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  1. Small Talk Genre: Minimal / Tech House Length: 0:59:56 Listen / Download Here: http://www.area709.com/darvin/music/mix/255/ Description: Released in November of 2009, the Small Talk compilation on Zenon Records was the beginning of a new series of releases from Zenon with the aim of exploring the lower bpm experimental sound inspired by minimal and tech house, but still with that unique psychedelic flavour that only Zenon can deliver. With a mix of Zenon favourites (Sensient, Krumelur, One Tasty Morsel) and fresh new acts (Motive, SourOne) getting deep and experimental, its time to skip the small talk and get down to business! This mix contains all the tracks on the Small Talk compilation and it was a total pleasure fusing them together into one hour of solid Zenon listening. Kick back and enjoy the ride! Track List: Circuit Bent - Ambiently Speaking Tristan Boyle - Digit Muggi Dane - Canis Lupis Grouch - Mega Condensor Krumelur - Dilema Sourone - Parasight Sensient - Tech Message Moses - Blocks Motive - Dusty Nostrils One Tasty Morsel - Two More Bones
  2. Noosphere Genre: Psytrance - Full On Length: 1:13:59 Listen / Download Here: http://www.area709.com/darvin/music/mix/253/ Description: As is my winter ritual I like to take a set from last summer and record it all nice and slick, ready for a serious session of kicking back with the headphones, or for enjoying as I head off on a drive to the ski hill to do some snowboarding. This mix is based upon the Sons of Aurora set from Motion Notion 2009, and while I was not sure how the set would translate to a recorded mix, I am very happy with the end result. I had to remove a bunch of tracks from the original set list as they have not yet been released, however I did not add any new tracks so it is still a fairly accurate representation of how it all went down live, minus quite a bit of knob twisting and the extra pair of hands and ears from Norris! I want to send this one out to Jay and Kylee, as weeks later Jay relayed to me how they had journeyed in their tent to the sounds of this set coming to them through the trees from the main stage at Motion Notion. As a side note, daybreak was around the 62 min mark on this mix as we played into sunrise early Sunday morning. Welcome to music for the "sphere of human thought". Track List: Secret Weapon Intro Moaiact - Iluso Chromatone - eL eS Deep Everblast - Ergot Ace Ventura - The Spark - Ritmo Remix Burn In Noise & Dickster - Induced Narcophone - Odin Fury Egorhythmia - Beat Execute DJ Brainwave - Still Standing Egorhythmia - Not Following Gravitation Dreamed - Line Aqualize - Land Of 2 Suns M-Theory Ft Zen Mechanics - Ultrasonic
  3. Sideways Genre: Progressive - House Length: 1:04:22 Listen / Download Here: http://www.area709.com/darvin/music/mix/250/ Description: A few months back I brought a friend by the name of Treavor Moontribe up from L.A. to play a show here in Calgary and had a chance to sit down and chat about music and some of his past adventures. He went on and on about a particularly amazing gig he had which brought him to Japan where he was treated like gold by the promoters and their friends and had a fantastic time the whole trip. I was curious what kinds of sounds the crew in Japan were into, and after Treavor left I began a search for tracks I thought might work. A few months later and the result is a mix for Wes Straub's radio show: 709Sessions which will air on Digitally Imported, Dance Radio Global, Tribalmixes.org, and ETN.fm. It's a heady mix of rolling depths with a fair bit of driving beats that after listening to it left me a little off to one side, hence the title. Perhaps the crew in Japan will get to hear it? Let's hope so. Track List: Antix - The Hoard DJ Zombi & Lish - More Pleasure - Spartaque Remix Kaempfer & Dietze - Shear Force - Mute Remix Tone Depth - Rumblefish - Zoltan Kontes & Jerome Robins Remix Soundexile - Disturbed - Prime Time Remix Thomas Penton & DJ Three-O - Slip And Slide - Khainz Remix Erphun - Order Of Chaos Magitman & Brisker - Discodelic - Altered Breed Remix Quantize - Nightmosphere - Yotopia Remix Cirez D - Raptor SQL & Tom Real - Dark Matter
