SIMPLE MAN'S FACEBOOK IF YOU LIKE THIS MUSIC "Clear head is the Clear Head! Improve yourself! Be aware of temptation and drugs! This is the real freedom, the real power!" Simple Man ​
  10. Hey Folks, my new demo is here. Let me know if you like it. https://soundcloud.com/anjin-sun/balkan-vibes-demo
  11. Last release of Nomad Wave, amazing new wave track with many influence of Trance music !! Single: The Portal Artist: San Isidro Label: Nomad Wave Released may 2014 Listen it here To Download
  12. Hello everyone! My debut album was released yesterday on Uxmal Records! You can find previews on YouTube, Soundcloud and Beatport. If you wish to buy, you can do so on Beatport or Junodownload. It's available on Psyshop in a few days as well. In a month it will be on Spotify and iTunes. If you like my music, please let others know and spread this all over our solar system! https://soundcloud.com/psyrius/sorry-pluto-album-preview
  13. Artist: Rainbow Serpent Title: Cutted Scenes Label: Invisible Shadows Date: 1999 1. Believe 2. Imagination Fire 3. Silent Running 4. Exploring the Mars 5. From Darkroom To Digital 6. Exploring the Mars (Part 2) 7. Ce;tic Dance My camel jacknifed a ways back. Total loss, it was horrible. Frothy spit everywhere. I crawl 5 miles on my hands and knees under the searing sun and you hand me a pack of saltines? If I had the energy I'd punch you square in the tomatoes. This German duo makes ambient style music that has motion in the same exact formula. The pads can be lofty cloud slicers, but it's the same sh*t over and over. Part of the song will be floating, and another part driving. Then floating and driving until you wake up. It's extending a phrase over the entire length of the track adding and subtracting as you go. There is zero psychedelia and they close with the outstandingly cheesy and diabetic coma inducing Celtic Dance. It's a whisker from Yanni without the cool porn stache. Mdk
  14. https://soundcloud.com/coza-triptrance/coza-dj-set-old-school
  15. Full version of Oud Vibes song is available here: https://soundcloud.com/anjin-sun. Follow if you like it!
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcuN2FSktJ8
  17. The last single of nomad wave is so interesting. Listen it below !! Artist: El Tigre Label: Nomad wave Date : 08.08.2013 Genre: Techno Buy it : Juno / Bandcamp INFO : Soundcloud / Home
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pio5ph9f0Io Just incase folks didnt know they existed . Heavy on vocoder but they seem to blend it really well with the synths. also has that slight industrial edge . confidence inspiring music . edit : why isnt the video getting embedded in the post ? do i need to use some feature to make the video appear ?
  19. The last single of the independent label Nomad wave. Single: The lost letters Artist : Cristian Soriano Genre : New Wave Tracks: I found you Mientras te esperaba Deseo que estes... Buy it Follow I am peace
  20. Aquascape - “Underwater Stranger” Tracklist: 01. Neolithic 02. The Night Air of Umma 03. Deep and Massive 04. Vacuum Fields (Vocal Edit) 05. Underwater Stranger 06. Small Electric 07. Transparency 08. Sky Modelling 09. Eastern Earth 10. Marooned :: PRESS RELEASE :: Altar Records is very happy to present the debut album entitled “Underwater Stranger” from the Russian Moscow-based psychill band Aquascape. After having released 2 stunning psybient/progressive tracks on Air and Fire compilations through the year 2009, they are now back with their long awaited full-length album ! The band has been enriched by the coming Valery Gorick, a classical musician from Sochi and the amazing vocalist Anastasia Migova from Moscow. This one-of-a-kind psychill album is made of synthesizers and lush guitars melodies, a dynamic rise of mesmerizing and hypnotizing textures with an ongoing soaring character. If you’re into ethereal flavored psychill sound design with an unique chill-progressive touch that characterize Altar records, make sure to take a dip into the carefully crafted sonic well that makes up “Underwater Stranger”. Enjoy! Check a debut album http://altar.bandcam...rwater-stranger And watch music video "Marooned"
  21. -San Isidro - Mientras te esperaba and more music -
  22. After long recovery from the open chest surgery, Angry Dwarf is slowly returning to his cave to finish up stories that he had started! New album sounds, work in progress preview of 5 songs; working titles: http://soundcloud.co...w-album-preview 1. Monster 2. Bubbles 3. 6th Extinction 4. Wake Up 5. Oceans And Seas Hope you like!
  23. OUT NOW !!! AGROCYBE - MY CREATOR --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cybe Records is proud to present the first album in the quality psy series. Lior Levy , better known as Agrocybe, was born (1984) and raised in the southern trance empire of Israel, Beer Sheva. Lior started with psy music back in 2002 in a successful psy team. In 2007 he began the Agrocybe project,since then he released several tracks and played at countless parties in Israel and worldwide. In this album you can hear ( or enjoy - you choose ) Agrocybe's unique style with it's powerful and solid sound. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Sound Pulse 7:31 130 Bpm 2. Jah Net 8:32 136 Bpm 3. The Conflict 7:17 145 Bpm 4. Bases On The Moon 7:44 145 Bpm 5. My Creator 8:00 142 Bpm 6. Aksioma 8:20 145 Bpm 7. Alligator 7:42 140 Bpm 8. God Of War 8:33 160 Bpm Written & Produced By: Lior Levy Mastered By: Tim Shuldt --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Open Dates For Bookings ! cybe.records.il@gmail.com http://vibedeck.com/cyberecords Buy Online http://soundcloud.co...e-my-creator-1/
  24. Circle is the last work of Cristian Soriano, more than 100 hours of work in the studio for just a couple circles as result. It is awesome that this time Kriscore change the geometric structure of his art-sound. You could listen both tunes below. You could support Nomad wave buying our music. Nomad wave is net label also, so you should visit our soundcloud and download the tunes that you want !! Cristian Soriano - Circle Regards, San Isidro
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