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  1. hi guys, thanks for the kind words...... we would be thankfull for every idea you suggest .. we received already lots of good tracks,.......so far the next viritual comp is ready pretty soon! we keep you updated..... also it can be all genres of electronic music... proggy,full on,tech-trance,..all electronic genres!!
  2. Hi there........ You are an artist? You don’t know where to release your music? Maybe we have something for you……. As you know these days to survive as a label are not easy at all.all labels around the world have the same problem about their sales,this is also the reason why they reduce their output of releases.anyways the future of all music business will be digital download portals around the world.(beatport,i-tunes,napster,audio jelly,etc…) Our new idea is to create viritual exclusive compilations just released by digital download portals on planet b.e.n. records. As you know to get any attention today as an new artist is not easy at all….. We have acces to all digital download portals worldwide and it’s a way to make you famous as an artist. Plan of this compilations is to have known/less known names/artist as well,which will help you to get attention from listeners all over the world…… Of course we have to check the quality of your tracks,but it will be much more easy than to be listed on a physical cd and its the same promotion like the physical way. we will feature all like we do with our physical cd’s.(homepage,forums,etc….) (promotion work will be the same way like for physical cd’s) If you think your track/or even whole album (depends how many tracks you finished) if it is worth to be released,send it to us.before its rotten and old ... Or maybe are you interested to compile your own compilation? (your&friends tracks?)with your dj/artist name as compiler? We will be happy for any suggestions and new ideas to develop this concept. For further information contact us please: david@planet-ben.net
  3. hehehe.... you are funny dude... did you had a look of this forums name??? i think if you don't like psytrance you are def. at the wrong place here mate!!! i talk about major festivals where "eu" is playing around the world and our label dj's ,as well ben him self! you go only on festivals/partys with over "xxx" aged people? where does it excist?moon,mars or old people's home???? just to mention you think there is any psy-festival/party out there just with aged people? if i see around at the partys/festivals i see mainly young people as you call "teenager" on the dancefloor.........and yes teenager are the future of this scene,thats the people keep this scene alive,cause they are mainly the listeners&dancers, what you want to tell artists like "eskimo"??? you send him home cause he just turned 19?? he kick's people on the dancefloor in his age and older ones! and its class for its own! no artist need sleeping pills in front of him (dancefloor).........so in the end its not important if younger or older people like this music,more the reaction on the dancfloor is important,good energy,nothing else...... also! produced=production...... cheers!! have a nice summer
  4. i think the question is,if the "eu" spirit is gone,or just the fact that your personal taste have been changed??........ its subjective and easy to say the "eu" spirit is gone ........... and if? to where? .... north ,east,west,south??..or south-west?! .... still its there!!!! again,........all a question of taste. fact is that this album is produced in high quality! and people on the dancefloor confirm it every time.
  5. its simply an fantastic album....... and people on the dancfloor confirm it every time! its just a question of taste,nothing else! for some its good and god for others its sad and bad! what to do........ enjoy the summmer! like we say in germany "feierei alter"!
  6. thanks dear "spannungsbogen" ..... we hope you will like it as much the vol.2.... c.u....