  4. Fed Into Time Genre: Techno - Minimal Length: 1:19:27 Listen / Download Here: http://www.area709.com/darvin/music/mix/234/ Description: Buddhist philosophers and modern day physicists claim that our perception of time is nothing more than how we humans happen to make sense of our reality. That may be the case, but simply knowing this to be true does not make it any easier to escape from the relentless march of each second, minute, day and so forth. Time seems almost cruel in the way that it wraps it's arms around our lives; when we suffer it seems to last forever and when the good times are here and now then they are quickly just a fleeting memory. As we age the people we love begin to pass away and we are left with a sense of guilt for not having spent more time with them when they were alive. But I wonder, was there actually more time to spend? Every moment of our lives is like an offering to Time, and no matter how much we sacrifice to it, it never seems to be enough. It has no body to lash out against in our rage and pain, Time simply "is", which makes it seem all the more cold and unjust. Who we are, those we love, all that we create, it is all relentlessly fed into time. Track List: 1. Patterns Of - BLT & Danni Makou - A Balter Extended Remix 2. Snapshot - Anna 3. Unknown - Unknown 4. Las Toballas - Santos Resiak 5. Webs Of Lies - Nikola Grebovic 6. I Have To Leave This World - Anna 7. Green Ghost - Elon 8. Fed On Youth - FALSE 9. Space - Minilogue 10. Instinto Primario - Oel & Polygon 11. SQAP - Sean Quin & Andy Page - Habershams FearMonster3000 Remix 12. The White Flash feat Thom Yorke - Modeselektor - Trentemoller Remix 14. You Might Hear Nothing - Umek 14. Schwarze Gold - Anna - Phase Remix
  5. Sea Of Vapours Released: Aug 30, 2008 Genre: Psytrance - Progressive Length: 0:59:57 Listen / Download Here: http://www.area709.com/darvin/music/mix/195/ Tracklist 1. Ace Ventura - Rebirth (Tetrameth rmx) 2. Shadow Fx - Sound Section 3. Autonomech - The Wild 4. One Tastey Morsel - Chew The Fat 5. Sensient - Ballistic (One Tasty Morsel rmx) 6. Tetrameth - Jungle Weapon (Sensient rmx) 7. Phat Controllerz - C1 8. Sensient - Life Involved 9. Moses - Trukket I Lyden (Vacuum Stalkers rmx) Description Zenon presents Sea of Vapours, a double cd compiled and mixed by label Dj - Nokturnal. Featuring fresh tracks from the cream of the Zenon crop, this 2 disc package contains one cd smoothly mixed for your home listening pleasure, and another with the standalone tracks. After nearly a decade of performing Darvin is honoured to commit his Nokturnal incarnation to the Zenon sound: smooth, intelligent and most definitely nothing but psytrance. Darvin is excited to represent a label which is home to so many incredible artists and he is eager to showcase the Zenon sound at gatherings around the world. For Sale at: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/zen/zen1cd013.html Comments: HufnPuf wrote on Oct 23, 2008: yes, i second Steve's comment...the incredible production value of these tracks and flawless programming of the mix makes for a romp across the vapours of the sea, sky and mind. download at all costs and start pre-flight ignition sequence-you are about to embark on a psychonaut odyssey. Steve Wheeler wrote on Aug 30, 2008: Ah, DUDE...thank you for that. My first listening has just ended and I'm about to go back for a second, gobsmackingly good. Thanks also to those good folks at Zenon, it really is my favourite sound these days. One of the finest representations to why Zenon is one if not the most recognisable and sought after Australian Label on the world market ATM. Not surprised by the good reviews this album is getting. - willb Love the Zenon sounds... reminds me of what a lot of the 90's prog sounded like. Really enjoying this one... - The Journey Man Project fuck me dead the autonomech and vacuum stalkers tracks are off the richter massive killer music guys, well done - reece Tidy release, have only played the mix cd so far, its great! Well done to those involved - Crisk
