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  1. woohooo yeah be good to catch up with you and the northern bunch again! .. and be seeing you the week before and your event also ... not long now !! xx
  2. Official Shpongle Afterparties .. So once the Shpongle Concerts kick out at 11pm... Two nights of madness! Friday Night Trance Room Juno Reactor - Old School Set Eat Static - 20th Anniversary Set Prometheus Lucas Jeremy InSpiral Lounge Younger Brother Merv Pathaan Naked Nick Liquid Electro and Breaks Neurodriver Hedflux Simon Pieman Dj Moon Agent Smith Minimal Mayhem Techno Alex Kenji Dimitri Casanueva Diego Coelho more to be confirmed - - - Saturday Night Trance Room Juno Reactor - Old School Set Tristan
  3. Alpha Omega Friday 3rd April 2009 @ The Coronet, 26-28 New Kent Road, Elephant and Castle. London. Se1 6tj www.coronettheatre.co.uk Liquid Records, Tribe of Frog, Archangel, Tribal Vision, Broken, Om Liquid 4 Rooms of the finest psychedelic, progressive, techno, electro and breaks! Our next epic electronic feast includes: :: Room 1 :: Liquid and Frogs Main Stage :: Psychedelic Trance :: Hallucinogen Twisted Records / More Info Green Nuns of the Revolution More Info Earthling Neurobiotic / More Info Tron Liquid Records / More Info Paul Taylor Kundalini Reco
  4. really looking forward to this ... amazing prog lineup on the mainstage ... will be amazing !! see u this weekend xx :drama:
  5. that will be very interesting .... as of course will the Liquid tunes thumping in the mainrom! xx
  6. full set times look like this :: Room 1 :: Liquid Records & Tribe of Frog [Psychedelic Trance] 22.00 - 23.30 Liquid Ross 23.30 - 00.30 Fromem Ory 00.30 - 01.45 Double Dragon 01.45 - 03.00 Natzan 03.00 - 04.00 Zen Mechanics 04.00 - 05.00 Tron vs Mood Deluxe 05.00 - 06.00 Prism 06.00 - 07.00 Concept 07.00 - 08.00 Jeremy :: Room 2 :: Furthur Project Recording [Progressive Trance] 22.00 - 23.45 - Intelligent Idiot 23.45 - 01.15 - Nori 01.15 - 02.15 - Dog Soldiers 02.15 - 04.00 - DJ Pena 04.00 - 05.00 - Citizen 05.00 - 06.00 - Symphonix 06.00 - 08.00 - Beoduin & Ham
  7. Friday 7th November 2008 :: Alpha Omega :: @ Se1 Club, London Bridge 10pm - 8am With the combined efforts of Liquid Records, Tribe of Frog, Further Project, Archangel, Nu School Hippies, Gandalfs Garden Party, Blood Tribe, Fluffy Mafia and Twisted Clarity (Opus Sound) :: Room 1 :: Liquid Records & Tribe of Frog [Psychedelic Trance] Zen Mechanics (Neurobiotic - Netherlands) Prism - Scorb vs Concept LIVE Debut! (Trick Music) Concept (3D Vision - France) Double Dragon - First Ever UK Appearance! Mood Deluxe vs Tron (Liquid Records) Fromem Ory (Liquid Records) Liquid Ross
  8. http://www.archangeluk.co.uk/promo/sunrise/djmagcomp.htm WIN! A FESTIVAL DJ SET SUPPORTING RADIO 1'S ANNIE NIGHTINGALE Theres nothing like DJing at a festival full of up-for-it ravers and party people. And heres a great way to kick off the summer by winning a DJ set at the Sunrise Celebration Festival in Somerset at the end of May. Words: Ben Murphy (DJ Mag) Now in its third year, Sunrise has been likened to how the Glastonbury festival was in its early days. "The Sunrise festival seems to me to be something like it was here about 35 years ago," said Michael Eavis, Glasto o
  9. free tickets on Mondays and Tuesdays .. click links below :posford: •Alpha Omega Myspace• •Alpha Omega Facebook•
  10. Makyo ... wow .. amazing to have him join us from Japan! .. one of my ALL TIME favorite artists .. his music is just sublime! Makyo will be DJing at the event accompanied by vocalist Nona Kalra and further performers currently being selected. If u a Makyo fan or like the downtempo world music fusion .. this is going to be an amazing rare treat! on Makyo ... Makyo is the bench mark in Indo-Arab Electronic Fusion. His music is am intricate, interwoven collage. Live instruments and vocals are fed into the sampler to be cut up, and arranged in radical new sounds. :: Info from Daki
  11. also .. check the Myspace page ... every tuesdy (I think) ur chance to win a pair of free tickets ... www.myspace.com/alphaomegaevents and also the Facebook group where the comp also runs on a monday ... www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=9364543798 not bad eh ?! :posford: :drama: :clapping: xx
  12. yeah this is gonna be a VERY phat party ... SeOne is an amazing venue for full massive lineup and production ... the Twisted event there 2years ago was amazing ... seeya there :drama: xx
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