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  1. Check my new track - Elevate your vibrationnal level v2 - http://tellurium.hyves.net Boom !!
  2. Hey Guys, Just a few words to praise this compilation again, not because i am on it, but because it is still one of the best old skool GOA music circulating at the moment and also for free !! I still have my mp3 player fully loaded with it with the exception of a few tracks I'm loving especially the tracks "Firebloom" from Mindcrawlers, and "Gateway" from Tears, "In love with a godess" from Lost Buddha... Thanks guys you rock !!! Now i have decided to make a break in production but might as well consider a comeback, aiming more old skool goa production ... But men i need to learn some techniques especially from you Lost buddha ... How do you get this voice cut on the 16th or the 32th ? Do you use a chopper ? Respect ! Tellurium
  3. Hello, 2 new mixes to download !! Cheers and be cool !
  4. Thanks for the good review !! will definitely work more on this 1
  5. you have to go here Then locate the playah and click on secret files. Enjoy !!
  6. Im listening right now, i am at the sesto sento one, very nice so far !!
  7. Holy Shit ! Wat a fantastic mix !
  8. Hi, What is South African style ?
  9. Maybe people are not aware of such things ?
  10. Man, I can't DL the file, the service is at full Capacity. I have pm'ed u with my msn ...
  11. I loved it too !! btw Goe i just bouth your album " Psychedelic Perspectives" !! Cheers !!
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