  6. Sons of Aurora - Motion Notion 2008 Released: Feb 20, 2009 Genre: Psytrance - Full On Length: 1:23:08 Listen / Download Here: http://www.area709.com/soa/music/mix/224/ 1. Headroom - I Don t Tech No For An Answer 2. Zen Mechanics - Off The Grid 3. Headroom & Hydrophonic - Lank In Tents 4. The Commercial Hippies - Not Human 5. Human Blue - Imperial Mind 6. Andromeda - Atomizer 7. The Electric Ant (The Commercial Hippies Remix) - First Run 8. Chameleaon & Pogo - Onwards and Upwards 9. Auricle & Mr. Peculiar - Shaking 10. Headroom & Burn In Noise - Frequency Salad 11. Martin - Intoxicated 12. Dualnok - Wave Out 13. Zen Mechanics & Allaby - Immerse 14. Phaxe - The World Is Changed Description Motion Notion is a very person experience for us each year, and the effort that James Katalyst puts into his festival is always superhuman. Some of our best memories as performers are at Motion Notion, and last year was a thrill for us as we played the sunrise set. This mix was completed by Darvin only a few months ago, in a small hut high up on a hill overlooking the ocean on Koh Tao island in Thailand. It is just over 80 minutes in length and if anyone wants a shorter version to fit on a cd just let us know by dropping Darvin and email. We think this is one of our best sets to date... techy, pumpin and best heard on a clean clear and loud sound system outside under the stars. It's got some classic tracks from the summer of 2008, and we hope you enjoy the journey. Namaste! Comments: psydef wrote on Mar 4, 2009: Awesome mix guys! Your set was top notch as always. Looking forward to seein you at mono 09! Garett
  7. Symbios Released: Oct 17, 2007 Genre: Psygressive Length: 0:56:42 Listen / Download Here: http://www.area709.com/darvin/music/mix/145/ Description: My summer 2007 schedule was crazy hectic, filled with gigs and gatherings all over Western North America. The event which was the finale was the Symbiosis Gathering in California in September, and this mix reflects a portion of the Sons of Aurora set I played with my partner Norris. The gathering was one of the highlights of my summer and these particular tracks are for me a portal back to that amazing weekend up in the mountains East of San Francisco. The fact that they are all off of the same three labels goes to show that I am a big fan of what Flow, Blue Tunes and Iboga records are up to these days. This mix is a short one due to the one hour time allowance as it will was featured on Wes Straub's new online radio show 709 Sessions which can be found at: http://www.tribalmixes.org . Track List: 1. Suncontrolspecies (Iboga Records) - Spines 2. Yotopia (Flow Records) - Pepper Ball 3. Antix & Embark (Flow Records) - Hammers And Tongs 4. Perfect Stranger & Ace Ventura (Atmos Mix) (Iboga Records) - Perfect Ace 5. Lish (Blue Tunes) - Stereo Talk 6. Antix (Iboga Records) - Forward 7. Suncontrolspecies (Iboga Records) - The Big Mistake of 08 8. Symphonix (Blue Tunes) - Spaceballs 9. Perfect Stranger (Flowjob Remix) (Iboga Records) - Bliss Comments: Awesome mix really lovin' it missed the festivities of Symbiosis but I can imagine how awesome it must have been to play in presence of Ralph Metzer. - xolvexs Excellent mix. Left me wanting more. - lakitss
  8. Sonance Released: Jan 10, 2007 Genre: Progressive - House Length: 1:18:38 Listen / Download Here: http://www.area709.com/darvin/music/mix/70/ Description: This mix was temporarily down, but for a very great reason... it was picked up as an exclusive mix for the ECLECTIC SELECTIONS show put on by Progressive House.com and hosted on Dance Radio.gr. I compiled and mixed this recording as a progressive demo for my duo project, Sons of Aurora. My partner Norris compiled and mixed a companion recording called Zahir which is a simply stunning psydub journey. Both of these mixes can be found here on Area 709 in the Sons of Aurora section. The demo package did it's job, and we are booked solid for the whole summer, finishing off at the Symbiosis Gathering in Norhtern California in September 2007. This mix was an exploration of some new sounds for me, as the minimal sounds have gotten under my skin. I have also been really enjoying the electro infused tracks which seem to have taken the world of electronica by storm, so to travel from one to the other seemed like a great formula and this mix is the result. This mix has a taste of minimal, progressive house, electro house, and progressive psytrance... Enjoy! Tracklist: 1. Trentemoller – Nightwalker 2. 