  7. V/A - PLANETARY NATION Vol.3 ROCK YOU ALL SUMMER LONG! Right in time for Summer’s peak DJs PLANET B.E.N. & MAEL have compiled a fantastic and massive Full On Psytrance ride for all you hungry souls out there on the festival dance floors!! Expect ten mind and body rocking tunes by friends such as ELECTRIC UNIVERSE, G.M.S., MEKKANIKKA, BLISS, SESTO SENTO, SIRIUS ISSNESS, CPU – some of the best Psytrance producers on this planet, joined by thrilling talent from Brazil and Mexico, such as AUDIO X. Expect some exciting collaborations - TEN TRACKS that will MOOOVE YOOU!!! Ben (collaborating with Samy aka CPU) and Mael themselves have produced two smashing tunes for this collection of finest peaktime stuff – nine fresh and exclusive tracks plus one of the most exciting collaborations of the year: “Tune Up”, Anne Clark’s voice bathing in Boris Blenn’s (aka Electric Universe) soundscapes. We love it :’) Let us introduce to you some very talented guys from Brazil, Mad Hatters alongside their friends Cosmonet. First appearance on our label as well for Bio Genesis from Mexico, living in Spain now – you WILL remember their names! Mexican as well are 4 Winds Circle, collaborating with Mekkanikka to blow your mind. And already well introduced are Brazilians Audio X who worked with Sesto Sento – and will release there first album later this year! DJ MAEL aka NOMAD from Paris/France runs Mindcontrol Records alongside DJ LESTAT aka TALAMASCA. Mael is djing since 1992. After two albums, his live and studio act Nomad has reached the highest sound quality meeting with most pumping sequences! PLANET B.E.N. RECORDS is run by German artist DJ PLANET B.E.N. and based in Japan. Ben is one of the leading acts on the international psytrance scene, he has worked with many well known artists and played side to side with all the big names around the world. 01. Audio X vs Sesto Sento - 1st Qualite 02. Bliss - Planet Shwaya 03. Electric Universe - Tune Up 04. Planet B.E.N. vs CPU-Five Kilo 05. G.M.S. – Ghostbusters 06. Mad Hatters vs Cosmonet - Intelect 07. Nomad aka DJ Mael - Locked Inside 08. Sirius Issness - So Weird 09. Mekkanikka vs 4 Winds Circle - Nutek 10. Bio Genesis - Super String Theory Cat. No.: PBR012CD Release Date: 24 July, 2006
  8. i guess all is a question of taste.....and for people wich love quality full on might love this album. for me personally its "electric universe" his best album he ever wrote...... its just high level of quality,thats also one of the reasons why we released it defently boris blenn is one of the pioneers........ for me personally just juicy&fat basslines wich are roling.... and to you out there,have a nice summer/party season,... c.u....
  9. avalible here from 15th' of may... http://www.wakyo.jp/detail/?cat_no=PBRCD010 soon some more information,.....
  10. hello guys, here are some more information the release date will be 15th' of may! be good ,and we wish you all a nice summer season...... Electric Universe “Silence in Action” Label: PLANET B.E.N. RECORDS & ELECTRIC UNIVERSE RECORDS Title: ELECTRIC UNIVERSE – “SILENCE IN ACTION” Cat. No.: PBR010CD Rel. Date: May 15, 2006 One of the definite top releases in 2006 is on its way to you:“Silence in Action” redefines the Electric Universe. Very energetic, pureuplifting fresh Full On psychedelic sound. The perfect dance into the morning. “Silence in Action” was produced over a period of 1.5 years, every track is carefully selected and a proven floor burner! 2005 was a very successful year for Electric Universe. Countless live acts all over the globe brought a lot ofinspiration for the new, the 8th album “Silence in Action”. It contains 10 smash hits from dark night over blissfulmorning tunes to floating daytime trance. This record brings the unique Electric Universe sound to a total new level of production quality and content. Ecstatic, psychedelic and Full On.With the track “Tune Up” the album includes an amazing cooperation with Anne Clark, and of course “Meteor”Guitarero Roland Wedig joined with some of his burning chords. Boris has recently founded his own label Electric Universe Records and already built up his distribution for most ofEurope. Still for the first release “Silence in Action” he decided to cooperate with Planet B.E.N. Records to take careof the release in other parts of the world such as Asia, Russia or South America as well as of the promotion. The labels of two of the best known German psy artists will cooperate again for the next Electric Universe album,which will