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  1. Aquascape - “Underwater Stranger” Tracklist: 01. Neolithic 02. The Night Air of Umma 03. Deep and Massive 04. Vacuum Fields (Vocal Edit) 05. Underwater Stranger 06. Small Electric 07. Transparency 08. Sky Modelling 09. Eastern Earth 10. Marooned :: PRESS RELEASE :: Altar Records is very happy to present the debut album entitled “Underwater Stranger” from the Russian Moscow-based psychill band Aquascape. After having released 2 stunning psybient/progressive tracks on Air and Fire compilations through the year 2009, they are now back with their long awaited full-length album ! The band has been enriched by the coming Valery Gorick, a classical musician from Sochi and the amazing vocalist Anastasia Migova from Moscow. This one-of-a-kind psychill album is made of synthesizers and lush guitars melodies, a dynamic rise of mesmerizing and hypnotizing textures with an ongoing soaring character. If you’re into ethereal flavored psychill sound design with an unique chill-progressive touch that characterize Altar records, make sure to take a dip into the carefully crafted sonic well that makes up “Underwater Stranger”. Enjoy! Check a debut album http://altar.bandcam...rwater-stranger And watch music video "Marooned"
  2. Chronos - "Shamanic state of mind" is out now! 19th of december internet label Aventuel released our second promo mix - "Shamanic State Of Mind". 7 chapters story about ancient traditions of shamanism & mysticism merged with ethnic atmosphere & hypnotic rhytms. You can listen Chronos - Shamanic state of mind online & download for free here.
  3. Chronos - "Sharing The Space" is out now! 30th of october - internet label Aventuel released our new promo mix - "Sharing The Space". It is containing 8 previously released tracks full of atmosphere & deepness of our Space. You can listen it online & download for free here - http://www.aventuel.net/?ave023
  4. Psyfactor@Exaltation Radio Show (Psychic Radio Station Psyradio) In this edition you can listen interview with Psyfactor and music from his upcoming album. Language of Exaltation Radio Show is russian & ukrainian. Presenter of Exaltation Radio Show is Alienatix. Links: Download Psyfactor@Exaltation (128 Kbps, 68 Mb) Download Psyfactor@Exaltation (320 Kbps, 137 Mb)
  5. There is a new info on Tripswitch's myspace page about his 2nd album Visit Tripswitch's myspace page
  6. Video interview about making the Chronos & C.J. Catalizer – “Quid est Veritas?” album Greetings! There are some news from Chronos project. By links below you can find new video from Chronos & C.J. Catalizer for www.morpheusmusic.co.uk divided in two parts with english subtitles
  7. Chronos & Taff - Live Improvisation, Chronos - Sacral Meeting Greetings! We would like to introduce you to a music video of collaborative improvisation of Chronos & Taff projects! Video was recorded on ECHO chillout festival (Kazan, Tatarstan, 20.11.09) link: Also we are glad to present a great music video which was found on youtube on "Sacral Meetings (rmx)" track. The track was released on v.a."Air" by Altar rec. link:
  8. Meet official Chronos project website Hello folks! I'm glad to introduce you to official Chronos project website, that we've been developing for the last few months! http://www.chronos-music.ru/ All of the new info, photos, announcements and tracks of all time will be posted there. Feedback in guestbook is highly appreciated! Ivan. Chronos project.
  9. Natural Crystal - Towards Dreams (chillout mix) Country: Russia Genre: Chillout, Downtempo, Lounge Year: 2009 Format: MP3, VBR~256 kbps, tracks Duration: 00:59:48 Track List:: 01 Cosmic Fools - Be Yourself 02 Hibernation - Trickle 03 Omnimotion - Cozy Life 04 Max Chorny - Gde Trava? 05 Abakus - Return To Rama 06 Eat Static - Follow That Camel 07 Blue Planet Corporation - A Foret(e)st Of Paradise 08 Ott - A Shower Of Sparks 09 Tripswitch - Cartwheel (Mirror System Remix) 10 ABA Structure - Rescue Download mix from Sendspace: http://www.sendspace.com/file/p67hye We are glad to represent you a new mix – Towards Dreams made by Natural Crystal. This set brought together true pearls of downtempo and lounge music. Work of talented musicians from “Cosmic Fools” opens this mix. Then go such projects as Hibernation with melodious running over the harp strings and pleasant woman’s vocal, Omnimotion with unhurried and tranquil Cozy Life, and also Max Chorny with his remake of well-known hit – “Gde Trava?”. While the mix is gaining its speed, we are turning into lounge mood with Abakus project. Eat Static and Blue Planet Corporation add action to the set by increasing its tempo. Englishman mister Ott replace them and adorns his track measured tempo by soft sounds of flute. Tripswitch and ABA Structure music supplements overall picture by airy atmosphere and add expressiveness and brilliance. Musical world of this mix opens before you like a beautiful flower towards a new day.
  10. Chronos music video - Solar Movement (paleolithic edit) Youtube link: Original track was released on VA "Materia Musica" by Ajana rec., Germany, 2008 Psyshop link: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/aja/aja2cd009.html Music & video work by Nick Klimenko. Video taken from BBC "Survival" film. duration: 5:32
  11. Chronos music video - "Achronon" Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-qoFpZpfik&feature=related Original track was released on EP "Natus In Spiritus" by Soundmute Recordings, Croatia, 2009 Achronon track is dedicated to Charles Farewell aka Asura Soundmute recordings link: http://www.soundmute-recordings.com/releases_SMR012.html Music & video work by Nick Klimenko. Video taken from "Ashes & Snow" film. duration: 8:57
  12. It was looong & non-easy process of working in different locations,recordinig sessions in different studios and combining live flutes, vargan & voice together with electronica. All our team: Alex Klimenko Andrey Nazin Sergey Bondarenko Wei Guo - playing flutes - bamboo, shakuhachi, hotiku & chinese ------------------ Michael - playing duduk ------------------ Charles Farewell Nick Klimenko Galina Gribanova - Vocal, voices ------------------ Nick Klimenko - Vargan ------------------ Dimitriy Neshadim & Nick Klimenko - Sequences, programming, composing & mixing ------------------ Studios which was in use: C.J.Catalizer home studio, Chronos home studio, First Nation School Of Television Studio, Zero Cult studio, Khooman Studio. ------------------ Mastered By Huby Sea
  13. Ocelot - One Hi everyone =) oCeLoT added new thing into the world of psychedelic music. The sound took a new form, where emotional colours manifested by the psy chill elements. Tracklist 01 Drifting Away 02 Londinium Chills 03 Cloud Cover 04 Organic 05 Rainbow Colors 06 Molasses 07 Slow Roast 08 Chunky Soup 09 Krauter Husli 10 Om Tare more info: http://www.avatar-music.com/ http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ava/ava1cd056.html
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