2. Filur – Kiwi Mind Pilot (Kasey Taylor Remix) 3. Parrket – Skeletonised 4. True To Nature – Breeze 5. Snake Sedrick & Emze Hack – The Beginning 6. Nyquist – Dawn Driver 7. FREq & B Harmless – Even & Odd (Antix Remix) 8. Flowjob – Cloud Politics 9. Parrket – Science In My Mind 10. Nyquist – Oliver Twist 11. Vibrasphere – Floating Free (Dub Mix) 12. Elke Klein – Deep Depths Reviews: Awesome! I love it!!!! Can I see the track list please? There's some amazing songs on this... love & light from Vancouver. - Jessica Listening now... awesome. - Zach This has to be hands down the best progressive house/trance mix I've ever heard. You guys rule! Please come east sometime, Halifax could use a taste of the sublime progressive you guys lay down. Keep it up and congrats on getting it picked up by Progressivehouse.com. Peace. - Ben
  9. Motion Notion 2007 by Sons of Aurora Released: Jul 26, 2007 Genre: Psytrance - Progressive and Full On Length: 1:57:04 Listen / Download Here: http://www.area709.com/soa/music/mix/130/ Track List: 1. Tetrameth (Zenon) - The 49th Vibration 2. Protoculture - Refractions 3. Alternate Vision - Different Perspective - Andromeda Remix 4. Prometheus - Acadian Magik 5. One Tastey Morsel (Zenon CDR) - Psyconautical Engineering 6. Sensient (Zenon) - Nectar 7. Ticon - Poem for Granny 8. Faktor D - Sardine 9. Sensient (Zenon) - Immersion 10. Tranan - Into Paradise 11. Area 51 - FM 12. Hydrophonic - Heckyl N Jive 13. Setherian - Misanthrope Matters 14. The Commercial Hippies - Dr. Freakenstein 15. Sensient (Zenon CDR) - Loose Frequency 16. Sensient (Zenon) - Simple Sex 17. Krumelur (Zenon) - You Decide 18. Silver Surfers - Mudjaji - Protoculture Remix 19. Behind Blue Eyes - Rumble In The Jungle - Zen Mechanics Remix 20. Eskimo & Madcap - Take A Look Out There - Flip Flop Remix Description: We are VERY happy with how our set came together for this years Motion Notion festival, so we decided to record it afterwards here at home and post it up for others to enjoy. This year we were wedged between two full-on psy performers, with Wizzy Noise being the act to follow us, so our set was meant to be a roller coaster through driving minimal tech, progressive and full-on psy. Add to that the fact that our set started out with hot dry sky's filled with stars and ended during a MASSIVE rain/thunder storm with tornado warnings for the area in effect... talk about INTENSE!!!! In the end our laptop finally stopped working and our fear was that it had actually shorted out due to the rain but the next day it started up without a hitch which was a HUGE relief. Our goal was to keep everyone engaged, twist a few noodles and not burn people out on the full-on. From all the super-positive feedback I think we managed to kick some ass!! Many of the tracks are killer classics, with a few shinny new ones thrown in, and the overall flow is a bit of a journey so sit back and imagine the thunder clouds closing in from behind, and as the mix ends the rain is coming down with a vengeance and the clouds are swirling with the threat of tornadoes. They don't call us Sons of Aurora for nothing.... Comments: Definitely enjoyed myself dancing to you're set at mono this year! Thanks for the download - Dentaku Psytrance isn't my thing, but I can dig it bro! Nice work. Sound's like a party. Wish I wasn't stuck here in boring old Norway. - Joe Hey Guys, I am listening to your mix and its sounding awesome!!! THanks for posting that! Keep up the great work! Can't wait to see u guys live sometime soon! Thanks!! - Khan I just want to say I love the new site and I listen to a tonne of music on there. You guys are officially my favorite music source. Thanks for everything - Morgan I wanted to see you on the Sunday before we left but never got to. I wanted to run up to you and bow down to you! Your set was amazing! Can't wait for Burning Man.... - Tammy Awesome set at MoNo! That crazy electrical storm in he sky during your set really unidentified it for me! Oh man did i get soaked. ahaha. Anywhooo. Thanks again for the beats which my ears and my heart enjoy sooo much! - Cheyenne Great set at MN guys! Always one of the highlights of the event! - Tyler Fish Sick, Sick, Sick - As I write this I am in a tugboat doing an assist job off of the Coast. Heres the situation: Large container ship, lost steering hydraulics we hooked up last night, and are now putting 22000 Horsepower