already be released in late 2006. It will be a thrilling remix album, containing Electric Universe remixes ofother artitsts’ tracks as well as a number of massive remixes of Electric Universe tunes done by some of the best Psytrance producers around. So stay tuned for our label news!Boris Blenn, Psytrance producer of the very first hour has enriched the dance floors of the planet with hundreds of live performances and many hit tunes over the years. Such as the Breakbeat monster “Online Information”, the bestknown guitar tune in Trance, “Meteor” - or “The Prayer”, to mention just a few. With far over 150,000 records soldBoris is one of the top producers of the scene. The core of the Electric Universe productions and performances has to be its infectious, uplifting energy. “Being creative in the studio is working with the Divine. It is about bliss and ofcourse about how to make people dance and enjoy themselves,” Boris states.The Electric Universe project was founded in 1991 by Boris Blenn in Hamburg, Germany. Being inspired by the first big Voov Experience party, some of his first Psytrance orientated tracks found their way to DJ Antaro, who hadjust started his label Spirit Zone. The Electric Universe “Solar Energy” maxi single was the second release on SpiritZone. It turned out to be a big hit and set the ground for the first album “One Love” in 1994. More and more Trance partys were taking place and Electric Universe started to play, mainly in Germany at first, later all around the globe.1997 was the year of the “Stardiver” album, with the massive track “Online Information”, that blew the dance floorseverywhere and came to be a blueprint for Breakbeat Trance. In 1999 Roland Wedig joined Electric Universe and the result of the first cooperation was the track “Meteor” on the “Blue Planet” album. This kicking tune, with itsexpressive guitar lines was played on practically every party for well over a year and probably is the most oftenplayed guitardriven Psytrance tune of all times. In 2004 “Cosmic Experience” was released including the “Prayer”track, outstanding through the amazing vocals of an Indian prayer. Because of the closing down of Spirit ZoneRecords in 2005 this album was the last one in more than ten years of cooperation with Antaro’s label. Boris Blenn is also successfully working on several side projects such as Jupiter 8000 on Nova Tekk/LiquidAudio/Avatar Recods. The chill project Galaxy had its first two releases on Blue Room. The third Galaxy album“Science of Ecstasy”, released on Chillcode in 2005, got No. 1 in the Official German Chill Out Charts. Lots of cooperations have been happening in the last few years with artists such as DJ Sangeet, S.U.N. Project,GMS, Four Winds Circle, and especially Olli Wisdom (Space Tribe).On the web: www.electricuniverse.de PLANET B.E.N. RECORDS is the Japan based label run by German artist DJ PLANET B.E.N.Ben is one of the leading acts on the international Psytrance scene, he has worked with many well known artistsand played side to side with all the big names around the world. You can reach PLANET B.E.N. RECORDS via our Office Europe in Hamburg/Germany. Tracklist 01. Mind Of God 02. Tune Up 03. The Self 04. Multiverse 05. Super Position 06. Science 07. Electric Universe 08. The Bomb 09. Solar Storm 10. Future Excursions coming soon onPLANET B.E.N. RECORDS: New psy-progressive compilation Area 51 volume 2 - out in May! New CPU album “Discodelic” - out in June! and theElectric Universe Remix album in late 2006 ... stay tuned! Key Selling PointsAdverts: Trancers Guide to the Galaxy, mushroom magazine international edition (Germany), Posivision, Loud(Japan), Streetbeat (Australia), Revolve Magazine (UK), Freeze Magazine (Greece) Reviews, articles, interviews: mushroom magazine, Raveline, Beam me up (Germany), Psymag.com (Israel),Posivision, Loud (Japan), Streetbeat (Australia), Revolve Magazine (UK), Coda mag (France), Freeze (Greece)Radio airplay: Chaishop.com, New Wave Radio (ministryofsound.com) Banner ads, product news: onlineshops round the world .............. OUT NOW: MEKKANIKKA " INTOXICATED" PBR009CD
  11. Hi There, Merry christmas& Happy New Year! All the best for you guys, out there! The cd is out, http://www.psyshop.com/ http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/pbr/pbr1cd007.html
