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  1. thanks for the warning Moai . fuck'em.
  2. really? but thats what i read at psyshop on a neofull on album!
  3. like i told and continue to tell , old skool artists are dead for goa. they lost it.
  4. i had a few words and questions with skazi himself in msn , the only words he could tell were: -killah -supakillah -killa -killer i´d better stop here. after that i removed him from my msn contacts.
  5. neo fullon is a new concept of old goa melodies mixed with new full on (the boring bassline , etc.).
  6. Seraph and Rain , thank you so much for cheering me up. Seraph you´re absolutely right , we cant do shit to change this. im doing the same as you , collecting old psykadelia that is new to me as you were furious by goa died i still am. but we cant do anything to change it. all i dig in psy world i goa , i dont see other music that can suit me unless psy ambient. Seraph , thanks for the words , i know im shit sometimes hope you guys understand me. Big respect to you , Filipe.
  7. yes thats what i tought , thats why i replied "everyone". almost every old skool artist dissapointed and continues to disapoint , thats why i answered that way.
  8. try registering at psynews.
  9. best piece of song of cosmosis is MOONSHINE. that is something that cosmosis will never repeat. keep that in mind. old skool artists are lost. even laughing buddha is making full on , so what do you will expect from cosmosis? fullon.
  10. loloololol , you caught me , i was listening to the 1st prewiew and i became euphoric , but it seemed it was too early to became euphoric cause the 2nd track disapointed me for the rest of the album. PS- i didnt listened more samples from that point. conclusion : the album isnt good. get Cosmology the best beautiful piece blessed by God.
  11. sometimes im exausted for working too much , and the only thing i see is more full on more full on... sorry guys , i really needed a cold shower
  12. my pacience for psytrance is over..
  13. yea i know ,new laughing buddha is ... ... FULL ON! BLHARK! i think im gonna quit on psy production and im going to start making some normal melodic trance music like unknown source , robert miles or something , or maybe start to dedicating myself to Acid trance too like Kai Tracid. Psytrance has no cure.
  14. i meant to say that psytrance is so at a commercial level that someday you will play games with psytrance soundtraxxx.
  15. now games are hallucinogenic too , cmon guys gimme a break.
  16. ahhh , i tought so Seraph , you know that Laughing Buddha was the brain of Cosmosis , thats why the 1st album was so great. Since he left Cosmosis , the music started to be dry and that 303 was lost. Yes i think there´s always a 1st time for everything doesnt it? You know also that im a goa freak , its the only stuff i like from the psy world is Goa and by the way that psytrance is taking nowadays ... ... i plan it to be that way , sticking to old ancient and warm music , called Goa. Dont expect good'ol music from Bilbo Bagginz cause i think this will be a lot fullon.
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