to the water to pull this thing to safety. two caterpillar 3616 diesels are screaming at 105%. (thats over 145DB in the engine room) - So we have a 24000 Watt stereo with like 30 speakers above to blast dampening sound waves to quite it down. In addition to dampening it can play music over the noise, at the same time. Right now we are smashing through 50 swells, and listening to this mix. - As I have swayed to the green side - I saddens me that we are burning diesel at the rate of 14 gallons a minute. (faster than a garden hose can deliver) But break up a 1000 foot container ship on the rocks and see what happens, so I guess this is the lessor of two evils. - And thanks to Globalstar - I am streaming this on a satphone. So at least we are doing it all in style I love technology - I love it - Later - mdmf007
  10. Only After Dark by DJ Nokturnal Released: May 1, 2007 Genre: Psytrance - Minimal Length: 1:06:58 Listen / Download Here: http://www.area709.com/darvin/music/mix/97/ Description: I wanted to showcase a few of my favorite unreleased tracks due out on Zenon Records compilations this summer as well as a track by Anna (Anarchy) and another by Mikkel (NASA). These tunes have me pretty excited to be getting out to the festivals and start letting the gems rip!!! This mix was a challenge as I had a fairly small pool of tracks to work with, and was also limited by the keys I could work in. And to top it off, my laptop and sound card decided to add a few artifacts to the recording which I did not realize until I was done, and will go back in and remove once I get my technical issues sorted out. My thanks to Tim (Sensient), Tetrameth, Shadow Fx, One Tastey Morsel, Phat Kontrollerz, and Autonomech for letting me put this mix together to showcase their ridiculously awesome talents. I will be playing many of these tracks out this weekend at Alliance in Vancouver this Saturday night, so if you want to here this stuff loud and clear, get your butt out and come and dance!!! Tracklist: 1. Shadow Fx - Dr Elephant 2. Suncontrolspecies – Coma CDR 3. Phat Kontrollerz - Track 8 CDR 4. Sensient - Sona Arome 5. Anarchy - Wherever 6. N.A.S.A. - Penetration Generation 7. One Tastey Morsel - Psyconautical Engineering CDR 8. Sensient - Loose Frequency CDR 9. Sensient - Simple Sex 10. Tetrameth - 49th Vibration 11. Autonomech - Track 3 CDR Comments: Nice mix bro, thanks! - Tim Sensient One awesome mix man -Topher I think i may need a new pair of undies!!! - Bender balls to the wall. some of the best tunes in existance... period. All about "Session On" right now, good to see morsel getting some coverage too - Tweekunit Yeah love that Aussie Zenon flavor - Alex Seriously wikid. This is the kind of trance I crave to move with - and it's intricate and lyrical enough to sit and listen to. A rare thing for me. I love trance but generally can't listen to it at home... thanks Darvin, BOOM! - Synaesthesia I enjoyed it very much! Listened to it driving to work this morning - luvlee driving music it is... would love it on the dancefloor as well! Man I love that dark proggy minimal (and whatever else) sound. Great tracks and nice'n'smoove mixing (not to be confused with Nice'n'Smoove of the early 90's rap scene). Cheers - Rosco. Smooth and sexy as usual! - Solomoon We LOVE your new mix for Zenon, it's exactly the type of psy that we enjoy! - Karen and Dave Really good new sounding and original tracks, and really solid mixes, it's excellent - Craig This is sick - Drew05 WOW, this is REALLY good. Awesome mix, one of the best I've head in ages actually. - Ov3rdos3
  11. lllucid by DJ Nokturnal Released: Jul 1, 2006 Genre: Psytrance - Progressive Length: 1:19:56 Listen / Download Here: http://www.area709.com/darvin/music/mix/35/ Description: Exactly as my girl Irena ordered, each track and transition approved by her, this mix is deep, dark, dirty and very progressive. We had a VERY hard to compiling this one; making a cd with another person did make the process a long one but it was also something we both really enjoyed. This mix was also the nucleus of the set Norris and I played at Motion Notion this year. This is our attempt at staying true to the progy house/progy psy sound for a solid 80 min. Enjoy! Tracklist: 1. Echotek - Away 2. Sharon and Robert - Desire 