  12. hi there, new release soon! 20.12.2005.... PSYTRANCE EARTHQUAKES ON THE DANCE FLOOR AGAIN! Causing earthquakes on the dance floor is what we really love to do, and this is our intention again with our last release in 2005 :’) With a lot of help from his friends, such as MEKKANIKKA, CPU, G.M.S., ELECTRIC UNIVERSE, NOMAD, and more, PLANET B.E.N. brings a compilation into being that surely is a highlight of the psytrance year. Our label head selected NEW TRACKS by some of the best full-on psychedelic acts this world has to offer, PEAK TIME STUFF to make YOU guys out there go crazy on the floor! PLANET B.E.N. RECORDS V/A – PLANETARY NATION VOL.2 Cat. No. PBR007CD Release Date 21.12.2005 At Planetary Nation festival 2004 in Japan not only the crowd, but nature also went wild sending earthquakes and a typhoon. Still the trance freaks had lots of fun, and nobody got injured. While it is way to early to talk about the possible next Planetary Nation festival, one thing’s for sure: PLANET B.E.N. absorbed these inspiring festival vibes to create a compilation series for all the people round the globe that love and live psychedelic trance just like we do. This is a collection of ten brand new future psytrance hits!!! Expect PLANETARY NATION VOL.2 to be a unique musical experience provided by some of the best producers around, full-on psytrance in full effect. Press play and you will feel the floor start moving beneath your feet :’) As mentioned above, PLANET B.E.N.uses new and massive tracks by MEKKANIKKA, CPU, G.M.S., ELECTRIC UNIVERSE, NOMAD, leading acts of the scene we don’t have to introduce to you. With his well developed feeling and instinct for the dance floor, Ben also added some fantastic tunes by artists less well-known across the globe - yet! Incorporated best by BLISS aka 24 year old Isralien Yonatan Marcow. Some time ago he was seduced into psytrance by the full-on sound of a DJ set by CPU – today he is releasing on the same comp with them. You certainly will keep his name in mind, because of the two high quality cooperation tracks with MEKKANIKKA and Yonatan’s friends of INNER ACTION on this CD, and also because after his great debut album on Phantasm, 2006 is likely to become a BLISS year! But there’s lots more of talented guys presented on this disc, INNER ACTION from Israel are still newcomers, who recently released a smashing debut album (on Procyon) as well as a fantastic tune on our GENERATION OF PSYTRANCE Vol.1 compilation. AUDIO-X – spreading their energetic Brazilian charisma further, being real psychedelic stars in their home while getting more and more famous in the rest of the world. We presented them before, too, this time AUDIO-X are teaming up with friends from Brazil, LIFE STYLE – doing exactly, what the customer wants ;’) Another name you’ve heard before from us, and surely will hear more and more is ELECTRO SUN from Israel, same with our very talented friend from Portugal, MENOG. Feel it already moving? So, let’s go crazy on the dance floor together! Have a very merry X-mas and a hippie New Year! See you in 2006! 1. Audio-X vs Life Style – Whatever The Customer Wants 2. Mekkanikka - Side Effect 3. Electro Sun - No Senses 4. G.M.S. - Baty Boy 5. CPU - Sweet Beats 6. Mekkanikka vs Bliss - Jen's Addiction 7. Electric Universe - In Common Fabrics 8. Dj Mael aka Nomad - Pandora's Box 9. Inner Action vs Bliss - Spaced Out 10. Menog - Sea Wall happy x-mess......
  13. hi there, here you can listen the cd samples if you like, http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=5106 http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/pbr/pbr1cd004.html the next release is 15.10.2005 "Generations of psytrance Vol.001" compiled by: Dj Planet B.E.N. & Dj Mael (mindcontrol rec.) http://www.planet-ben.net/planet_ben_records_unreleased.htm http://www.planet-ben.net/planet_ben_records_shop.htm c.u
  14. hi there here are the links, http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/pbr/pbr1cd004.html http://www.saikosounds.com/english/show_ar...?artist_id=5478
  15. Hi There, Next round,new Release... we are just happy with the collections of this tracks, all 10 tracks are exclusiv and just good music.. V/A Spiritual Rhythms Of Psytrance Vol.002 Release Date :07.09.2005 compiled by : Dj Planet B.e.n. Cat. Nr. PBR004CD Tracklist: 1.CPU 2.PAUL TAYLOR vs. D-TEK 3.PHANATIC 4.NOMAD, 5.BLANKA, 6.A.X.L., 7.OVERLAP, 8.D-TEK vs. AUDIO X, 9.ELECTRO SUN 10.ARTIFACT For more information have a look here please, http://www.PLANET-BEN.NET http://www.planet-ben.net/planet_ben_records_unreleased.htm http://www.planet-ben.net/planet_ben_records_shop.htm we hope you guys will like it...
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