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    Artifakt - Artifakts

    It's a quite unique album. Experimental psy-trance. The opening track is very good and launches the album perfectly (great bassline). I am surprised there was only one review for this release, if you want something different, playful and influenced by many styles, give this a try. Enjoyable stuff.
  2. For those who thought Derango's album was a bit too intense, Shivattva is in my opinion more accessible. It is still absolutely crazy music but easier to digest. Track 3 starting at 15:30 is so damn good, and it gets epic from there...
  3. Totsi, how about this track? Can be used as either an intro or an ending for a set actually.
  4. Hallucinogen - Demention (Alternate Mix) 8:35 Technossomy - The Pyramid (Live Mix) 13:31 Total Eclipse - The Furnace (Summer 1996 Live Mix) 8:53 Tetrahedron - Quicksand (Remix) 7:28 Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Conflict (Live In New York 1997 Mix) 10:12 Quid - Code S9 (Transwave Mix) 7:14 Etnica - Vimana (Pleiadians 1998 Live Mix) 10:15 Hallucinogen - Angelic Particles (Doof Desk Mix) 10:21 Jaïa - Insomnie (Live Mix) 9:14 A nice collection of classics released by DAT Records, these are either a live mix or a remix, in my opinion most of them are improvements of the original. I'll start with a big thump up. The Pyramid is absolutely a monster track, it is by far more entertaining than the original. This live mix is extremely psychedelic, I do like the original but it's not a track I often went back to, but this version is just terrific, it reaches a rare level of psychedelicness. Demention Alternate mix is certainly a great track, same for The Furnace, not too different from the original though. I never heard Quicksand before, it is the most progressive track of this compilation, tribalish stuff, pretty cool overall. Code S9 is a fantastic piece of melodic goa trance, unfortunately ruined by the noisy kickline (similar to Tandu - Naughty Moves). A shame because this is really Transwave at their very best. I think Conflict is a bit improved here with these few extra minutes, it's a classic and you cannot go wrong with this one, solid stuff for sure. The big let down is unfortunately Angelic particles remixed by Doof, the melody is terribly overused, it sounds awfully repetitive to the point that you wonder what Doof was thinking when making this. I think it was an attempt at creating a deeper version but to me it sounds like inspiration was missing. A major disappointment considering how good the original was. Vimana is nice, it's a track that we heard many many times in different versions though. It's pretty much the same as this one. To finish, Insomnie is something special, the original is a clean soft goa track, not that well known and this live mix adds new layers, new twists, it is more acid, more twisted, more energetic. One of the highlights of this compilation. Rating: 7.5/10. To buy > https://datrecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-analog-visions
  5. I think "Do you believe" is better. And indeed "Rain" is really melodic, probably their most melodic track.
  6. "I feel" is a good track, that said I do prefer "Space dwarfs" by a solid margin. To each their own. It's probably the most interesting album of SUN Project but this band used to include many fillers in their albums. A bit like Electric Universe, Space Tribe or Miranda.
  7. Didn't expect that at all but this is entertaining to say the least. I actually like Better Things even though it's cheesy as hell! It's catchy, most tracks are catchy, it sounds very professional. Good material for clubbing IMO.
  8. 01 - Tranquility Base Project - The Flower Of Life 02 - Tranquility Base Project - Where Did The Towers Go 03 - Tranquility Base Project - Quantum Entanglement Released by Timewarp. This EP is a nice surprise. The first two tracks have a rather atypical style. Track 1 is almost beatless, the introduction is very long, very melodic and deep, the melodies are quite complex, high pitched, it sounds very pure and ethereal. A very clean and unusual track, good way to start. Track 2 is clearly the one I prefer here. Quite a slowish tempo, the atmosphere is very spatial, many variations and twists in this track, with some distortion applied on the melodic sequences (similar to Jikooha's style). The small complaint I can make is that the Kick + Bass combo is too dominant, it is often the case in modern goa and tracks may sound less psychedelic because of that. And I would do without the vocal sample as well. But overall, it's really a convincing production. Track 3 is also very varied (there is a triplet part in the 7th minute) that said the track is fast (I would say between 145 and 150 BPM), so it sounds more typical of the style, most modern goa tracks have a similar BPM. It is not uninteresting but it has less depth than the previous two creations. Once again I find that the Kick + bass combo is too audible but for sure it is a very energetic and catchy track. A pleasant surprise to listen to these 3 productions from a new artist, who released this last year > https://www.discogs.com/Tranquility-Base-Project-Strange-Theories/release/12852115 I have not listened yet though. Encouraging EP. What strikes me is the desire from the artist to sound very trancy and yet different to the usual structures. You can listen and buy here > https://timewarprecords.bandcamp.com/album/tranquility-base-project-explained-phenomena-timewarp109-timewarp
  9. For a dark psytrance set, go for this one:
  10. The intro of Morphic Resonance - Perplexity is really brilliant, have to agree. Usually don't care about intros but this one is special. Also like the Artha track a lot!
  11. Love the intro of this track: Sadly the rest of the track is very boring. Deserves a remix. Opening a set with this intro sounds like a great idea, just need to quickly mix with another track when the pad melody is over.
  12. Maybe only the hi-hats sound like Darshan but the rest of the track doesn't, I really doubt it's from Darshan, but I shared this track with many people and no one seem to be able to identify it, Definitely unreleased and possibly from an artist that never released anything.
  13. Stunning album: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/73753-perfect-blind-stratum/
  14. I think the track Kuiper Belt (Youtube link) slipped under the radar of many, yet it is among the very best. Actually this track would fit perfectly in this album, I would not even mind that it was already released given that not everyone heard about it. This new album is indeed more melodic than the previous ones, more mature, Proxeeus really improved, becoming one of the top names. It is very dense, very intense. The opening track is splendid. And Old Keziah is a crazy track. Very very convincing album.
  15. Curious about this one, there was an unidentified "remix" of this track that I heard several times on Youtube, with a new melody, guessing it is this version. Sounded very good (love the original too!).
  16. Indeed but offtopic here I think. The artists themselves acknowledged the trance anthem was based on this piano track. Even Wikipedia mentions it > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Café_del_Mar_(song) That's similar to Cygnus X - The orange them, and the soundtrack of Clockwork orange.
  17. Good catch. Also, I noticed a track of California Sunshine (one of their best), has a similar melody to the intro melody. Play @ 3:10
  18. Clear ripoff, I don't know if the Pleiadians guys ever credited the original?
  19. Two progressive tracks that could fit in your sets: Babak Shayan - Flowers (Bar 1 edit), the original is actually less interesting, at least for me. This version fits really well in a set. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=em-QDBieqto Drone - Not (don't mind the video, brilliant club progressive)
  20. Thanks, wanted to review this but got lazy lately. It's a very solid album, as often with Juno Reactor, lots of variety throughout the tracks. I actually did not think Voyager 304 was that good but enjoyed most of the rest. I have tons of respect for these guys, in each album they released you can clearly hear different styles, they don't want their albums to sound too homogeneous, and it always sounds modern in a good way. Another recommended album from JR, one of my favorite psy-trance albums this year.
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