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  1. It sounded like a typical full-on album to me
  2. so... sup starlancer 8)?

  3. Mental Mountain (and most of the chill tracks ofcourse )
  4. Hey. i really dig this. :posford: Is there any tracklist?
  5. I didn't like it. It's true that the cosmosis style is there, and the man knows what he is doing. Technically it is a great album. But there is no creativity here (and i am not talking about innovation). I found the tracks boring and uninspiring. Nothing special about the melodies. Just plain and simple full-on. And btw, the leads in some tracks like Dance of the Cosmic Serpent remind me of greek nizonot (or however it is spelled) trance
  6. Just click on the "Discog" section, and if you click on an album you will see its description and a download link at the end (all albums are not downloadable, but most of them are).
  7. My personal favorite for sleeping Tom Heasley - Desert Triptych also, a favourite track is Star Sounds Orchestra - New Lyra (Mercury) (Kosmophonon), but it's not so much for sleeping, it's better before sleeping
  8. Maybe the wosth thing is people who bring negative vibes with saying that these discussions bring negative vibes. What? Can't we have an opinion? I don't have to make music in order to critisize it. I can critisize it as much as i want :posford:
  9. Check this thread http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?sh...p;hl=wonderland
  10. My thoughts exactly. Too simple, empty and monotonous
  11. Amazing album. I have been listening to it a lot lately
  12. After the disappointing Zodiac i don't expect much from him, to be honest. But i'll keep my ears open
  13. RESPECT to Khetzal :clapping: Corolle was great and the track Djaningar is one of my all-time classics.
  14. yea, they were rather cool about it. All we had to do was to ask
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