3. Phony Orphants - Chicago Collins 4. Nyquist - Flatline 5. Dousk - Estrange 6. Bitmonx vs Fabio - Deep Sense 7. Freq - Short Life Again 8. Beat Bizarre - 2 Lame 2 Blame 9. Luna Spice - Melodeep (into mix) 10. Liguid Soul - Why 11. Mondayz Millionares - Balaindo 12. Gaudium - Fading Faith 13. Chakra - Opacity 14. Ticon - Six Years After Reviews: I have just stumbled across this, and can't stop playing it! It's not as if I even don't get out much. Sublime. Cheers! :-) Well, what can I say? Another rock-fucking-solid mix! Nice work! - Solomoon Love this, sounds awesome!! - Anonymous Good sounds man! - Anonymous Nice indeed! I think you achieved what you intended...or that your gf intended?! Cheers! - Anonymous Overall great track selection, and the flow is pretty good as well, although it does lose a bit too much energy at times. The mixes are mostly pretty long and smooth, apart from a couple of sections where it is slighly offbeat, and generally I found the whole thing a good listen - Profane Nice mix man - Cubed Some killer tracks in here Darvin, reminds me of Motion Notion.... I make a "whip" sound at Nokturnal cuz of your girls involvement. I think you should have to have a duo DJ name for this mix since its a collaborative effort - Sundrop Nokturnal your progpsy sets are easily the best on tranceaddict.com. I still listen to the previous one you did. This one is great too. More plz - THE Chris Props for a Canadian (Calgary at that) Psy DJ... BTW, your guys set at Motion Notion this year was SAVAGE!!... Excellent opening set for John 00 Fleming... Thumbsup! - J:Digital
  12. Wander Fall by DJ Nokturnal Released: Feb 1, 2005 Genre: Psydub / Chill Length: 1:17:46 Listen / Download Here: http://www.area709.com/darvin/music/mix/36/ Description: Irena and I were out wandering around just before Christmas on the capital grounds in Edmonton one night. She decided to fall down suddenly and do a snow angel, and a fine one it was. The mix is like our walk that night in that it has moments of structure and movement that fall away to interludes of formlessness. I started this mix not long after our walk, finally acting on my admiration of Rusty's two ambient mixes. I tried to stay away from anything too glitchy or ethnic, and focused instead on deeper, dubbier and more beautiful haunting sounds. As for the few vocals in the mix, any of the ones in English resonate with me in that they are not there by chance and I connect with their little messages so listen to what they have to say! The mixing is nothing too fancy, my only concern was to make the transitions smooth and enjoyable, and to keep the listener guessing as to what will happen next. One last thing, I would like to dedicate this compilation to a new little wonder name Edie Tangerine Stowell, Craig and Kathy's beautiful baby girl. So I invite you to sit back quietly, alone or with a loved one, and enjoy this little journey!! Tracklist: 1. Blowfish - Trumpet Fishology 2. Western Rebel Alliance - Fly 3. Ishq - Bhakti 4. Bluetech - Leaving Babylon 5. Future Sound of London - Cascade 6. Shakti - Anahata 7. Bluetech - 7th Phase dub 8. Abakus - Igmatik 9. Balashwaar - Doof 10. Chris McNamara - Martahaus 11. Solar Fields - Compressed Universe 12. Vibrasphere - Aguas Calientes 13. Shakta - Are We Leaning Yet? 14. Quade - Cascade 15. Future Sound of London - Cascade Reviews: This totally caught me off guard... I love hearing other ambient mixes and popped my headphones on and settled down at work. Much respect to you for this mix... the vibe is perfect and I loved the journey very much. Also, the "let me be worthy" track is beautiful. I love this mix, thanks for sharing... glad to have met you. - Dj Bridget Very nice, thank you very much... I love chill mixes. Good choice in music too, I would put half of those tracks in a chill mix also hehe, have a nice day! - Dan Listening to it at the moment as I have my morning coffee and "moment of reflection", heh. Very nice! I'm diggin this! - Rubicon Nothing to complain about here for me. Smooth mixing, superb track selection of dubby/psychedelic vibes and a very soothing atmosphere. Not surprising though, inspiration like the one you got always helps. - Sand Leaper Well, I've been listening to this for a couple of days now and I really have nothing to critique. The mixing is well done and the mastering sounds very professional, and it seems to express your creative talents as well. Thanks for sharing! They are great tracks!!! - Skipperoo Definately deep, dubby, and beautifully haunting. Excellent track selection... thanks for sharing. - Paul B Beautiful mix! I very much appreciated this!!!! - Dan
  13. Luna Tech by DJ Nokturnal Released: Feb 1, 2005 Genre: Psytrance - Progressive Length: 1:12:17 Listen / Download Here: http://www.area709.com/darvin/music/mix/37/ Description: To me psyprog is one of the most creative and cutting edge sounds being produced right now in the world of electronica. It has elements of tribal house, progressive house, tech trance, psytrance and ambient/down tempo. I am often temped to play a whole set of it when performing but I usually always step up into harder psytrance as I am worried that dancers will not find it intense enough. This recording was an attempt to show that this music can be all one needs. I wanted a CD that did not deviate from the progressive sound and to do that I stayed away from any tracks that had a classic reverberating psytrance bassline of any sort. Compiling this mix took me approximately 40 hours, and it very nearly drove me totally bonkers as I was having some serious issues with direction and transitions. When I attempted to mix it however I got it on the first try so I was very happy about that as I was dreading another couple of weeks of trying to get it mixed well enough that I was satisfied with it. It is not as tight as other mixes of mine, but I was inspired by Rusty's mix ONE SHOT NO CHASER, and as well by conversations I had shared with him about what a good mix cd should be: that flaws are exciting and add a element of humanity to a CD. And I had to add a little hats off to my close friend Jay (Jintonik) at the very end of my mix by borrowing an idea he used at the start of his WAY TO GILEAD mix. Feel free to share your thoughts on this one! Tracklist: 1 Son Kite - Let Us Be 2 Antix - Chase 3 Frogacult - Back to the Woods 4 Lunaspice - Tixaan 5 XV Kilst - Pornblocker 6 Antix - Darko 7 Buzzmonx - Shift 8 Heliotrope - Hellion 9 FREq vs Spherical - Suzuki Sun 10 FREq - Return of the Masters 11 FREq - Spacechanger 12 Mondayz Millionaires - Coldies for Goldies 13 Son Kite - Let us Be (vocal sample) Reviews: What do you mean coming soon? This thing is pretty wicked in its current state. Still the master of driving and techy minimalistic madness. - Wes Powerful spontaneous emission, Nokturnal... enjoyed the flow for sure...very interesting segues give good groove. - Azul Darvin, I love the new psy mix! Antix: Lull has been my favorite psytrance cd for about 5 months now, I even thought about emailing you when I first heard track 1, Darko. I though "now THIS, is trance!". I crave that minimal progressive sound. We just got hooked up with high speed here at our new house in Halifax. Being able to listen to the 709 mixes whenever I want is such a treat, I will always plug the site and support you guys. Keep up the great work and I hope that 2005 brings you much joy. Miss you and everyone else in Calgary, peace. - Ben I thought the music was AWESOME! Do you ever travel down to the states? - Mama Gaea You BEATFREAK, Absolutely Unbelievable! LUNA TECH is one of the best sets I have ever heard. I need to get this one! - Francescobubbles Awesome mix mate... I like it! - Dan Nice choons... I really liked your mix! - Amanita Hello, I really like this mix... some nice progressive in here, and mixed really well. Keep it up! - Sunrunner Wow... this is beautiful, I love it!! - Pax This mix is incredible, I absolutely love it. I just burned a copy and I can't wait to listen to it full blast in my car. I can't get past the 3rd track, I just keep listening to that one over and over! Seriously, there's nothing I don't love about that track; the floating, the echo-y sounds, and how pensive it is at first, and how it gets just a touch nastier towards the end. Its a definite bum wiggler babe... a bum wiggler indeed. And the female vocal that whispers "our house", its hot. Hot hot hot. I loooove it. - Irena Not my style, but VERY well put together IMHO. Good work. - DaveJeff What a NICE Valentine's gift this is! We're listening to it right now and it is very very tasty! Nice and tight. Sweeeeet build-up of intensity, woohoo!! We're burning a CD of it at the same time so can enjoy it again another time. THANKS for sharing. - Anneke
  14. Children of the Night by DJ Nokturnal Released: Dec 1, 2003 Genre: Psytrance - Minimal Length: 1:13:46 Listen / Download Here: http://www.area709.com/darvin/music/mix/39/ Description: Based on a set I played at a fetish masquerade party, it is every bit as deep, dark and sexy as I envisioned it. During my set performers spun fire chains, as well as were pierced by rather large gauge hooks through their back. Pleasure and pain are such strange bedfellows. Tracklist: 1 Syncro - Porn 2 Phony Orphonts - Chocolate Icetea 3 Beat Bizarre - Deep Disco Profile 4 Timetech - At All Times 5 Beat Bizarre - Funk Fliud 6 Tarsis - Distance 7 Fiasco Systems - Fettometer 8 Vibrasphere - New Port 9 Cosma - Lemon Light 10 Tegma - Werewolf - Beat Bizarre Remix 11 Timetech - Notes 12 Beat Bizzare - Pony Sauce 13 P Woland - The Lovely Wife - Reefer Decree Remix Reviews: Just wanted to let you know that I listen to your mixes all the time while I'm working. They are definatly some of the most insightfull and intelligent sets I've heard in awhile. Children Of The Night is one of my favorites. Anyways just wanted to give you a shout out for the great mixes. - J-Byrd You have a superb flow! - Dave Man, this mix is so damn good. It's really tripping me out. I think I might have to buy your cd of this. Is it full CD quality? Like burned from a wav file, not mp3? - Osteen Hey Darvin, just starting to listen to your stuff! THANK YOU so much for making this available online...you have what I crave, baby WOOOHOO!! When you coming to Vancouver? - Squishelle Right on brotha, this shit is tight. Don't suppose you'll be on the east coast anytime will ya? You should get in on the Gaian Mind festival in June! - Max I've just had a chance to listen to the full stream and this is quite a nice mix you've put together. Most of the tracks I haven't heard, but there's a couple that are real stormers! I especially like track four, and a very nice transition into it I might add. There's only about 3 or 4 tracks that I'd consider my typical PSY listening style, but overall I thought you did a great job with most mixes. Very nice set! 8.5/10 - TwoHardCore I love these sleek proggy scandosounds... it's aural sex. I'm only on the third track or so, but it's 0wning me already. - Grahf Very good! Solid mix. I'm glad I decided to check it out. It's been awhile since I heard a mix like this, and it was really refreshing. Good job! I look forward to hearing more. - Dylan Leroy Wow. I love how the start is so minimal and it gradually sucks you in. I listened to it at a time when I was in a lot of physical pain and it grabbed my mind and took me away on a peaceful journey... and when I came back I actually decided that winter was beautiful (if you know me - you know I am the queen of winter hating and that is a big acomplishment). Thank you for the awesome gifts you keep bringing to this community. - Heather Very well mixed. Good track selection too...EDIT: Just have to double that! Actually it's quite a while since I heard something that was as great as this! Keep up the good work! - Ziddy Wow....opening track is making me crazy! Amazing work, I think this is my favorite one of yours. - Michelle-y
  15. Something To Hold Onto Genre: House - Progressive Length: 1:12:46 Listen / Download Here: http://www.area709.com/darvin/music/mix/43/ Description: Straight from the heart, originating from a live site at an event called Uber. Sad, dark, elusive and beautiful with striking moments of intensity. Truly representative of what I feel is the best of progressive sound. This mix is a blend of progressive house, psyprog, and progressive breaks. Tracklist: 1. Unknown - Unknown 2. Sasha - Bloodlock 3. Hybrid - Know Your Enemy 4. Martin Kay - The Switch 5. Moshic - Not In Front of U 6. Fabel vs Antix - The Bear 7. Kenny Shifter - Six (main mix) 8. Sasha - Magnetic North 9. John Creamer & Stephane K - While You Were Sleeping (I Love You Hybrid mix) 10. Mike G - Avatar 11. Austin Leeds - Moondiver 12. Hybrid - Visible Noise
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